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									STEP 1: Create a Wikispaces account. This is free, but requires an e-mail address.
STEP 2: Create a wiki!

                         Give your wiki a name.

                         Mark “Protected” to ensure
                         that only approved mem-
                         bers can alter your wiki.

                         Click “Create.”
Selec ng NEW PAGE will allow      The DISCUSSION tab allows wiki   The HISTORY tab on each page       The NOTIFY ME tab allows   The EDIT bu on converts the
you to create a mul -page wiki.   members to post comments         will allow you to view a history   you to be no fied when      wiki page into a format similar
Pages will appear alphabe cally   about a wiki page, much like a   of the changes that have been      changes are made to the    to MS Word so that you can
along the side of the HOME        discussion board or forum.       made to that page. You will also   wiki page.                 make changes to the page.
page.                                                              see who made each change.
                                         TIME TO PLAY!

                                                 INSERT A    INSERT A   INSERT A   INSERT A
BOLD    ITALLICS    UNDERLINE                      LINK        FILE      WIDGET      TABLE

                                  LIST        LIST           PAGE       CHANGES      CHANGES
                                                         These are all of the neat add-ons that Wikispaces sup-
                                                         ports. You can add a Glogster poster, a YouTube video, a
                                                         poll, a map, a chat feature, an RSS feed to your favorite
                                                         educa onal podcast, a document, an audio file… there
                                                         are so many op ons!

You can insert photos, Word documents, PDF files, etc.
directly from your computer, or insert external images
by providing the online URL for the image.
What if you want to join someone else’s wiki (or have your students join the wiki you created?
Find the wiki you want by typing in its URL or by clicking on My Wikis and then entering the name of the wiki.
Once you have found the wiki, click on Join this Wiki. Then, you have the op on of sending a message (such as “Hi, this is
Julie!”) before you click Request Membership.
A message will be sent to the wiki creator.    Once your request for membership has been approved, you will be able to
contribute to the wiki and it will show up under My Wikis.
To view and manage membership requests, click on Manage Wiki. Then, select Members. All members, including pending
requests, will be visible.

Sample Wikis:
h p://
h p://
h p://

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