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HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To
 Living Rooms

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Most consumers are quick to upgrade
  to the latest computers, cell phon
es and music players as technology
gets more sophisticated--but when i
t comes to televisions and DVD play
ers, many viewers are still stuck i
n the last century.
HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To
  Living Rooms

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Most consumers are quick to upgrade
 to the latest computers, cell phon
es and music players as technology
gets more sophisticated-but when it
 comes to televisions and DVD playe
rs, many viewers are still stuck in
 the last century.
"The analog TV system we have in th
e U.S. is more than 50 years old,"
explains Andy Parsons, spokesman fo
r the Blu-ray Disc Association, whi
ch is working to bring high-definit
ion home entertainment into the mai
nstream. "In the next year or two,
people are going to see some exciti
ng products that will make living r
ooms feel like movie theaters."

What's driving this change? In a wo
rd, content. TV broadcasters are of
fering more high-definition program
ming via satellite and cable. And,
movie studios are preparing to rele
ase their movies on high-capacity d
iscs, such as Blu-ray discs, making
 it possible to buy, rent and view
Hollywood favorites in high-definit
ion. People who get to see a true H
DTV setup showing the latest Hollyw
ood blockbuster at their local elec
tronics stores can see the differen
ce in quality immediately.

"HDTV will catch on when people see
  that they can buy movies and games
  in the new format," says Parsons.
Movie discs using the Blu-ray forma
t are expected to appear in stores
beginning in June. Shoppers can exp
ect to find favorite titles such as
 "Crash" and the "Terminator" serie
s available, with more and more hig
h-definition discs coming to stores
 throughout the summer.

The improvement in quality, Parsons
 says, is comparable to what viewer
s noticed when they switched from V
HS tapes to DVDs. "When you watch a
 video tape today, you really notic
e how poor the picture is compared
to your DVDs-and you don't have the
  menus and all of the added feature
s that you do with DVDs," he explai
ns. "The shift to HDTV and high-def
inition discs will be just as drama

Shoppers can expect to see discs an
d players with competing formats, P
arsons says, and they'll need to co
nsider what they're getting for the
ir money. For instance, he explains
, they should ask questions about t
he breadth of games, movies and oth
er products available, so they don'
t get stuck with a format with no f
uture. Blu-ray Disc, for example, i
s partnering with major movie studi
os, music publishers and game devel
opers, and plans to deliver the ind
ustry's broadest range of home ente
rtainment content. In addition, the
 players will play all of your exis
ting standard-definition DVDs.

Today, it might be hard to imagine
what impact the new high-definition
  discs and TVs will have on our hom
e entertainment viewing. However, P
arsons says, "In a few years it wil
l be hard to remember that we once
thought DVDs were the coolest movie
  format around."

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