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Druxel Manor - Book Review

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...a stimulating thriller-mystery-r
omance novel that keeps the reader
thriller, mystery, romance, fiction

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Druxel Manor is a stimulating thril
ler-mystery-romance novel that keep
s the reader guessing. Who do you t
rust? Everyone seems to know a litt
le something but no one is willing
to explain _ or rather, what is rev
ealed only creates more confusion.

There are three main characters her
e. Trevor and Angel are adopted sib
lings who were raised in a life of
the privileged _ growing up in a ma
nsion and attending only the best o
f schools. Angel is a dedicated and
 driven journalist, while her broth
er is obsessed with his quest to fi
nd their biological parents. Their
adopted parents_ insistent warnings
 to never try to find their real pa
rents and other small clues drove T
revor to find out the truth. In his
 bones, he knew something was out o
f place and what he found out put b
oth of their lives at stake.

Suddenly, Angel finds herself throw
n into the midst of a mysterious an
d dangerous adventure _ and she has
 no idea why. Then James arrives, h
er rescuer and protector _ whether
she likes it or not - and her unden
iable animal attraction to him turn
s her world upside down. She must d
ecide who to trust and find out the
 reason for all the things left une

Tarra Young performed a difficult t
ask in keeping the pace fast and mo
mentum high in this novel. I never
knew what was going to happen next
_ and all my suspicions were wrong
in the end. I thought this book was
 a fun and interesting read and is
an excellent choice for readers who
enjoy a good mystery."

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 1413766242
Author: Tarra Young

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