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There is no better way to find out
all the tricks and tips
about a new device than to read abo
ut it. Oftentimes the
manufacturer_s supplied user_s manu
al, to say the least,
is in another language.
ipod tips and tricks, ipod ebook, di
gital device

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It seems like yesterday when I made
 my first attempt at finding an aff
ordable digital multi-track recorde
r for my small home recording studi
o. Needing to replace my outdated
4 track analog recorder, I searched
 quite awhile for a reasonably pric
ed recorder. Finally, I was able t
o find a digital recorder with most
of the features I was looking for.

I was amazed at the capabilities of
 this machine; the clarity of sound
 it duplicated and the ease of oper
ation were fantastic. My music mix
es never sounded better.

Every month or so, some new technol
ogical invention, especially in the
 digital realm, appears on the mark
et. For today_s young people, it i
s common place to have at their dis
posal anything they find appealing.

For some of us _older folks_ to say
  the least, we are amazed, at times
, even overwhelmed by all the _tech
no_ gizmos on the market. I feel l
ike a kid in a candy store when I r
esearch all the new devices out the
re, but I am a rare bird for my age
  and sex. I_m one of the very few
women who pine over _electronics_ i
nstead of the latest fashion craze.

I constantly search the internet fo
r information on all the new produc
ts. I want them all, but can only
afford a few of these new devices.
 But, when narrowing down my choice
s, I usually opt to keep up with al
l the music related products for en
joyable listening and more efficien
t and advanced ways to take my musi
c and recording to the next level.

There is no better way to find out
all the tricks and tips about a new
 device than to read about it. Oft
entimes the manufacturer_s supplied
 user_s manual, to say the least, i
s in another language. Yes, I am o
ne of those people who prefer to le
arn by doing, but sometimes this is
 the slow way and does more harm th
an good. I have lost many good dem
os because of my hasty button pushi
ng. My eyes often play tricks on m
e because part of using digital dev
ices is getting used to the tiny me
nu screens.

E-books are great for reading in yo
ur spare time. I like to download
them and read at my leisure. When
my eyes are not working properly, I
 use the _zoom in_, sit back and re
ad all about my new device.

Just bought an iPod or still trying
 to figure out how to use one? Che
ck out my latest e-book about your
favorite _device_, The Incredible i
Pod at http://www.the-incredible-ip

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