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Does_the_American_government_see_its_citizens_as_its_children_ by MonikaKam


Does the American government see it
s citizens as its children?

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The founding fathers had an idea fo
r a country and a way to govern the
 people, by the people and for the
people, but does this mean that the
 government has the right to tell u
s we can not do something because i
t is bad for us.
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internet gambling

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In Americas 230 year history the go
vernment seems to have forgotten th
at there job is to run the governme
nt as the people see as best and no
t the government telling the people
 what is best for them.
The most recent example is the Inte
rnet gambling Ban signed into law l
ast week by President Bush. The bil
l makes it illegal for banks and cr
edit card companies to transfer mon
ey to casinos for the purpose of wa
gering on sports or games of chance
, like roulette, blackjack and poker.

These games are harmlessly enjoyed
regularly by millions of Americans
everyday, but some people become ad
dicted to these games so the govern
ment is telling all of its citizens
 that no one is allowed to play the
se games in an online casino.

This is not the first case of the g
overnment going against the wishes
of the people, in the early 1900_s
the government decided that the con
sumption of Alcohol should be banne
d, because some people were develop
ing health and mental problems rela
ted to drinking too much. So rather
 then educating the people on the i
ll effects of prolonged Alcohol abu
se the American government banned A

But instead of reducing the consump
tion of Alcoholic beverages it incr
eased, and because the government w
as not allowing the production or i
mporting of Alcohol, organized grim
e got into the moonshine business,
and eventually the Government saw t
he error of their decision and repe
aled the law.

Another great example of a failed p
olicy to protect the people is the
war on drugs that the government ha
s been aging since the early 1980_s
 Billions of tax dollars a year goe
s into the war on drugs, but what a
re the results?

The price of drugs has risen, and t
o support their habits many drug ad
dicts have had to commit acts of ro
bbery and murder to get their drugs.

The American prisons are packed ful
l of people whose only crime was po
ssession of these illegal drugs.

Instead of being an industry that i
s regulated and controlled you have
 people selling these drugs to kids
 in school playgrounds, and shootin
g each other to protect their terri

Had the government decided not to c
riminalize drugs but make it a heav
ily controlled industry, they could
 use the tax money for social progr
ams like schools ad to give America
ns universal health care.

Please do not misunderstand me I am
 not in favor for legalizing hard d
rugs, but the current system is not
 working at all, but I am all in fa
vor for legalizing online casino ga

If I choose to play some hands of b
lackjack or poker from the comfort
of my home what rights does the gov
ernment have to tell me not to, and
 what sense does it make that I can
 not play in a casino over the inte
rnet, but I can drive down the stre
et to the local casino and play the

To enforce this ban millions if not
 billions of dollars of software an
d computer hardware will be needed
to monitor all of the banks transac
tions and that money will come from
 taxes instead of the government ta
xing online casinos or even having
all the online casinos government c
ontrolled then they get all the pro
fits to be used to improve the live
s of the American citizens, million
s of which are bellow the poverty l
ine if not homeless.

The American government needs to st
art re-thinking its policy of treat
ing its citizens like small childre
n, or the American people need to d
emand a new government.

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