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									    Unit 1
Package Design
Teaching objectives
1. Topic: Appearance of objects, animals or human beings
2. Grammar points: wh-ever, what-clause
3. Vocabulary: Expressions about the appearance of objects,
   goods, animals or human beings: grab, seduce, artifice,
   motivate, connote, evoke, impact, standout, subliminal,
  garish, rub it in, aspire to, deck out, react to, not so much …
  as …, have the look of, no wonder, grow into
4. Writing: expository writing, giving opinions
Part I   Listening and Speaking
Work with your group to think out as many words / phrases /
expressions as possible about the appearance of objects, goods,
animals or human beings.

 1. Expressions of size.

  colossal, miniature, huge, vast, immense, stout,
  chubby, plump, bulky, roly-poly, titan, mammoth,
  elephantine, small, diminutive, midget, tiny,
  teeny weeny
Expressions for size


Colosseum (coliseum)             roly-poly
 huge      vast
 immense bulky
                                              tiny   teeny-weeny
 plump chubby

  stout                mammoth
2. Expressions of shape

crooked, oval, undulating, angular, square, round,
rectangle, hooked, humped, pointed, oblong, linear,
symmetrical, truncated, bowlegged, snub-nosed,
hunchbacked, curved, bulge, five feet long, two feet
High and four feet wide, a space six by ten feet …
Expressions of shapes
                                 oblong      square

                        linear                 round



             angular     truncated        pointed
 3. Expressions of material /texture:

wood, paper, plastic, fabric, silk, rayon (人造丝),
batik (蜡染印花布), nylon,wool, onionskin (薄的半透明纸),
cotton, tissue, parchment(羊皮纸), , silky, velvety,
smooth, coarse, grainy, gritty, rough

  4. Prepositional phrases of appearances:

  like velvet, in yellow, on the crooked path, with
  plastic, towards obesity, along with a snub-nose
 5. Figurative language:

(The con-man was) as smooth as silk,
(His ego was) colossal, a midget in the land of
titans, crooked (smile), serpentine-like (thinking),
shaped like an hourglass, (He ate) like a horse,
(ran) like a snail
 UFOs, alien & you
1. Listen to the recording and answer the following questions.
 Where do aliens and UFOs come from according to some
 Describe one of the aliens referred to in the recording.
 What did the fairy-like alien reportedly say about the
  appearance of the human being?
 What did the aliens in the UFO that landed in American
   Somoa see when they landed?
 What does one of the UFOs mentioned
   in the recording look like?
Have you ever seen a UFO or an alien? Many people around
the world claim they have. What did they see? Some people
have said they saw a spinning[1] silver disc in the sky and a
pointed-eared cat-eyed alien. Others claim seeing a one-eyed,
colossal creature with an elongated head walking out of an
oval-shaped disk. Still others report seeing a midget-sized[2];
green man with velvet skin floating around an orb[3] of bright
white light. One person even reported having a conversation
with a fairy-like alien. The alien kept repeating, "Don't be
alarmed. Don't panic. You look as strange to me as I do to you.
Your head is so tiny, your body so bulky. Your legs so long and
thin and they look so weak, your skin so pink[4] and hairy and
you have bulging eyes[5]."
One UFO reportedly landed in American Samoa[1], near a tiny
fishing village tucked[2] between the blue ocean and steep cliffs.
The village natives believe the area where it landed is a holy
place and that the alien visitors must have known this. Magical
red stones are found there, and they claim that these stones
contain spiritual energies[3] which have aided mental and
physical healing for generations. The natives long ago built a
huge stone circle at the site and a Snake Mound, a snake-like
sculpture five feet high and fifty feet wide. The form begins with
an open mouth and, after going through seven major curves[4],
ends 1,300 feet later with a tightly coiled tail. The UFO landed,
they said, in front of the open mouth of the snake-like sculpture.
2. Discuss with you partner your thoughts
  concerning UFOs and aliens.
 Have you ever seen a UFO /alien or has anyone you know
  seen one? Do you believe they exist?
 If you had to create from your imagination a UFO/alien, what
  would they look like?
 Describe the site where your imagined
  UFO would land.
 Why do you think people are interested
  in UFO /alien stories?
Quick writing
 Write a short passage to describe the appearance of your
 best friend, your favorite animal, your dream house, your
 ideal boyfriend or girlfriend.

