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					             Taconic Golf Club
                           Invitational Tournament

                                General Information

       All entries will be "seeded" on the basis of combined handicaps of the member
and guest. The top 16 "seeds", provided they indicate their desire to do so, will enter a
qualifying round of 18 holes of medal play on Friday. The Medalist Team will be
determined by the lowest gross better ball score. The 8 teams with the lowest gross
better ball scores will become the Championship Flight and the other 8 teams will form
the First Flight. All play in these two flights will be from the Black Markers.

       All teams other than the top 16 seeds will be assigned to flights of 8 teams based
on the combined handicaps of the players. Flights 2-11 will play from Gold Markers.
All matches will be 9 holes of match play, with each team playing a match against the
other 7 teams in its flight. Each team will play two 9-hole matches on 2 days of the
tournament and three 9-hole matches on one day of the tournament. Please refer to the
enclosed schedule to determine which day your team will be playing 27 holes.

       Championship and First Flight matches will be decided on the standard match
play basis (18 hole matches). In the other flights, scoring will be on a "point" basis
through each 9-hole match, whereby the team winning the hole is awarded one point for
the win, ties give 1/2 point to each team and 0 points to the team losing the hole. There
are no negative figures, and also, no limit to how many points your team can win in a
match. Except in the case of a default of forfeit, where a maximum of 5 points are
awarded to the winning team. Winning teams are determined by the highest point totals
over the 7 matches.

       The Championship and First Flights will play regular four-ball match play (18
holes) at "scratch", without handicaps.

       All other flights will play on a handicap basis in standard four-ball match play
(9 hole matches); two play their better ball against the better ball of the two other
players (Rules of Golf, Rule 30 and Definitions). Handicap Allowance: The
Course Handicaps of all four players are reduced by the Course
Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who shall then play
from scratch. Each of the three other players is allowed 100 percent of
the difference. Strokes for the 9-hole match are assigned according to the
resulting player handicaps on the appropriate handicap holes on the

        Prizes will be in the form of tournament certificates from the Golf Shop and will
be awarded to the top 3 placing teams in all flights (except for the Championship and
First flights, where because of the nature of the matches prizes will be awarded to 4
teams). Flights 2-11 will compete within flights for a Low Net prize on Sunday – low net
team, not in the money will receive a certificate award for their efforts.

THURSDAY – June 24th

     Practice round bestball event – gross & net prizes (additional entry required)
     Welcome Party with light snacks and a cash bar will take place 6:00 – 8:00 pm
            at the clubhouse – please make plans to join us.

FRIDAY - June 25th

     18 hole qualifying round to determine Championship and First flights
            - pairings & times assigned by committee.
     First two 9 hole matches for flights 2-7.
     Flights 8-9-10-11 will play three matches today (27 holes).
     Tournament dinner - 7:30 pm at the clubhouse (participants only).
     Golf Shop RAFFLE will be conducted at this evening’s dinner
            – tickets sold all day and at the dinner.

SATURDAY - June 26th

     First round matches - Championship and First flights.
     Next two 9-hole matches flights 2-3-8-9-10-11.
     Flights 4-5-6-7 will play three matches today (27 holes).
     Annual “Hit-the-Green” will be conducted today on hole #14
     Evening is free to do as you wish.

SUNDAY - June 27th

     Morning - second round matches in Championship and First
     flights and first round of Consolation Round in these same flights.
     Afternoon - Finals in Championship and First flights; also
             consolation finals in these flights.
     Final 9 hole matches for flights 4-11.
     Flights 2 & 3 will play three matches today (27 holes).
     Buffet luncheon served from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
             – additional tickets for family members may be purchased in the lounge.
     Presentation of prizes will take place as soon as each flight has completed play.

                  CONDITIONS REQUIRE.

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