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Power Tool Batteries

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Power tool manufacturers now offer
many more cordless power tools than
 before, so the demand for power to
ol batteries has gone up as well.
power tool batteries, power tools,
battery, drill, saw

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<i>Advantages and Different Popular
Brands </i>

Power tool manufacturers now offer
many more cordless power tools than
 before, so the demand for power to
ol batteries has gone up as well. P
ower tool batteries vary by brand.
Some of the most popular brands are
 DeWalt and RYOBI. Black & Decker i
s also another favorite. Power tool
s are built with a specific design
of power usage that cause batteries
  to differ greatly from tool to too
l, and from brand to brand. A new c
utting edge lithium ion power tool
battery has recently been released
on the market which will make power
  tool batteries even more effective
. The invention of cordless power t
ools has made construction and othe
r tasks involving power tools much

Specific brands have their own spec
ific batteries. DeWalt Tools have a
  specific battery serial number for
  their different tools. For example
, a certain DeWalt tools use an 18V
  whereas other will use an 9.6Volt.
  DeWalt battery serial numbers begi
n with the letters DW followed by 4
  numbers. Black&Decker has a long l
ist of batteries as well, ranging i
n voltage from 9.6Volt to 18Volt. R
YOBI brand power tools have a much
smaller list of batteries than does
  DeWalt or Black&Decker, and none o
f these batteries can be interchang
ed between brands. However, brand
makers have started making batterie
s interchangeable between tools so
consumers can purchase a package se
t of a good variety of tools, that
all use the same interchangeable, r
echargeable battery. For example, R
YOBI has a set that includes a saw,
  a drill, and a flashlight that all
  use the same 18Volt battery. These
  sets usually come with two batteri
es so the user will almost always h
ave a charge battery in stock.

Cordless power tools and power tool
 batteries have been improved great
ly in design since they were first
released. Higher voltage batteries
make cordless power tools more powe
rful and weigh less. This enhanced
design makes power tools more user
friendly, more ergonomic, and easie
r to get into hard to reach spaces.

Most current power tools use a NICD
 batteries. However, a new lithium-
ion battery has recently been relea
sed for Black&Decker that is said t
o last ten times longer than tradit
ional lo batteries. It is also said
 to charge to 90 percent capacity i
n 5 minutes. Lithium ion batteries
used for power tools are only 3rd i
n demand behind laptop and cell pho
ne batteries. The release of this n
ew battery be very useful to users
because they do not suffer from the
 same memory effect that is found w
ith NICD batteries.

Cordless power tools have changed t
he way many people work. Higher vol
tage allows batteries to work much
better and last much longer. For th
e price of power tool batteries, up
wards of $50, users want to get the
  most for their money. The release
of the new Lithium Ion batteries wi
ll only further enhance cordless po
wer tools.

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