Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT_ 2010

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ACT! by Sage 2010 and Social CRM – Part 2
Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010

                                                                                                                     ACT! by Sage
Table of Contents

Introduction ................................................................................... 3 
Using Social Media to Engage With Your Customers ................ 3 
    1 – Your customers are using it ..................................................................... 4 

    2 – Cost-effective way to reach customers and build awareness .............. 5 

    3 – Enables genuine customer insight .......................................................... 5 

Benefits of Integrating Social Media With ACT! 2010 ................ 6 
    Prospecting and finding new customers ...................................................... 7 

    Building better relationships .......................................................................... 9 

    Gaining business efficiency through social media tools .......................... 11 

Summary ...................................................................................... 12 
    For further exploration .................................................................................. 13 

Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                       2
                                                                                                      ACT! by Sage
Social Media is increasingly making its way into everyday life. It seems that social sites like
TwitterTM, Facebook, and a host of others are referenced in television commercials, in e-mails,
and on just about every Web site you visit. The number of users on these social networks is
staggering, and participation is growing rapidly. Social networking and blogging is now the top
third online activity ahead of e-mail.

                              Global Comparison of Internet Activity1

Even though social media began as peer-to peer communication forums, many businesses are
harnessing the power of social media to engage with their customers, and are using social
media as a more credible way to promote and market their services.

ACT! by Sage 2010, which debuted in September 2009, combines the #1 selling contact and              “This new version, with its
customer management solution with social media tools that provide a practical way to use             sleeker interface and new
social media to build stronger relationships with your contacts.                                     web features, is probably a
                                                                                                     must-have upgrade for
This whitepaper is Part 2 of our ACT! and Social Media series and will explore the benefits of
                                                                                                     existing users, and is sure
using social media to engage with your customers, and demonstrate how ACT! 2010 can make
it easier to find new prospects, learn about their needs, and grow those relationships. For more     to attract new users…”
information about getting started with social media, please refer to Part 1 of our whitepaper
series, Connecting with Your Customers: A Guide to Social Media, which provides a general            4 out of 5 Stars!
overview and description of social media and step by step guidelines for how to get started.         PC Magazine

Using Social Media to Engage With Your Customers
Social networks are well established as virtual meeting places for friends and family to stay in
touch and share personal experiences. Because of this, you may wonder if there is a business
use and be hesitant to tap into social media for fear of treading on “personal” space. Social
Media can be highly relevant to you and provide many options for you to be further involved
with your contacts. Social media participants often welcome messages from businesses
because they are choosing to belong to particular Groups or “Fanbooks”. This means you not
only have a direct line of communication with them, they self subscribe and actually welcome it.     1 Nielson Online, Global Index, March

This is in direct contrast to traditional forms of sales and marketing where cold calls and direct   2009

Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                           3
                                                                                                   ACT! by Sage
mail campaigns are often seen as intrusions. It also means you can save money on traditional
forms of marketing, and shift more time to engaging with your customers, and building
awareness for your business though social media.

Some of the primary reasons why social media can be a valuable business benefit:
    1.   Your customers are using it
    2.   Cost effective way to reach customers and build awareness
    3.   Enables genuine customer insight

1 – Your customers are using it
Over 300 million people are using social networks. Chances are, some of those participants are
your customers or your prospects. Currently, 75% of online adults aged 18-24 have a profile on
a social network site , but since March 2009, the fastest growing demographic of social media
participants are people aged 26-54. For example, as of March 2009, there are 27.7 million
Facebook users aged 26-54 – this is more than those in the category of 18-253. And as of
March 2009, the largest age group on Twitter was not college students or teens, but adults from
the ages of 35-494. This means that today’s labor force and decision makers with budgetary
responsibilities are becoming engaged in social media.

                           Facebook Demographics by Age Group3

                                                                                                  2 Lenhard, A. Pew internet project data

                                                                                                  memo [adult social networking].

                                                                                                  Washington, DC: Pew Research Center.

                                                                                                  Retrieved from



                                                                                                  3 Inside, March 2009
                             Twitter Demographics by Age Group4

                                                                                                  4 Nielson Online, March 19, 2009


Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                        4
                                                                                                       ACT! by Sage
Customer engagement is the key to keeping your products and brands in front of potential
customers. If you know your customers are reading a particular publication or attending a
particular event, you would want to find a way to be present, and try and engage with them
about your products and services. The same is true for social networks. Your customers are out
there connecting, maybe even talking about you. Social networks offer your business an
opportunity to observe candid customer views and gauge public perception about their products
or offerings, and engage through those same networks to realize change in those factors.

