Top Ten Things Employers Want

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					What do you want from LIFE?

Do you want: • To Be Stylin’ • An “MTV” Crib • A Nice Ride • To Chill on the Beach

How do you get them?

By Getting the Skills Employers and Customers Want From You!

What Are Those Skills?

•Did you know that we develop them in school, at home, and at play?

Each of us has skills, traits, and characteristics that we trade for the things we value in life.

Hoosiers Need Three Kinds of Skills

• Technical Skills • Social Skills • Life Skills
Graham Toft, Hudson Institute

Southern7 Workforce Investment Board
• Must be able to communicate well. • Must have and continuously improve technical skills. • Must have basic academic competencies.

Job Openings in Kentuckiana
• 1000 Health Care • 1000 Engineering • 2400 Insurance / Financial • 3200 Information Technology • 5800 Skilled Trades
2000 Horizon Study

What Kinds of Skills Does It Take to be Successful in These Jobs?

Much of what we think about are technical skills, But:

• Life and Social Skills cut across all jobs. • The technical skills often don’t matter without those skills, just as those skills don’t matter without the technical skills

The Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce Surveyed Southern Indiana Businesses to Discover the Top Ten Skills and Characteristics Needed by Employers

What Do You Think They Were?

• Dependability and Reliability • Honesty and Integrity • Work Ethic • Positive Attitude • Teamwork and People Skills

• A Job Well Done • Adaptability and Flexibility • Attendance and Promptness • Customer Focus • Communication

Some Important Skills That Were Close to the Top Ten
• Show Initiative • Be Organized • Reading Comprehension • Math • Make Good Decisions • Have a Good Appearance • Be a Leader • Listen

Skills Currently Needed
• Verbal Communication • Teamwork • Assuming Work Responsibilities • Listening Skills • Problem Solving • • • • • Phone Etiquette Customer Service Time Management Word Processing Following Directions *Southern7 WIB

YOUR Education IS About Developing These Skills!
76.2% of Southern Indiana Employers Require a High School Diploma/GED or MORE for EntryLevel Jobs

• Which of the Ten do you show the most? • How does your work at school show that you have the Top Ten Skills? • How does your life at home show that you have the Top Ten Skills? • Why do you think employers chose these skills? • Which of these skills best describe you? • Which of these skills do you need to develop? • How can you develop these skills?

What Do YOU Want to do and How Can The Top Ten Skills Help YOU Do It?

Additional Resources
• Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce

• • Southern7 Workforce Investment Board (9447793) • Work One Center (Karen Bertrand 948-6102 ext. 111) • ICPAC ( • Occupational Outlook Handbook

• Department of Education (

Prepared by: David Clifton Dean of Academic Affairs Ivy Tech State College – South Central Indiana

In Conjunction with: Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce Region 14 School-toCareer Partnership

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