Sledgehammer_--_Medical_Fiction_Thriller_at_Its_Best by MonikaKam


Sledgehammer -- Medical Fiction Thriller at Its Best

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Paulo Reyes' new fiction book deals with the possibility of a terrorist
attack whereby terrorists have used smallpox against us. It's a medical
fiction thriller that begs to ask the question what if?

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Looking for a good fiction book to read? Look no further. This medical
thriller will have you glued to every page as the drama unfolds and an ER
doctor must stop a biochemical nightmare from happening.

6 days … 6 days to stop an epidemic and convince the government that
terrorists have indeed used smallpox as a weapon against us. When one of
the terrorists shows up in the ER with symptoms, time is of the essence
to convince higher ups and the government that indeed this is the dreaded
once thought eradicated disease smallpox. If not for the quick action and
prior medical expertise of the main character, Dr. Max Kroose, fatalities
could be in the millions.

What makes the book even more interesting is that the events unfolding in
the ER symbolize real events that occur in emergency rooms daily. The
author, Dr. Paulo J. Reyes, is a practicing Emergency Room Doctor and
First Responder to disasters in Los Angeles, California with a medical
career spanning 25 years. His medical expertise helped to create a
medical environment that medical personnel, fans of medical TV dramas, as
well as all science fiction fans will enjoy. Added to that, the
characters are well developed and passionate in their quest for answers.
Although the book is fictional, it’s based on extensive research and
leaves you questioning-could it happen today?

With today’s ongoing terrorists’ threats, the growing concern of a
biochemical attack, and the fear of a global pandemic, this book shows
you how situations like this would be handled. Would the government be
prepared? Do we have enough vaccinations for everyone? Should we have
voluntary vaccinations now? Questions you will want answers for.

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