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Learn To Play Guitar Fast

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If you have ever gazed in awe at a
guitar player with exceptional tech
nique, you have probably wondered i
f you could ever play like that. Th
e ability to play guitar fast does
not require talent but it does depe
nd on regular practice.
play guitar fast

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When you watch somebody play fast o
n the guitar do you always wonder i
f you could learn to do that? Let u
s look at what resources we need to
 increase our own guitar playing sp
eed on a regular basis.

The very first thing you are going
to need is a metronome. You can buy
 one from your local music store, s
teal one from a maiden aunt or down
load one for free on the internet.
If you choose to steal one, then I
am afraid you will not make much pr
ogress in your quest to play guitar
 fast because shortcuts just do not
 work. Most of us look for the quic
kest and most painless way to do th
ings, and that is why most of us ar
e not playing guitar at the speed o
f light.

Okay, you have your metronome and a
n attitude adjustment. You are read
y to begin. The next thing you need
 is something to practice. It can b
e a solo passage from a song. It ca
n be an exercise, like a series of
arpeggios or a picking exercise. Yo
u need to choose your material care
fully because you will need to know
 exactly how fast you want to play
in terms of the settings on your me
tronome. You may or may not need to
 spend time learning your passage f
rom scratch as some familiarity wit
h the piece is necessary to start i
ncreasing how fast you play it. By
familiarity I mean the muscles in y
our fingers, hands and arms need to
 be able to play your piece without

So that is the next thing you need.
 In order to play guitar fast you n
eed to be able to play slowly. The
exercise you have chosen to play sh
ould not be too easy, but at the sa
me time it should not have too many
 tricky bits. That is why you are
using an exercise or an isolated pa
ssage rather than a song or long so

Now you are starting to see the way
 ahead. If you have your practice p
assage ready, check it with your me
tronome. Make sure you know what yo
ur present speed is. The next thing
 is to take a metronome setting not
 too far above your present one and
 make that your goal.

Let us now talk about something you
 do not need. Muscular tension. You
 need to practice playing guitar fa
st without building a level of tens
ion in the muscles that will work a
gainst your goal. In order to escap
e the possibility of too much tensi
on you need to forget about time fr
ames. You have your goal in the met
ronome setting. Leave the time open
 ended. The idea is not to actually
 PLAY guitar faster at sometime in
the future, but to WORK A LITTLE BI
T ON PLAYING FAST every day.

So if you choose a passage to pract
ice in order to play fast, and you
devote some time every day to pract
icing, your guitar playing speed wi
ll begin to increase. Once you have
 reached a level of skill on one ex
ercise, choose another one with a c
ouple more challenges. But remember
 to begin again from the beginning.
 Ascertain where you are now and de
cide on a realistic goal for your n
ext step.

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