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Home Theater Projectors for the Cine
phile in You.

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Is a 50" plasma too small for your
grand home theater plans? A project
ion display may be just what you're
 looking for. Find out what you nee
d to know when bringing your new ho
me theater to life.
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Over the years, I have grown really
 attached to my home theater system
. I must say, of all the rooms in
the house, my own little movie thea
ter is the one I could not live wit
hout. I am absolutely in love with
 my home theater system and, if you
 are anything like me, I am sure yo
u will love yours too. I found, wh
en I was initially building my syst
em, that there was so much informat
ion to absorb. Every product out t
here seemed better than the next, a
nd I found myself unsure about whic
h to buy. Here are a few things to
 keep in mind when shopping for a n
ew home theater projector.

There are two main types of project
ors on the market; DLP and LCD. DL
P stands for digital light processi
ng. It was invented by Texas Instr
uments, and utilizes a microscopic
array of over 2 million mirrors. D
LP has a higher contrast than LCD,
but there are some unfavorable cons
umer reports that note something ca
lled the "rainbow effect". The "ra
inbow effect" is noticeable when lo
oking from one side of the screen t
o the other, and is characterized b
y a sudden burst of color.

LCD stands for liquid crystal displ
ay. These projectors have three di
stinct glass LCD panels inside; one
 for each component of the video si
gnal (red, green, and blue). While
 DLP chips reflect light, the LCD p
anels allow light to pass through t
hem. LCD projectors produce bright
er images, and they are known for h
aving excellent color saturation.
In the end, you will be hard-presse
d to notice a great difference betw
een the two types of projection sys

When shopping for a new projector,
keep your particular needs in the f
orefront of your thoughts. As I me
ntioned above, it is really easy to
 lose yourself in the minutiae of e
ach particular system. Connectivit
y is a definitely something to be m
indful of. Make sure that you are
able to connect all of your compone
nts, including your gaming system.
 Nothing beats playing Halo in real
-life size! Contract ratio is anot
her important factor; the higher th
e ratio, the better the picture wil
l be.

The brightness of your projector is
 another thing to consider. Light
output is measured in ANSI (America
n National Standards Institute) lum
ens. You will want to avoid a proj
ector that produces anything shy of
 1000 lumens. As you are likely aw
are, the projection resolution is e
xtremely important. This refers to
 the number of pixels that can be d
isplayed on the screen. Go for som
ething that is no less than 1024x76
8, as this will allow you to fully
appreciate the depth and quality of
 HDTV. In the end, you should buy
the projector that is in line with
your needs and your budget. Sopran
o's is coming on right now! Time to go!

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