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iPods- which rock the world

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Wondering why people are becoming crazy about this miniature audio
device? iPods offer excellent quality of digital music.

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Wondering why people are becoming crazy about this miniature audio
device? iPods offer excellent quality of digital music. The success of
iPod is due to its features like:

•iPod is able to deliver extremely rich quality of digital music.
•It comes in attractive small sizes and thus tends to be very handy and
•They come with in-built media library software, called as the iTunes
media library software. This feature enables the user to manage the music
files efficiently.
•The most attractive feature which made iPod the best seller is the
attribute which allows the device to be connected to the user’s computer.
•Thus by enabling connection with the user’s computer, the iPod prove to
serve as efficient storage devices.
•iPods sport a display, which makes the gadget more user friendly.
•Improvised iPods also had PDA’s( Personal Digital Assitants).
•Apple, the creators of iPod kept on improvising it, and thus many models
of iPod have rocked the market.

The models of iPod categorized according to the chronological order.

First Generation iPods:

Initially the iPods were released with 5GB hard drive, but then later
Apple increased their hard drive capacity to 10GB. These iPods have a
scroll wheel     with a select button in the middle. This device was a
huge hit in the commercial market, but now they rarely exist due to the
release of new models.

Second generation iPods:

These devices had a thicker body and they supported 20 GB hard drive.
They were the first gadgets, which were compatible with the windows. They
also sported cases and wired remotes.

Third generation iPods:
These iPods were thinner than the original versions, the 30 pin dock
connector was introduced with this series. They also had touch sensitive
buttons this attracted the masses to a great extent. And it did not have
buttons surrounding the wheels and hanging parts.

Fourth generation iPods:

The only difference, the fourth generation iPods had over the others is
the introduction of click wheels. They also sported the same monochrome
screen. But it enabled the battery to be charged through the USB

Color iPods:

As the name suggests these devices had a color screen and the ability to
store and display JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG images. They supported
65,536 colors. They possessed the photo library and released accessories
like iPod camera connector.

Fifth generation iPods:

They were developed to reduce minor audio effects so that the head phone
does not deliver hard drive noise. They came in a wide variety of sizes,
colors and hard drive capacities. They also supported features like the
World Clock, Stopwatch, and Screen Lock applications. In addition, the
earphones plug were smaller.

iPod mini:

The mini had a smaller structure and it resembled the earlier versions in
its features. but it did not support third party accessories. They
introduced micro-drive hard drive as the storage medium. The minis were
futher improvised as the first generation and second generation devices.
It had rich case colors and was a big hit in the market.

 iPod shuffle:

 Flash memory was introduced through these gadgets, but they did not have
a screen so navigation of music files were a little difficult. But it has
been reviewed as the best sounding audio device in comparison with the
other models.

iPod nano:

 iPod nano also had the flash memory but it came with a color display. It
also included a number of features like world clock, stop watch and
screen lock options.

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