Inventor_of_Swiss_Medica_s_O24_Pain_Neutralizer_Shares_His_Secrets by MonikaKam


Inventor of Swiss Medica's O24 Pain
 Neutralizer Shares His Secrets

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Will consumers favor a non-burning
pain relief product, like Swiss Med
ica_s (OTC BB: SWME) O24 instead of
 Icy Hot or Ben Gay? Richard Weise,
 inventor of the patented O24 pain
relief product talked to us about h
ow O24 came about, how it works dif
ferently than other pain relief pro
ducts and why O24 might just become
 a success story during its North A
merican rollout to retail stores.
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Will consumers favor a non-burning
pain relief product, like Swiss Med
ica_s (OTC BB: SWME) O24 instead of
 Icy Hot or Ben Gay? Richard Weise,
 inventor of the patented O24 pain
relief product talked to us about h
ow O24 came about, how it works dif
ferently than other pain relief pro
ducts and why O24 might just become
 a success story during its North A
merican rollout to retail stores.

Interviewer: How did you come about
 developing the O24 pain relief for

Richard Weise: I started the O24 de
velopment thirty-five years ago, wi
th studies in natural medicine. Whe
n you have chronic pain, people wan
t to take some pharmaceutical produ
ct, which gives side effects. I don
_t like that. I was studying to get
 a product that I could use, which
would have no side effects. Previou
sly while I worked in Germany, I de
veloped environmentally safe cleani
ng products. I had studied Chinese
medicine. I studied all the medicin
es for years: natural medicines, In
dian medicines, European medicines
and all the herbs. The Europeans, o
ver a longer time, have been using
more natural products.
Interviewer: How did this product a
dvance from your studying medicines
 to its commercial distribution?

Richard Weise: I had this product i
n Europe and used it for myself, bu
t it was not for commercial use. I
tested it on myself. In the United
States my first testing was on my E
nglish teacher. She broke her foot
and had pain. I told her I had some
thing for her pain, and I put it on
 her foot. She stopped having pain.
 She called me the next morning and
 told me that after six weeks, this
 was the first night she could slee
p pain-free. A couple of months lat
er, she came back to me and said, _
Richard, I need two hundred bottles
 of this stuff you gave me._ I want
ed to know why she needed two hundr
ed bottles. I had offered to make h
er some product if she needed more,
 but two hundred bottles? She told
me she had so many people she had g
iven them a little of the formula t
o, people were asking her for more.
 That_s how this whole thing starte
d in 1992 in the United States. Whe
re it started commercially.
Interviewer: How was your reception
, at first, with O24?

Richard Weise: When I first started
 with this, in the United States, p
eople thought it was _snake oil_. I
_m not a medical doctor. I studied
natural medicine as my hobby. I don
_t make claims. The claim I am perm
itted to make is that this product
can be used for temporary pain reli
ef for aches and pains, muscle spas
ms, arthritis. The FDA told us this
 in 1995. Before that, it was consi
dered snake oil. I have customers w
ho have been using this product for
 thirteen years. They are using it
and they are happy. They will not u
se anything else.

Interviewer: Why doesn_t O24 give p
eople the burning sensation one suf
fers from most other pain relief lo
tions, sprays or gels?

Richard Weise: Let_s take Ben Gay®.
 It uses menthol and capsaicin. Cap
saicin is very heating. It is made
out of (chile) peppers. When you us
e too much, you can burn your skin.
  They put menthol in to equalize th
e temperature a little, but it_s st
ill burning. When you work out, and
  you put this on, your skin gets re
d. Tiger Balm® is a product made of
  camphor and menthol. Menthol gives
  a cooling feeling. When you have i
nflammation of your nerve, sometime
s it helps and sometimes it doesn_t
. It_s only cooling.

Interviewer: Why is it that O24 wor
ks differently from other pain reli
ef lotions, gels or rubs?

Richard Weise: When you have pain i
n an area of you body, the temperat
ure of the pain area is different t
han your regular body temperature.
It can be higher by a half a degree
 or it can be lower. Some people pu
t ice on, and it will not help. Oth
ers put ice on and it helps. The re
ason is if the temperature was too
high, putting ice on it cools it do
wn to the regular body temperature.
 The inflammation of the nerve is g
one (by putting on ice) and the pai
n goes away. The O24 equalizes the
body temperature, whether it is hig
her or lower. Automatically, this w
as a wonderful side effect.