2 – Cost-effective way to reach customers and build awareness
As marketing budgets get tighter, traditional marketing activities such as advertising, direct mail
campaigns, and trade shows do not have the ROI they once did. Social media allows you to
distribute content direct to customers, quickly and cost effectively. According to the Social
Media Marketing Industry Report, 81% of marketers believed that their social media efforts
have increased exposure for their business, and organizations engaged in social media saw a
rise in their search engine rankings, generating more leads.5

By blogging and publishing online profiles, you can increase visibility and generate awareness
for your products and services. This information is multiplied when customers propagate that
information onto their extended social media networks. This type of viral marketing is desired
because peer-to-peer communication is perceived to be more relevant, authentic and credible
than brand-to-consumer messages.6 By communicating with customers in a personalized
manner, you have the opportunity to turn existing customers into powerful advocates.

              “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”
                                -Jeff Bezos, Chairman, Amazon7

3 – Enables genuine customer insight
Before social media, customer information was typically manually entered in software programs         5 “Social Media Marketing Report”,

or spreadsheets, and was updated as interactions revealed new information. In today’s world,, March 2009
the customer is updating information about themselves all the time. You no longer need to wait        Michael A. Stelzner, “Social Media
until you have a 1-1 interaction with your customers to learn more about them. It is being
                                                                                                      Marketing Report”,
updated all around you. The key is finding and organizing the relevant information in a format
that allows you to make sense of it, and then use it to enhance your sales and marketing    , March 2009

                                                                                                      6 “Defining Social Media in the Banking
  “Social media is a great, vast source of information, and what’s different about it and what’s
                                                                                                      Sector” Kristin Moyer, Gartner, 5
                              relevant is that information finds you”
                                                                                                      February 2009
                  – Larry Ritter; Senior Vice President and General Manager.8

Social media allows businesses to acquire information from a variety of sources, and about a          7 Source: Bloomberg news. Published:
variety of different subject matter beyond traditional Internet search. By combining all social
interactions and unique profile information inside a Customer Management system, you gain a
complete picture of your customers to develop richer interactions and more specialized offers.
How else are you going to know that your best customer just went on a vacation to Mexico, or
that they are a die-hard Dodgers fan? This gives you an edge over your competition as it helps        8 Ritter, Larry, “Social Media Maturity
you identify common interests, and makes your sales and marketing touch points more
                                                                                                      Model: Information Wants to Find You”
                                                                                                      blog post, Destination CRM, 16 June

Besides up to date information about your prospects and customers, social media also provides         2009.

Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                              5
                                                                                                ACT! by Sag
                                                                                                A         ge
  way           eceive authentic feedback abou their own com
a w for you to re              c             ut                         ou
                                                           mpany. When yo interact with a
  stomer, social ru
cus                              p
                  ules regarding politeness, conflict avoidance and emotional investment can
  scure the true se
obs                              c             al             w             back from
                  entiments of a customer. Socia networks allow genuine feedb
  stomers in forum and mediums which allow yo to act as the consumer of th information
cus              ms          s              ou                           hat
   hout interaction barriers. There
with                                               ums reduce com
                                  efore, social foru                          rriers when
                                                                mmunication bar
  ople find similar others to suppo their ideas, w
peo                               ort                                          ore
                                                 which essentially brings out mo open and
   nk             nd             ch             al             hat          can
fran interaction an provides a ric source of vita information th a business c tap into.

