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Electric Guitar Tabs Explained

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Electric guitar tabs are by far the
 easiest way to learn to play guita
r without wasting time in too much
preparation. So where are they and
how do they help?

electric guitar tabs, guitar tablatu

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Tablature as a means of writing mus
ic down has been with us for hundre
ds of years, but many people today
look down on tabs as a third rate m
ethod of musical communication. In
fact, tablature is not a dumbed dow
n version of conventional musical n
otation, rather what we call sheet
music grew from a need for more ver
satility in notation as music becam
e more complex in medieval times. E
lectric Guitar Tabs have been a gre
at help to the many people who have
 taken up the electric guitar and w
ho wanted to get down to the busine
ss of playing as quickly as possible.

Conventional music notation has muc
h more to communicate than tabs, bu
t if you already know more or less
how the song sounds, and are prepar
ed to work at your own interpretati
on, then there is nothing wrong wit
h using tablature.

Guitarists composing music using ta
bs and sharing the results of their
 work on the internet have brought
a wide range of music within reach
of amateur musicians who never lear
nt to read music. To some guitarist
s learning to read music is a waste
 of time that would be put to bette
r use expressing their feelings thr
ough music. This attitude is at odd
s with the idea that the more theor
etical knowledge you have, the grea
ter the pool of resources at your d
isposal for expressing your ideas.

Tablature, on the other hand, allow
s the guitarist to get to know the
basic piece of music in his own way
, and use his musical intuition and
 flair for improvisation to produce
 a musical work which will be as mu
ch his own work as the original com
poser's. For that reason electric g
uitar tabs are a boon to the electr
ic guitar player who does not want
to just produce a copy of someone e
lse's work.

You can find electric guitar tabs i
n music stores along with conventio
nal written music, but the quickest
 and best place to look for electri
c guitar tabs is on the internet. E
ven though there's a legal dogfight
 going on about tab publishers infr
inging the rights of the original c
omposer, many tabs are still availa
ble for free. However you need to e
xercise your discernment when makin
g use of tablature produced by amat
eur guitarists. You might need to c
hange things around a little if the
y don't sound right.

As for the electric guitar player w
ho wants to broaden his musical kno
wledge, tablature also allows the g
uitarist to learn new chords, scale
s or modes very quickly.

Finally a reminder that using elect
ric guitar tabs to learn new materi
al is not a walk in the park - you
need to supply some of the informat
ion which is otherwise written into
 sheet music. You need to have some
 idea of the note values and a basi
c understanding of time signatures
and tempo. What that boils down to
is that you can hear the music in y
our head, and you just want to know
 where to put your fingers on the f
ret board. That is what guitar tabs
 were originally made for.

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