Reading Into Beliefs

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A provocative, new book by author a
nd scholar Marc Mourier reveals hid
den secrets of the Bible.

Reading Into Beliefs

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A provocative, new book by author a
nd scholar Marc Mourier reveals hid
den secrets of the Bible.

In "The Garden of Eden: What Really
 Happened?" (Index Publishing, $14.
95), Mourier cites Biblical evidenc
e that he believes proves that Eve
was cloned from Adam. Mourier feels
 that Noah's flood was one way that
 God cleansed the Earth when the "A
dam Experiment" went wrong. He also
 believes that Adam and Eve came af
ter many civilizations, including D
arwin's apes.

Mourier says that more than 4,000 y
ears of translations have changed t
he original meaning of the Bible an
d that people should be inquisitive
 and cautious about how the Bible h
as been relayed. He claims that man
y religious thinkers and theologian
s have purposely created a power gr
id to "cover up" ideas they do not
want to openly disclose but "know a
re true," such as the mission to cr
eate Adam and Eve.

Mourier also paints a picture of th
e Garden of Eden that is very diffe
rent from what is traditionally tau
ght. He believes that the original
Hebrew Bible shows that the Garden
of Eden isn't a typical flowery gar
den that one might picture. Instead
, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and
 Evil, the snake, and the apple are
 symbolic. For example, when Eve is
 described eating the fruit, Mourie
r interprets this as acquiring scie
ntific laboratory knowledge on how
she was created.

The book also gives Mourier's explan
ations on:

• "The secret, shocking and h
idden revelations" of the Bible

• Where the Bible shows "proo
f of visitors from outside"

• Religious "cover-ups"

• Who specifically visited th
e Garden of Eden and created Adam.

"The Garden of Eden: What Really Ha
ppened?" has drawn positive reviews
 from readers who fall on different
 sides of Mourier's research on Int
elligent Design. It comes fully ill
ustrated with what Mourier calls "e
vidence that the ideas expressed in
 this book have secretly been known
 for centuries."

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