Interviewer: Is that one of the maj
or differences, between O24 and the
 others? That O24 doesn_t burn?

Richard Weise: Yes. That was done o
n purpose. With other products, peo
ple complained they burned. Some es
sential oils are very skin irritati
ng. Therefore, you have to make the
  right formulation to make sure you
  have no complaints. I still try to
  make the product better and better
, more efficient for the patients,
for the consumer. I haven_t had any
  complaints. I have a complaint fil
e and it has been empty for the las
t thirteen years, except one person
  who was allergic to peppermint oil.

Interviewer: Do people use this pro
duct on its own, or in conjunction
with something else, like ibuprofen

Richard Weise: People, who have bee
n using this product for ten years,
 use just this product and nothing
else. A lot of people over-medicate
 for their chronic pain. In some ca
ses, O24 replaces the use of pharma
ceutical products altogether. Some
of the arthritis patients use it th
ree to four times a day. Others use
 it once per day. It_s purely a top
ical lotion. It stays on top of the
 skin. You can not replace oral med
ication with this product.

Interviewer: Do you get every ingre
dient from the same suppliers, or d
o you change your suppliers from ti
me to time?

Richard Weise: We pretty much try t
o keep it with the same suppliers.
We quality control every ingredient
. We make an adjustment every time
we do a batch. After every batch we
  have to go to an independent lab f
or testing to prove that every ingr
edient we say and claim in the prod
uct is exactly what is in O24. Righ
t now, we_re making a batch for 160
0 pounds. That translates into 25,0
00 one-ounce bottles.

Interviewer: The big puzzle seems t
o be how the herb essences stick to
gether without binders, such as alc
ohol or glycerine or some other add
itive. How did you get the herb ess
ences to bind?

Richard Weise: It is because of the
  way I mix the product together. Th
at is the patent: how I mix them to
gether and why they stay together.
Over the past ten years, I saw comp
anies try to copy the product. They
  bought product. They broke it down
. This is easy. It_s not a big secr
et. They made the product, but ever
y time they were finished, they con
cluded, _This could not work!_ They
  got nothing out of it.

Interviewer: Why does your O24 work
, while the O24 copycats have faile
d to replicate your formula, if the
  ingredients are the same?

Richard Weise: They don_t know how
to put the product together. There
are no preservatives in the product
. Normally, you put water or alcoho
l in the product and it stays toget
her. O24 stays together without any
  binders. I put every essential oil
  into four groups. I have everythin
g written down. The manufacturer kn
ows my exact procedure. The results
 can be replicated without my monit
oring the combining. The company (S
wiss Medica) has all the paperwork
(for the formula), and their chemis
ts can replicate the formula. They
can make the product in the same wa
y. I have bottles sitting here that
 are thirteen years old. If I take
them to the lab tomorrow, they have
 the same efficiency, the same main
 ingredients as the product I make today

Interviewer: O24 has an indefinite s
helf life?

Richard Weise: Yes. The same batch
I made thirteen years ago has the s
ame life as the batch I would make
today. Actually according to the la
w, I can not say they have indefini
te shelf life. We did a test for th
irty-six months. We did a shelf-lif
e test in an independent lab. They
proved this product has a shelf lif
e of thirty-six months.

Interviewer: Can you confirm that a
thletes and celebrities have actual
ly used this product?

Richard Weise: Yes. I talked on the
 phone with them. I know Filip Gart
ner, the former head coach of the N
orwegian ski team. I met him three
or four times. Sam Walton_s daughte
r, for example, likes the product.

Interviewer: What do you know about
 the fibromyalgia testing that was
done in Germany, using O24?

Richard Weise: The doctor bought th
e product from us. We had no idea h
e was doing the test. He bought pro
duct off the market, tested it and
published the results in medical jo
urnals. He published this product a
nd the test results. He published w
hat he did without our knowledge an
d the results were excellent.

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