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					  KPS Health Plans
Online Producer Portal
         Producer Portal Overview

   Turn key process
        Developed for producers to
         send via email customized
         quote package to clients

   Track application status
        Ability to facilitate the
         distributions of clients
         application to the carrier

   Drive number of sales
        Access to marketing, customer
         management, and application
         status tracking tools
Producer Portal Dashboard

   Producer dashboard
        A straightforward and
         centralized dashboard which       Quotes   Count Overview
         allow a simple way for you to
         track your prospects, manage
         your clients, and initiate lead
         generation campaigns                                        Resources

   One stop resource
        Application count
        Client search tool
        Client proposal
        Reports and Analytics
        Profile management
        Web marketing tools…etc.
    Producer Quote Creation
                                  Broker iStore
   Sending a quote to
        You can copy and
         paste the URL link to
         send out to clients or
         use it to display on
         web ads.
        Applications started
         through the iStore
         are attributed to the
         your account.
                                   Quote XP
   Generate a quote
        You can generate
         quotes for clients
         and send via email a
         customized quote
         package using Quote
         XP tool.
         Generate Quote Tool

   You are able to generate a
    quote through your iStore

   Generate quote proposals in
    4 easy steps:
        Enter client census data,
         select plans, specify client,
         and send email proposals

   Quotes can be customized
    by client needs

   Manage clients with proposal
    tracking and client follow up
                    Quote Tool Flow

          Proposals sent in 4 easy steps:
Enter census data

                     Select plans     Specify client   Send email proposal
             Client’s Emailed Proposal

                                                       Client views plan proposal
Client receives email from you

Hi Bryan,
I've found some health insurance plans from
Lighthouse Health Inc. that I think will meet your
needs. Please click on the link below to learn more
about the plans and compare them. You can apply for
the one you like best online by clicking the "Apply"
If you have any questions at all, or need assistance
applying, please feel free to contact me.

Broker Firm
Phone: 650-210-3106
         eApproval (coming soon)

   Automated application process
    and status
        Pre-screening
        Underwriting
        Payment – credit card and
         electronic check
        Electronic signature

   Execute instant response for
    all transactions or a subset of

   Update you and clients on
    status changes, in some cases
     Client Status & Follow-Up

   Track the status of proposals

   View proposals sent to clients
         Allows you to see which plans
          a client is interested in from
          the proposal sent

   Convenient communication
         Trigger client interaction with
          the application tool

         Send a secure message to client, or
         send a saved proposal
         View an application in real time

         Edit an application you started for a
         Print a PDF of the application.
         Delete a proposal that you have saved

   Manage portfolio
         Active vs. Inactive
     Message Center Tool

   Instantaneous
    communication from carrier
    to producer channel
        Carrier can select from 3
         pre-defined groups to post
         messages to

   Producer internal
    communication tool
        General agency can post
         messages to sub agents

   Immediate information of
    updated features, new plans,
    general industry information
                   Client Search Tool

   Sales cycle
        The client search
         tool lists customers
         in each stage from
         initial quotes to
         saved proposals to

   Client search tab
        You can review
         individual or multiple
         accounts based on
         name, application
         status and dates.

   Manage clients
        Check current status
        View proposals sent
         via email
        Resend proposals
           Advance Search Tool

   Advance client
        Producers can
         search for more
         parameters such
         as application
         status, specific
         time frames, and
         proposals sent.

   Allows immediate
    queries for
    requiring prompt

   Export file into Excel
    Customized Producer Tools
                                Customized Broker Info
   Customized producer
        Ability to customize
         which pieces of
         information are
         displayed in your
         information box that
         clients see on your
         iStore throughout
         the plan shopping
         process.                                        Web Marketing

   Create links for
        Sell health plans
         online by using the
         banner link creation
         tools to send out
         links to your iStore
         through email and
         web sites or web
                          Web Marketing

        Web Marketing in 3 easy steps:
                                                           Select “Highlight HTML” and cut
Click on “Create Banner” link   Select “Get HTML” button   and paste into an HTML source

                                  Web Ad

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