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The Inner Workings Of the Satellite Phone System

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The different ways that communication between two people is achieved with
a satellite phone system. Satellite phones allow communication from
anywhere in the world.

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In a lot of the very remote places around the world, satellite phones are
becoming more and more popular. Since these phones do not require
cabling, the need for communication in these areas has been covered by
the use of these satellite phones. A lot of these remote areas just do
not have the infa structure available to allow for a more traditional
land line phone. Radio frequencies could be considered as well but all
the frequencies for radio are for the most part, already occupied with
other things.

For communication, satellite phones use what is called low earth orbiting
satellites or LEO for short. The main advantage to using these types of
satellites over other types such as geo stationary satellites, is that
there is very little latency. Since low earth orbiting satellites are
quite a bit closer to the earth, there is less delay in communication.

Each satellite phone system includes a number of LEO satellites usually
called a constellation. The use of many satellites makes sure that there
is always a satellite visible to the phone so that calls can be made or
received whenever they are needed. This ensure that there are never any
missed calls or calls that get go through to the person that you are

There are a number of different providers that offer these types of phone
services - Iridium and Globalstar are just a couple and there are a
number more. Each of these companies use various technologies to get the
service done but in the end, they are mainly all the same. They all
provide the satellite communication service.

A few of these companies use a multiple access method of time division to
allow and increased number of calls. This includes connections that are
satellite to satellite and the phones work directly with these
satellites. There are also digital technologies that are used to manage
the traffic of calls and sometimes this is called, code division multiple

When division multiple access is used, the satellites are used to forward
the incoming calls directly to the telephone gateways that exist on the
earth. This way, the call eventually goes through the tradtional land
telephone network.

With the different ways this satellite phone technology work, the end
result does not change. The basic thing is that in the end, you get
through to who ever you need to talk to!

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