Digital_Electronics_and_Renewable_Energy_Go_Hand_In_Hand by MonikaKam


Digital Electronics and Renewable E
nergy Go Hand In Hand

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More and more businesses embrace re
newable energy, recycling and reuse
 in an effort to bring us more effi
cient, greener and environmentally
friendlier digital electronics.
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, sustainability,iPhones, iPods, W
ii, solar and wind energy

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Someone once said "It takes money t
o make money," and that is mostly t
rue. Today, we might add, "It takes
 energy to make money," with refere
nce to all the wondrous digital ele
ctronics we use every day to conduc
t business and create things. Probl
em is that it can take quite a lot
of energy to run all the computers,
 peripherals, big screen display an
d multimedia installations in our h
omes and offices. And a bunch more
to keep all those cell phones, digi
tal cameras, GPS systems, iPods and
 handheld gaming systems charged an
d ready to go. So while the cost of
 energy keeps rising, and more and
more people realize that climate ch
anges, pollution and diminishing oi
l reserves demand a move towards re
newable energy sources, we consume
more and more with all of our belov
ed electronics.

Does that mean that the very progre
ss that brought us the wonderful wo
rld of digital electronics is also
digging us into a deeper and deeper
  hole of energy dependence and spir
aling monetary and environmental co
sts? It doesn't have to be that way
. Business and the environment do n
ot have to be at odds. There is, in
  fact, a green electronics movement
  that seeks to make our beloved ele
ctronics more energy efficient and
environmentally friendlier. The mov
ement covers the entire spectrum fr
om huge international conglomerates
  pledging to recycle, reuse and con
serve, all the way to electronics b
eing more energy-efficient and eith
er bio-degradable or easier to recy
cle, thus reducing what is now call
ed "e-waste" from millions of tons
of landfill to reused and recycled

Saving energy and recycling makes p
erfect sense, and it's no surprise
that there are now companies devoti
ng themselves to green electronics
and energy sustainability. After al
l, it's good PR and makes economic
sense. But it goes farther than tha
t. There are now even companies tha
t sell both digital electronics AND
 renewable energy products. It's ea
sy to see how a firm belief in rene
wable energy, conservation and soun
d energy policies may drive an envi
ronmentally conscious business owne
r to sell items like solar and wind
 energy products as well as digital
 electronics made by companies that
 have realized that business and so
ciety are interdependent and thus e
mbraced green technology.

What is "green technology?" It can
be products certified for low emiss
ions, products certified to be more
 energy-efficient (like the Energy
Star pledge and standard), or produ
cts using solar chargers or other e
nergy saving technologies. It can a
lso mean support of companies that
are actively "going green" by incre
asing recyclable content, removing
environmentally harmful substances,
 using renewable energy in the prod
uction cycle, and supporting enviro
nmental conservation causes and pro

Why would companies go green? Becau
se it's not only the right thing to
 do, but also because it's an incre
asing competitive advantage to be s
een as a green company that cares a
bout the environment. Just like a l
ot of consumers reject pesticides a
nd insist on organically grown food
 products, more and more consumers
insist on buying green, energy-effi
cient technology from companies tha
t care. It's good to know that mega
hits like iPhones and Wii gaming co
nsoles are made by such companies.

What we're seeing here is really an
inevitable, accelerating trend tow
ards smarter, greener and more effi
cient and conscientious consumption
. We all must fight waste and embra
ce clean, sustainable, renewable en

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