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How to defeat terrorism

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Terrorism is plaguing the earth and
 spreading at an alarming rate. Man
y people are asking what we can do
to stop this virus of global jihad,
 but from studying the past a clear
 answer is shown.
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Stopping terrorism is not like gamb
ling, in poker there are different
variables that can affect the outco
me but it fighting terror the only
way to win is to fight to the end.

Many people thing that the terroris
t feel they have been wronged by so
mething or someone and that giving
them something will end the fight b
e it land or money, but history has
 repeatedly shown us that by appeas
ing the terrorists we are only givi
ng them what they want, and prolong
ing the fight. They will continue t
o take everything they are given bu
t they never stop wanting more.

An example of this is clear in the
Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Isra
el allows the PLO to return to the
west bank and Gaza and form the Pal
estinian Authority, Israel supplied
 weapons and the Americans provided
 training to the Palestinians so th
ey could start a army to fight crim
e and terrorism.

Israel was repaid by the terrorists
 by suicide bombings in malls, rest
aurants, clubs and busses.

More recently Israel pulled all Jew
s from Gaza and gave all the land t
o the Palestinians. The Israelis le
ft behind infrastructure and greenh
ouses, which could have been used f
or businesses by the Palestinians.
The moment the last troops were out
 of Gaza the terrorists destroyed w
hat the Israelis left behind and ag
ain repaid them with rockets on Sde
rot and Ashkelon, two Jewish cities
 bordering Gaza.

Many of you are thinking that these
 problems were brought on by the Is
raelis stealing Palestinians land,
but what was it that the United Sta
tes did that angered Al Qaeda?

Many will say it is because America
 has troops in Saudi Arabia where t
he two holiest locations to the Mus
lim people are, these people are wr
ong. This fight is not about the te
rrorists wanting America out of the
 Middle East.

This was is about the pride of one
individual. Osama Bin Laden, and th
at_s all it is about.

In 1991 when Saddam Hussein Invaded
 Kuwait, Saudi Arabia was worried a
nd was looking to get help to prote
ct its oil fields. Osama Bin Laden
offered his assistance to help prot
ect his homeland with the help of h
is Mujahadim, who had helped protec
t Afghanistan from the Russians in
the 80's.
But rather then gamble on Bin Laden
's holey warriors, the Saudis asked
  for help from the United States, a
nd this wounded Bin Laden's pride.
Now Bin Laden is on a quest to show
  the world that he is the true prot
ector of Islam, do not be fooled th
is is a war of religion.
The only thing that has ever worked
  is not to try to negotiate with th
ese people but to fight them with f
orce. You will find that with any m
ilitary action against terrorists o
nce you start to make some headway
they will start to yell about a Hud
na or temporary cease fire.

When you are in a poker tournament
in <a href="">Cas
inos Online</a> or land based and y
our opponent is almost out of chips
, do you back off and let your enem
y regroup or go all in and force hi
m out.

The Only way to defeat terrorism is
 to fight terrorism whenever and wh
erever it shows its head, and to ne
ver let up on those who would use t
error to forward their goals.

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