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Emerging Mobile Phone Technologies

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Mobile phones have become indispens
able and now play a big part in eve
ryone's lives. With the current tec
hnology that has made people and na
tions closer, mobile and handheld d
evices can truly be considered grea
t inventions and innovations.
mobile phones

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Mobile phones have become indispens
able and now play a big part in eve
ryone's lives. With the current tec
hnology that has made people and na
tions closer, mobile and handheld d
evices can truly be considered grea
t inventions and innovations. Gone
are the days when one has to go hom
e first before he can use the telep
hone or go to a public phone booth
to place an all-important call to a
 loved one or business contact. Wit
h the presence of mobile phones, ev
eryone has now gone wireless. Commu
nication has, indeed, turned very e
asy for all.

Mobile phone, as it name suggests,
provides mobility. It is portable c
ommunication device. One can bring
it anywhere. It is made possible by
 satellites that transmit signals f
or the phone to send and receive. I
t is very convenient as one can use
 it anywhere irregardless of time a
nd region.

People everywhere have seen the evo
lution of communication technology.
 From a phone that uses wires to on
e that no longer requires any. From
 the analog to the wireless. In som
e places, wireless phones were prov
ided with signals by the network co
mpany. In other places, a simulated
 card in inserted in the phone to g
rab and receive signals and send as
 well. These phones use the concept
 of signal transmission and radio w
ave theories that enables a two-way
 communication with real time and c
learer conversation.

From the analog mobile phones that
only allowed calling and voice conv
ersation evolved the mobile phones
that have text messaging features.
It is another emergence in the worl
d of mobile technology. A person ma
y send a text message that will be
received by another party. This mes
sage is sent through a signal passi
ng to a gateway which transmits it
to the receiving party.

In the turn of the 20th century, mo
bile phones have become more of a t
rend and companies have started to
make them appear more sophisticated
. Mobile phones started with big si
zes which transformed to smaller on
es and then became bigger again. It
  has developed much like how comput
ers have. Nowadays, mobile phones a
re not just for communication. Orig
inally, it had the voice call funct
ion but since the technology is gro
wing day by day, the mobile technol
ogy grows along with it. Mobile pho
nes now have been created with diff
erent functions and usage which are
  beyond plain communication usage.
These functions are constantly upda
ted and additional features are cre
ated each day.

Mobile phones also serve as mp3 pla
yers and/or audio, video file stora
ge units where users may save audio
 files and listen to the music. Mob
ile phones now are also equipped wi
th cameras that come in different p
ixels allowing people to take pictu
res anywhere and anytime. Almost al
l mobile phones of these times are
designed with games, calculator, or
ganizer, alarm clock, dictionary an
d many more. These are just now con
sidered the basics. Some updated mo
bile phones may now take video clip
s and still photographs of which ma
y be transferred to the computer fo
r different purposes. Many mobile p
hones are also designed with touc
h screen features where a person do
esnâ¬"t need to touch the keypad an
ymore. The screen of the phone is d
esigned to recognize commands as th
e finger tip touches the screen.

Moreover, mobile phones are now use
d as computers. With the General Pa
cket Radio Service (GPRS), surfing
the internet is now made possible.
GPRS is used to transmit IP packets
 which enable users to use the inte
rnet wherever they go. People also
use their mobile phones in banking
transactions where they can send an
d receive money through phone.

Several high technology features ar
e continuously being researched and
 applied to mobile phones. Not long
 ago when 3G system was developed.
It enables users of the same networ
ks call each other with real time c
amera. Through this system, one can
 actually see the person he is call
ing while talking to him. Long befo
re people finally get familiar with
 the just launched 3G system, many
companies are now researching on th
e higher system which is the fourth
 generation or 4G system. Researche
rs project the new system as faster
 with a connection speed reaching 1
00 Mb per second. This is seen to p
rovide a better quality of call.

Mobile phones are not only for pers
onal use like it was in the past. W
ith mobile phones, reporters and jo
urnalists may now take and film new
s reports. Security system and surv
eillance are also possible.

It is seen in the near future that
mobile phones are most likely to re
place laptops. With the new mobile
phones coming out of the market, vi
ewing and working on documents only
 found in computers are now possibl
e. It is also seen to replace enter
tainment devices with all the enter
tainment features new mobile phones

Mobile phones do not only play a bi
g part in technology. Mobile phones
 also show fashion and style. Thus,
 to make these phones more appealin
g and attractive, manufacturers pro
duce these phones in different colo
rs, size, shape, and style.

Mobile phones are indeed one of the
 greatest contributions of technolo
gy. It has gone far beyond what man
 can imagine. Now, with the emergen
ce of mobile technology, everyone j
ust canâ¬"t live without one.

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