 enefits of Integrating Social Me
Be                    g                   ACT! 2010
                                edia With A
                                                                                                 ACT! 2010 is a quantum
 hen         ustomers in social networks, it’s important to understand the fu context of the
Wh engaging cu                               s                              ull            e
                                                                                                  ocial) leap ov previous
                                                                                                (so            ver
   ationship your b
rela                             th           er.                        post on a social
                  business has wit your custome Responding to a customer p
  tworking site is g
net                              onding to their po with the con
                   good, but respo                ost                          phone calls,
                                                               ntext of recent p
                                                                                                 ditions and ot
                                                                                                ed            ther contact
  mmunications, a e-mail mark
com             and                       ns
                            keting campaign show that a b              al
                                                        business has rea interest in             anagers that I’ve seen and
                                                                                                ma                        d
pro              zed           ach         ACT! puts the customer in the c
  oviding customiz service to ea customer. A                             center of your          dds
                                                                                                ad functiona
                                                                                                           ality that is
   eraction strategy and for over 20 years, ACT! h allowed you to capture key aspects of your
inte               y                             has         u                                    ose        g
                                                                                                clo to placing it
  ntact relationships—from e-mails, documents, meetings, and n
con                                                                      eeps it all in one
                                                             notes—ACT! ke                e      ompetitively w
                                                                                                co            with simpler
plac for instant insight about your customers.
                                                                                                CR systems, including a
                                                                                                 ocial dashboa (for the
                                                                                                so           ard
                                                                                                 ant         r
                                                                                                wa of a better
                                                                                                  rm)…VERY im
                                                                                                ter         mpressive.”

                                                                                                 aul       g
                                                                                                Pa Greenberg – CRM at
                                                                                                 peed of Light

  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                            6
                                                                                                  ACT! by Sag
                                                                                                  A         ge
  cial        been seamlessly integrated ins
Soc media has b                                                          u
                                           side ACT! 2010. This allows you to combine
  ur              f               actions with online social netwo
you rich history of customer intera                                             oviding context
                                                                 orking data, pro
                 gements. As a result, ACT! 201 enables you to be more effe
for customer engag             r              10                          ective in sales
  d             nversations with your customers
and marketing con                             s.

  ospecting an finding ne customer
Pro          nd         ew       rs
  pical lead gener
Typ                                s                                          e,
                 ration activities start with only a contact name, company name and maybe a
  one         ther you purchased a list, receiv a tip from a friend, or met s
pho number. Eit                               ved                           someone at an
  ent.                         d              nformation, havi a meaningfu interaction
eve Armed with this limited (and impersonal) in              ing         ully
   h             ould be a challen
with a prospect wo                              he           ed            sional. With
                                 nge, even for th most seasone sales profess
                an               nks          apabilities of the Web Info tab so that you can
ACT! 2010, you ca fill in the blan using the ca
  derstand more a
und                            act.
                about that conta

                               n                            sily
ACT! 2010 aggregates information from the Web quickly and eas so you don’t have to try to
                    Using the Web info links on the Company reco you can con
do it all manually. U                             e            ord,        nclude what
                   ness is in, how financial viable t
industry their busin               f                they are, and an recent news postings. From
               w               an            rmine that a pro
the Company view in ACT!, you ca quickly deter                               aviation
                                                            ospect is in the a
                                    a              price, and accord
industry, their business is selling at a $50 stock p                              news postings
                                                                   ding to recent n
they are up for an acquisition. In a matter of seco              en              ently use
                                                  onds, you’ve bee able to efficie
   ormation on the Internet to augm
info                                             d               you         ithin ACT!. You
                                  ment the limited data set that y have—all wi
  n               nks           es            T!              erence later.
can even attach lin to those site back into ACT for future refe

  r              ct                           e              g
For a given contac name, you can search for the prospect using a variety of social networks
  ch                          acebook, and co
suc as Plaxo, LinkedIn®, and Fa                            m             ontinue to track
                                            onnect with them so you can co
their updates.
                                                                                                  “T Web Info tab is great
                                                                                                   nd        eficial to a
                                                                                                  an VERY bene
                                                                                                   ales team nee
                                                                                                  sa           eding to get
                                                                                                   ackground inf
                                                                                                  ba           formation
                                                                                                   bout a potenti client.
                                                                                                  ab            ial
                                                                                                   reat idea!”

