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									The Effective Use Of Email

What Are Your E-Mail Needs?
Do any of these scenarios apply to you?  Near or over-quota? Do you empty your trash?  Can’t find old messages (only need 1 year documentation)?  Problems when traveling – getting your email?  Problems organizing your e-mail?

1. Course Email Suggestions 2. Attaching Files and Using Compression
3. Forwarding Email with WebMail 4. Creating Email Folders and Subfolders

5. Backing-Up Email 6. Email Do’s and Don’ts

Interfacing with Blackboard
 In the Spring of 2006, all courses get a “shell”. Have your students upload files to the digital drop box – then archive course at the end of semester (you don’t have to teach online courses to have a Blackboard course shell).  You can retrieve your class data via the web at any location in the world with Internet access.  Messages (not email) can be used within Bb and archived for future retrieval. This can save valuable web-mail space.

Course Email Suggestions
 Course Email Suggestions

Establish course guidelines for sending assignments and general correspondence.
 Subject line  Safe or allowed list  Sending copies

Course Email Suggestions
 Using the subject line in emails.
 

Student’s first initial and last name. Assignment name

 Make sure students add your email address to their safe or allowed list through their service provider (especially Earthlink which requires a verification step on your part)

Course Email Suggestions
 Encourage students to copy themselves on important attachments

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