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CDW G Quote To Order

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									University of Michigan M-marketsite

    CDW-G “Quote-To-Order”
       “Assign a Cart”

CDW-G “Quote-To-Order”
          CDW-G Sales Quote

Obtain Sales Quote from CDW sales rep emailed in PDF
Locate your CDW-G Sales Quote number
     Access CDW-G Punchout

Select the CDW-G Icon to access the “Punchout”
    The University of Michigan’s
        CDW-G Homepage

                                               The Quote search
                                               option is now visible
                                               during punchout

Enter the CDW-G Quote Number (not case sensitive)
and select the find button to display the quote details.
Punchout Session – Quote Detail Page

 Review the quote and select the “Add To Cart” button
          Price Quote Details Page

Select the “Use Standard Checkout” button to accept the
items and pricing and prepare your cart for M-marketsite.
Warning – Changes to original quantity are subject to
approval from CDW-G.
     Transfer Shopping Cart

Select the “Transfer Shopping Cart” button to bring
your cart into M-marketsite
Assign A Cart
      Assign a Cart Functionality
M-marketsite browsers and users can shop in M-
marketsite and assign a draft cart to another user who
has access to submit M-marketsite ePro requisitions

The Assignee will get an email notifying them of the
assigned cart

The Assignee can review and update the cart in M-
marketsite and return the lines to an ePro requisition in
       Practical Uses & Benefits
More control over who has access to place orders

Browsers have full access to their M-marketsite Profile
where they can save default shipping addresses,
ShortCodes, department reference numbers &

Browsers designate and send draft orders to their
department’s authorized M-Pathways requisitioner
(self-managed departmental workflow)

Browsers can assign a draft cart 24/7

Ability to share the workload of creating orders
            Assign Cart Button

Select the “Assign Cart” button on the active cart page
            Note to Assignee

When a user is assigning a draft cart they can add
a note for the assignee. The note will be displayed
in the e-mail the assignee receives.
Assigned Carts are accessed via
      the Draft Cart folder
Assign a Cart Training Documents
Up-to-date ePro and M-marketsite Assign a Cart user
documents are located in My LINC

Browse Only documents – are located on the
Procurement Services web site under How to Buy > M-
           Order Approval Process

Equipment orders that need approval are automatically routed and
processed, following the University’s Procurement Policies. This is an
exclusive M-marketsite on-line ordering feature.

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