                                                                                                   ACT! Custome 10
                                                                                                  -A          er

  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                                7
                                                                                                  ACT! by Sag
                                                                                                  A         ge
                arnesses the capabilities of soc communities for the purpose of
ACT! 2010 also ha                              cial        s               es
  ospecting. LinkedIn Groups and Fan Pages are great ways to identify prospec that may not
pro                            d             e                              cts          t
be in your databas You can eas establish a p
                 se.         sily                        ese         s              c
                                           presence on the communities around a topic
                    your business and watch as you attract new fo
that is relevant to y             a                                            g
                                                                ollowers wanting to engage in
dialogue with you. As new fans join your Faceboo Fanpage, you can import the into ACT!9.
                                               ok                          em
Now these Friends are your ACT! contacts and key profile inform
  w             s                                                             ed
                                                              mation is capture into ACT!.
  cause they are in ACT!, all the sales and mark
Bec                                                            are           r              e
                                               keting features a available for use with these
  ntacts. And now that you have imported them f
con             w               i                                          y             ct
                                              from Facebook, you can quickly update contac
   ormation from th online profile whenever the make a chang
info              heir                        ey           ge.

                                                                                                  ACT! is more i
                                                                                                 “A            intuitive …
                                                                                                  nd           grated with
                                                                                                 an better integ
                                                                                                  ocial networki
                                                                                                 so                         t
                                                                                                               ing tools that
                                                                                                  have busines value… ."
                                                                                                 …h          ss

                                                                                                 Nu          arch
                                                                                                  ucleus Resea

    Using the Facebook Import cont from ACT! D
    U                            trol        DevNet lets you import your Facebook friends
                                    into an ACT! database

The capabilities for prospecting ar endless. You can take any W address or online
  e                               re                          Web
membership site a add it to ACT 2010. Now each time you go to a particular contact or
                and           T!                         o
  mpany, you can quickly lookup relevant information using thos sites. For exa
com                                                           se                             e
                                                                             ample, if you are
member of Hoover TM or InfoUSA you can easily add it to the W Info tab. N
               rs            A®,                            Web         Now when you
clic on ABC Company, you can receive more sp
   ck                        r                              on            ompany helping
                                           pecific informatio about that co
  u               y
you quickly qualify them.

                                                                                                  Requires installation of Facebook
                                                                                                 9R                   n

                                                                                                   port            CT!
                                                                                                 Imp control from AC DevNet

  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                                          8
                                                                                                     ACT! by Sag
                                                                                                     A         ge

                                                                                                     ACT! and Soc Media in
                                                                                                     A          cial

                                                                                                  ere          e
                                                                                                 He at Sage, the ACT! team
                                                                                                                 media to help
                                                                                                 has used social m
                                                                                                                 drive traffic,
                                                                                                 generate leads, d
                                                                                                                  nships; here’s
                                                                                                 and build relation
                                                                                                  quick snapshot of some of
                                                                                                 aq            t
                                                                                                 our successes:

                                                                                                 •     By monitoring ACT!
                                                                                                       conversation on social media

     ustom URLs can be added and parameters can be sent from C
    Cu            n            d              n              Contact and Co             o
                                                                          ompany views to              sites, we have found some
                       find even more information about a given prospect
                                                n                                                                    oggers we have
                                                                                                       influential blo
                                                                                                       invited to gue blog for us.

                                                                                                 •                covered and
                                                                                                       We have disc
 uilding better relationship
Bu            r            ps
                                                                                                       connected with ACT!
                have a core cus
Many businesses h                           d              se             with
                              stomer base and develop a clos relationship w these
                                                                                                       Enthusiasts, a we are
  stomers through time and frequ
cus             h                              tion. Keeping th
                               uency of interact                                          al
                                                              hose customers happy and loya
are important as th represent a real investment for a business and a key asse ACT! 2010
  e               hey                         t                             et.                                     se            s.
                                                                                                       nurturing thes relationships
                 gain visibility to relevant posts a updates from your custome and
helps a business g                  r              and          m            ers                 •     We have seen ACT!
  ospects and take action to furthe extend your r
pro              e                er            relationship.
                                                                                                       endorsement on Twitter
                                                                                                                    500+ followers a
                                                                                                       going out to 5              at
  t’s            ample of using ACT! 2010 in a typical relations
Let look at an exa              A                                           ent
                                                               ship developme scenario
                                                                                                       a time!
   eraging Social n
leve                            u             ming meeting w a loyal, long time customer.
                  networking: You have an upcom            with                         .
Loo               ch              eraction with Bet via e-mail, phone calls, in pe
  oking at your ric history of inte               tty                            erson           •                  ore
                                                                                                       Our first eSto sale of ACT!
  nversations (all a
con                                               CT!          ave
                   available in a single view in AC 2010) you ha a complete view of your                          rom Larry
                                                                                                       2010 came fr
   eractions. Howe
inte                            A              Web          ature reveals ad
                 ever, now with ACT! 2010, the W Info tab fea              dditional details
                                                                                                       Ritter’s blog!
  out                          n             been promoted t the manager position at her
abo Betty. Via LinkedIn, you can see she has b             to
organization, scanning her Facebo profile you can see she’s g
                                ook                                         r               p
                                                            getting ready for a business trip    •                 edia networks
                                                                                                       The social me
   New England, a in Twitter yo can see Betty is nervous abo a new projec she is
to N            and           ou            y              out          ct                             have surpass GoogleTM in
  ading up. With this information, you can extend your relationsh with Betty by congratulating
hea                                             d               hip           y              g         driving traffic to our ACT!
  r                             h                               New England area. In the end a
her on her promotion and giving her some restaurant tips in the N                                                munity.
                                                                                                       Online Comm
  ofitable, close cli
pro                                  ser         al             stment.
                    ient just got clos with minima business inves


