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Your Flight Questions Answered

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"Your Flight Questions Answered" is
 a short and informative book to h
elp travelers understand the techni
cal aspects of jet travel. A very h
elpful read for the new flyer as we
ll as for the experienced traveler.

business aviation, commercial jets,
 Boeing, Gulfstream, air travel, Am
erican Airlines, FAA, NBAA

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Whether you are an experienced air
traveler or a novice, John Cronin's
 book, "Your Flight Questions Answe
red," has a little bit of something
 for everyone.

Written more as a reference guide,
Cronin's book covers the many quest
ions the flying public can have bef
ore, during, and after flight. Cron
in divides his book into seven sect
ions each containing several questi
ons with detailed answers: flight c
ancellations and delays, baggage ha
ndling, weather, air traffic contro
l, airports, airliners, and pilots.
 His questions are written in basic
 form, much like the questions a co
ncerned passenger would ask who is
unfamiliar with flying. For example
, one question he covers: what are
those tiny pieces of metal sticking
 straight up from the wing? He deta
ils his answer with the explanation
 that they are vortex generators, w
hich create a vortex that prevents
air from separating from the wing o
r other surface area on an aircraft
. Cronin breaks down his explanatio
ns further with additional details
and often includes a supporting pic
ture or graph to visually stress th
e answer.

For those who frequently take to th
e air, Cronin covers a number of th
e more difficult questions regardin
g aircraft instrumentation, airport
 markings, and cabin pressure; thes
e are things that we probably know
something about but may be unable t
o give a satisfactory answer to the
 inquiring passenger. Although the
questions may seem more directed to
ward passengers flying on an airlin
er, business aircraft crew may find
 Cronin's book a handy reference to
 have available to their passengers
 as well.

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