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Life Lines

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Life Lines: Inspiration, Insight, a
nd Wisdom for Daily Living is the f
irst book by author Dave Meyer, hus
band of Joyce Meyers the reknowned
Christian inspirational speaker. Th
is 126 page devotional will certain
ly capture the interest of those wh
o follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Joyce Meyers, Bible, Grace, Forgive
ness, inspirational

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Joyce Meyers has been inspiring Chr
istians for decades with the pearls
 of inspirational wisdom which she
has faithfully shared via her radio
 program and books. Now, her husban
d Dave shares a powerful devotional
 crafted from a strong, personal wa
lk with the Lord. Let's take a look
 at the book that will certainly ca
pture the attention of those drawn
to Christian devotionals.

Dave Meyers is one of those rare me
n who works quietly in the shadow o
f their wife's ministry. Joyce Meye
rs, who has been inspiring and moti
vating Christians for decades is a
strong inspirational and motivation
al speaker in her own right. Still,
 Joyce credits the quiet, strong le
adership of her husband in keeping
her ministry on track as well as de
bt free. In reading <b>Life Lines</
b> you will fully appreciate the sa
ying, "still waters run deep" and q
uickly understand that Dave's relat
ionship with his Savior is a strong

<b>Life Lines</b> is only 126 pages
 in length, but each page is a sepa
rate devotional that stands by itse
lf. On any given page the first thi
ng that you will read is a Biblical
ly based saying followed by the cha
pter and verse that the saying is b
ased upon. The body of the devotion
al is a 1-2 paragraph exposition of
 the text full of wisdom and laced
with nuggets of truth. Indeed, on p
age 98 Meyers states: God is more i
nterested in your stability than yo
ur tranquility. He then references
Psalm 1:2-3 for supporting text and
 sums up how "a life rooted in God
and His Word is like a tree rooted
in the eternal stream."

The devotional is composed of five
chapters featuring five separate th


Grace and Forgiveness


Life in Christ

Secrets of Daily Living

I personally like to read devotiona
ls from varying themes on one day o
r several devotionals from the same
 theme on another day. You may find
 yourself cracking open the Word an
d reading the supporting chapter to
 glean the most out of every devoti
onal. Truly, Meyer's book exhorts b
elievers to seek God's will for eve
ry aspect of their lives. In that,
this book is a real gem.

<b>Life Lines</b> is published by W
arner Faith, New York, 2004 and is
available at Christian bookstores e
verywhere or through Joyce Meyers M

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