  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                                     9
                                                                                                     ACT! by Sage

                                                                                                     “The Web Info tab is
                                                                                                     absolutely great! This
                                                                                                     makes ACT! so much more
                                                                                                     than it was. This allows me
                                                                                                     to keep better track of my
                                                                                                     customers and prospects
                                                                                                     and have more to talk

                                                                                                     - ACT! Customer10

   Using ACT! 2010 Web Information tab, you can view information from a mixture of social
                    networks and see a complete view of relationship details

ACT! 2010 also enables you to nurture your existing relationships by contributing content that is
relevant and interesting to your customers. Within the Web Info tab you can visit your
customers’ Twitter profile, follow your customers on Twitter so you can track their
conversations, and reply to their questions quickly without ever leaving ACT!. You may even
create Twitter alerts using services to send you e-mail alerts for whenever specific keywords
appear on Twitter so you can keep track of important conversations that are of interest to you.
When these alerts are delivered to your Inbox, you can tie them back to a customer’s ACT!
record by reviewing those conversations inside the Web Info tab and saving them as contact
histories for future reference. You can then use the new Twitter plug-in to easily post customer
testimonials, promotions, and product updates, all within Contact record, so your
communication with them is relevant and personal.

Finally, ACT! 2010 helps you develop deeper relationships by searching on topics that are of
interest to your customers. As you deal with hundreds of customers, it’s hard to keep track of all
their interests let alone stay current on those topics. ACT! has always made it easy to track
information that is relevant to your contacts but now you can dynamically search on that
information. For example, your customer Marty is a huge football fan (OU Sooners to be exact).
You can capture that information by adding a field in ACT! and storing that information there.
Next you can a custom URL for Twitter Topic search to view tweets about this topic to “study
up” on what others are saying about this topic. Now the next time you talk to Marty, you can
quickly view the Twitter Topic Search to automatically view latest tweets about OU Football.

Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                 10
                                                                                                ACT! by Sage
                                                                                                A         g

  Perform dynami searches on information that is important to contact; using a Twitter Topic
  P            ic            i
                                f               uickly view relat tweets abou that topic
     Search on Contact Interest field, you can qu               ted         ut

 aining busine efficienc through so
Ga           ess       cy                     tools
                                  ocial media t
  art                         p              ation, you can a
Apa from finding customer and prospect informa                                ndustry
                                                            also find latest in
  adlines and new that affects yo business. W tend to think of ACT! as stor
hea             ws              our         We                                           ct
                                                                          ring only contac
   ormation. But if y tracked info
info                you                        ur             you         e               o
                                 ormation on you competitors, y can use the Web Info tab to
   w               rmation about your competitors For example, you can set up a company
view real time infor             y              s.
                etitor and add integration to som of the popula sites specializ
record as a compe                               me            ar              zing in
  arching social ne
sea                                             al            SamePointTM allows you to
                  etworks. These sites like Socia Mention and S
  arch on specific criteria per com
sea                                                               pany name to fine tune what
                                  mpetitor instead of just the comp
  u              ou             N            on           as             y
you information yo are seeking. Now everyone o your team ha the capability to instantly
   w           ws,            a             ut           y.           e             nt
view company new their blogs, and tweets abou that company Now everyone has consisten
   ormation without relying on peo
info                                             on
                                 ople to stumble o this information.

