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SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy:
 Sheet Metal Training Book

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Books and other training materials
about SolidWorks are available, but
 very little coverage is given to t
he specific sheet metal tools and u
nfolding capabilities, leaving user
s on their own to learn these tools.

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The first book published by Sheet M
etal Guy, LLC was <i><b>SolidWorks
for the Sheet Metal Guy - Course 1:
 Part Creation</b></i>. The book is
 a fun and engaging way to explore
the sheet metal capabilities of Sol
idWorks at your own speed. You lear
n how to use SolidWorks and its she
et metal tools from experts in the
sheet metal industry. The series of
 self-paced training books, <i><b>S
olidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy</
b></i>, demonstrates how to create
real life sheet metal parts and is
written in terms sheet metal people
 know and understand.

Books and other training materials
about SolidWorks are available, but
 very little coverage is given to t
he specific sheet metal tools and u
nfolding capabilities, leaving user
s on their own to learn these tools
. Dedicated to the SolidWorks marke
t, <i><b>SolidWorks for the Sheet M
etal Guy</b></i> addresses this nee
d by showing you how to use the she
et metal tools of SolidWorks. You l
earn from the beginning how to crea
te sheet metal parts designed with
manufacturing in mind. Throughout t
he book, SolidWorks' sheet metal to
ols are used to guide you step by s
tep through the basics of part crea
tion into complex features of sheet
 metal design. Emphasis is on creat
ing parts and features that maintai
n the design intent even when chang
es are made to key dimensions of th
e part, the material thickness, or
the bend radius. Taking advantage o
f parametrics from the beginning as
sures that any changes will not inv
alidate design integrity.

Sheet metal designers and manufactu
rers must increase their SolidWorks
 proficiency in order to get new pr
oducts to market faster and achieve
 a higher return on their investmen
ts. Now there’s a new way to learn
SolidWorks. This new comprehensive
course is a self-paced learning too
l, using real projects that work th
rough the design process step-by-st
ep. You can choose to follow the le
ssons from start to finish, or you
can dive into just the lessons that
 interest you most. <i><b>SolidWork
s for the Sheet Metal Guy - Course
1: Part Creation</b></i> is availab
le right now. Sheet metal designers
 and manufacturers will surely bene
fit from <i><b>SolidWorks for the S
heet Metal Guy</b></i> self-paced t
raining book.

<i><b>SolidWorks for the Sheet Meta
l Guy</b></i> is written by Neil Bu
calo and Joe Bucalo. Neil is a CAD
expert, having over 14 years of exp
erience using numerous CAD systems.
 He has a diverse background, inclu
ding mechanical engineering, CAD/CA
M consulting, support, training, an
d technical writing. Neil is a Cert
ified SolidWorks Support Technician
. Co-author Joe Bucalo has over 30
years experience in the sheet metal
 industry. Joe is the president and
 founder of Applied Production, Inc
., a SolidWorks Solution Partner th
at develops software tools for shee
t metal manufacturing, including Pr
oFab and ProFold.

<b>Sheet Metal Guy, LLC</b>, locate
d in Cincinnati, OH, was formed to
help increase the productivity of s
heet metal designers and manufactur
ers through education. As a publish
er of books and other materials, th
e company's primary focus is to pro
vide high quality, cost effective t
raining for the design and manufact
ure of sheet metal parts and assemb
lies. Sheet Metal Guy, LLC is focus
ed on designing easy to understand,
 self-paced training books for all
knowledge levels of 3D CAD software
 users. Additional company and prod
uct information is available on the
 company’s Web site. SolidWorks is
a registered trademark of SolidWork
s Corporation. Other brand and prod
uct names are trademarks of their r
espective owners.

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