Graphing-Inequalities-on-the-Graphing-calculator by suchenfz


									Graphing Inequalities on the Graphing calculator:

   1. Click on APPS
   2. Go to INEQUALZ, press any key to start
   3. Arrow over so you are on the equal sign & you can change to an inequality sign
      by pressing ALPHA, then click on any of the gray buttons directly under the sign
      you need.
   4. Arrow to the right and type in your equation in slope-intercept form.
   5. When you have all of the inequalities entered, press graph
   6. As soon as the graphs are finished, (Shades) will show up at the bottom of the
   7. Press ALPHA “y =”
   8. Press 1 (to show intersection only)
   9. when you are finished with this program, click APPS, INEQUALZ, ENTER,2

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