  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                   11
                                                                                                     ACT! by Sag
                                                                                                     A         ge

                                                                                                    love this new tab. So far
                                                                                                 “I l           w
                                                                                                 it’s my favorite new feature
                                                                                                                 I’ve been
                                                                                                 in a long time. I
                                                                                                 using ACT! for over 12 years
                                                                                                  ow          s
                                                                                                 no and this is a major
                                                                                                   provement. I tried it on
                                                                                                 my own record first and
                                                                                                   ved         way.”
                                                                                                 lov it right aw
                                                                                                  ACT! Custome 10
                                                                                                 -A          er

                 sional or busines owner, you k
As a sales profess               ss                                         ngagement and
                                              know that effective customer en
rela              opment are vital to acquiring an retaining cust
   ationship develo                              nd                            networks and
                                                                tomers. Social n
                 vide a unique op
online forums prov                              tend relationship and commun
                                pportunity to ext               ps         nicate with wider
  diences. A good customer enga
aud             d                           gy            ng                           er
                              agement strateg includes bein able to reach out to custome
  mmunities via th tools of their choosing, and h
com              he                                              elationship cont
                                                having the full re              text available
whe you engage with customers in this way.

ACT! 2010 makes it easy for you to do just that. A the solution s many sales p
                                t                As             so           professionals
  d             ers                                        contact relations
and business owne have relied on for years to manage every c               ship detail, it’s
                   o                           al              as            asy-to-use tools
the natural place to manage each contact’s socia media profile a well. With ea
that are integrated right into your contact and com
                                    c                                          ge            -
                                                  mpany records, you can leverag low-cost, up-
to-d              nsight from social media right a the moment o need, helping you build
   date customer in                              at           of
   onger relationsh
stro                            r               ated with social media tools pro
                  hips. The power of ACT! integra                              ovides you with
                  ge                           onships effectiv
a distinct advantag in managing customer relatio                                p
                                                              vely that will help you get and
   y              r
stay on top of your business.


                                                                                                    Quote was receive during ACT! 2010
                                                                                                 10 Q               ed

                                                                                                    a                  ustomer was given
                                                                                                 beta testing period. Cu

                                                                                                                        pate in beta testing
                                                                                                 an incentive to particip                  g.

  scovering New Opportunities with Socia Media and A
Dis           w                        al          ACT! 2010                                                                           12
                                                                                                       ACT! by Sage

For further exploration
     •    ACT! And Social Media Whitepaper Series Part 1 – Connecting with Your Customers:
          A Guide to Social Media
     •    Recorded Webcast: Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT 2010!
     •    Building Relationships with the ACT! 2010 Web Info Tab:
     •    Facebook Dashboard component:
                                                                                                       Check out the ACT! profile on
                                                                                                          your favorite social site!

                                                                                                       Become a friend, fan, or follower


Important Note: Review ACT! system requirements at You must
purchase one license of ACT! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your
database. Compatibility: Due to new functionality available in ACT! 2010, we strongly recommend
contacting your add-on product provider to confirm compatibility. Using versions of the add-on
product that have not been confirmed compatible by the vendor may result in features behaving
differently or not appearing within ACT! 2010. Visit or contact your add-on
product provider to help determine compatibility.

Discovering New Opportunities with Social Media and ACT! 2010                                                                       13
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  About ACT!
  ACT! by Sage is the #1 selling contact and customer manager in the world with 2.8 million users. It’s designed so you can organize all the details of your
  customer relationships in one place for a complete view of the people you do business with. Improve your marketing effectiveness to attract new
  customers and get more from existing relationships. And, take action on your most qualified sales leads with total visibility and control of your pipeline.
  Because ACT! is easy to learn and use, you can be more productive right away. Continue working with your existing business solutions, like Microsoft
  Outlook, Word, Excel, and Lotus Notes, because they integrate with ACT!.

  About Sage CRM Solutions
  Sage CRM Solutions is a portfolio of market-leading applications consisting of ACT! by Sage, Sage CRM, and Sage SalesLogix. Over 63,500
  organizations and 3.1 million users worldwide rely on Sage CRM Solutions to develop profitable, long-term business relationships.

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