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Beginner Kayaker? Find the Best Kaya
k Paddle

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Buying a good paddle is as importan
t as buying a good kayak. There are
 many different paddles to choose f

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Buying a good paddle is as importan
t as buying a good kayak. There are
 many different paddles to choose f

When you are shopping for kayak equ
ipment and accessories, a paddle sh
ould be among the first things that
 you buy. Carlisle kayak paddles ar
e one of the best brands you can ge
t. They are built for several types
 of kayak adventures. It is easy to
 find one that works for you.

Recreational Paddles

Carlisle builds recreational paddle
s in three styles. All three are sp
ecifically designed and perfect for
 recreational use.

The Tripper model is an entry level
 paddle with a special grip for beg

The RS Magic is a standard paddle f
or recreation. It works for any age
 and any kayaking skill level and i
s available in glass or lightweight
 anodized aluminum.

The RS Magic 2 is made especially f
or women and children. It is shorte
r and designed for the average body
 size. The slightly-spooned design
produces smooth and powerful paddli

White Water Paddles

Magic White Water is Carlisle Desig
ns only whitewater paddle. This pad
dle is suited for beginners but sti
ll strong enough for experts to tak
e into that exciting white water!

All of these various paddle types a
re perfect for any kayaker. It is e
asy to find the paddle that is best
 for your needs right here! Don't f
orget that the paddles are in some
ways more important than the kayak.
 Without a good paddle, your boat b
ecomes less useful. Good paddles cu
t the water better so that the kaya
k is more able to glide smoothly th
rough the water. Get the most from
your kayak and make sure that you b
uy top-notch paddles that your kaya
k deserves.

Carlisle has built a sleek line of
paddles for all levels of boaters a
nd every kind of use. When you buy
your kayak, keep in mind how you ar
e planning to use it. You should do
 the same thing when you are decidi
ng which paddles to buy. This will
help you ensure that you get the be
st paddles for your kayaking style.

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