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HDMI and DVI, Similarities and Diffe

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The HDMI and the DVI cable are two
completely new types of cables. Lea
rn about what these two types have
in common and what their difference
s are. HDMI and DVI cables for your
 home theatre or any other video se

HDMI cables, DVI cables, high defin
ition television, electrnics

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If you just acquired a new HD telev
ision, a television complete and eq
uipped with the right HDMI connecto
rs for attaching a DVD or Blue Ray
disk player with HDMI interface, yo
u will definitely need a the right
kind of HDMI cable to make the conn
ection. Other wise you won’t be abl
e to use the high definition capabi
lity of either your television or y
our disk player and cable or satell
ite box. You need to pay attention
 to the component outputs as well a
s inputs so you can plug in the HDM
I cable and connect your television
. In every instance where you use e
lectronic devices, home or office,
you must have the proper cables for
 them to work properly. Most of the
 time electronic devices such as te
levisions will not work properly or
 to their full potential if you don
’t use the right cable connectors.
 There are however do many differen
t options out there, so many cables
 to choose from, so you will need t
o be prepared and know which one to
 choose so you won’t waste your tim
e and money. With so many different
 cables out there and electronic eq
uipment sales men and women making
a living off commission the buyer o
ught to be careful when selecting H
DMI cables. These types of cables c
an be very expensive, and consumers
 buy ones they don’t really need or
 can’t really use, very often.
The two most popular types of HD ca
bles are HDMI cables and DVI cables
. Although, they are similar in man
y ways they have many subtle differ
ences that you need to have in mind
. HDMI cables as well as DVI cables
 are not cheap. Be careful know the
 differences and don’t waste your m
oney. The DVI cable was released in
 the late 1990’s and DVI stands for
 Digital Visual Interface. The DVI
is capable of carrying uncompressed
 digital video to a display, a moni
tor. The first use of the DVI cable
 was associated with connecting the
 personal computer with a monitor.
Over the past years however, their
use expanded and they are now used
to for connecting televisions as we
ll. There are also different types
of DVI cables as well. For instance
 there is the DVI-D, D for digital,
  refers to digital cable, DVI-A is
 for analog television and the last
 one is DVI-I the one that accommod
ates for both digital and analog in
terfaces. DVI cables in general are
 considered relatively outdated in
comparison to the more recent and i
n high demand HDMI cable. HDMI stan
ds for High Definition Multimedia I
nterface. The HDMI cable is relativ
ely newer than the DVI, it as intro
duced in 2002 and came out as high
definition televisions did. The HDM
I cable is an all-digital, no analo
g, video interface cable that can t
ransmit uncompressed streams of dat
a. That means that any HDMI cable e
ven if it a Cheap HDMI Cables, can
carry both audio and video signals.
 Both cables will work fine in gett
ing the image to your television sc
reen The HDMI is to considered bett
er because of the two because of th
e fact that it is all digital.

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