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Going Deeper - Book Review

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...This fiction fantasy has an obvi
ous inclination to aid readers who
are embarking on their personal spi
ritual quest...
fiction, fantasy, spiritual quest, n
ew age

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Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven i
s certainly a nicely presented, har
d-cover book. This fiction fantasy
has an obvious inclination to aid r
eaders who are embarking on their p
ersonal spiritual quest.

The main character, Larry, is going
  through a break down, of sorts. He
  decides the best cure is to retrea
t into nature. The problem is that
along the way, Larry begins to hear
 the voice of his dog speaking like
 a guru. Unsure if he is going comp
letely mad, he continues in shock u
ntil he is able to absorb the shift
 in reality. Between Zeus, the talk
ing dog, and being visited by a var
iety of spiritual guides, Larry lea
rns the answers to his many questio
ns about life, meaning, destiny and

One could say this is definitely a
unique story line! Personally, I fo
und the book difficult to read, as
it was a little too deep, sometimes
 tedious and occasionally the story
 line seemed a little ridiculous. I
 truly believe it was the authors i
ntent to include a vast amount of i
nformation that may guide spiritual
 seekers, but it is written with so
me elements of humor and zest. Jean
-Claude has been on an extensive jo
urney of his own and elements of ma
ny belief systems can be seen throu
ghout the book."

ISBN#: 0972395458
Author: Jean-Claude Koven
Publisher: Prism House Press

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