 His/her/its size
 His/her/its shape
 His/her/its hair
 His/her/its clothes
 His/her/its color
 His/her/its habit
Part II
          Reading Comprehension
Pre-reading task
  Some people claim that the package of a product not only gives
  customers visual pleasure, but is also part of the commodity.
  Look at the following products and see how the packages of the
  products attract consumer in a way?

                                                Nestle coffee mate

                   by Christian Dior

 About the Primo Angeli
The Primo Angeli creative group has received over 400 awards for
design. Most recently, Primo Angeli's 1996 Atlanta Olympics poster,
which is featured in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland,
was designated by Juan Antonio Samaranch, International Olympic
Committee President, as the official poster of the 1996 Centennial
Olympic Games.

 Web Site:http://www.primo.com
The quilt of leaves design
that we created for the
Olympic Games in Atlanta
uses the communal art form
of quilting and the lush
landscapes of the American
South to symbolize the
hospitality and heritage of
Some of Primo’s works
                        The brand identity and
                        packaging design had to
                        celebrate the fruit and its
                        abundance in each serving. A
                        heaping spoonful of the
                        cereal shows as much fruit as
                        it does flakes. Whole fruit
                        illustrations enhance the
                        flavor statement and buoy the
                        big, bold brand name. Against
                        a blue-sky background, the
                        scene suggests a clean,
                        healthy and delicious start to
                        a beautiful morning.
Our design captures the frothy, creamy, appealing
texture of Nescafé's new espresso drink mix.
In an effort to create a unified,
youthful image for the global
market Lipton retired its 111-
year-old mascot in favor of a
predominantly yellow package
with a red cartouche placed at
playful angles. Photos of the
tea being poured from pitcher
to clear cup emphasize the
uplifting, healthy benefits of tea.
The new design projects vitality
and delivers a significant
upgrade in appetite appeal.
Task 1: Read the text and summarize the main idea of each part.

    Para. 1-2

     Para. 3-5

     Para. 6-7

    Para. 8-10

  Task 2: Probe the story
1. Describe Angeli’s studio in San Francisco.
 a. It looks like a pop Art joke.
 b. Five-foot sausage as a wall-painting; granite (made
     from papier-mâché) on stale doughnut.
 c. Row upon row of empty boxes, bottles, cartons and
2. How does Angeli comment on the relationship between
  customers and package?
According to Angeli, packages are “silent salesmen”.
They transform ordinary things into objects of desire
and can seduce customers into buying what they don’t
need or even want.
3. What does the coffee package example intend to illustrate?
 The example intends to illustrate that the challenge of
 packaging is to create an identity to which the buyer
 aspires, not to reflect the buyer’s true identity.
 4. Why do package designers attach so much importance to
  Because colors are charged with meanings derived from
  people’s emotions. This association between colors and
  their connotations makes people react to colors emotionally,
  rather than intellectually. Hence, colors possess subliminal
  power, which is what package designers want to use in
  improving the sales of their products.
5. Why does the industry say “the package is the product”?

 Because packaging can create a dream, an image that
 people long for. When people first look at a beautiful
 package, they are not really thinking about what is inside.
 For some, or even many people, the dream or image
 represented by the package is enough.

                               develop, become
  not surprisingly

No wonder, then, that designing, producing and marketing
packages has grown into such an enterprise, a business of
equal parts art and artifice, science and deception.

 a clever trick; Cf. artificial,       act of deceiving,
 artifact, artistic                    Adj. deceptive

Market researcher Davis Masten says that the challenge
of packaging is to create an identity to which the buyer
aspires, not to reflect the buyer’s true identity.

 (+ to-v/to, after) direct creates
 Successful packaging one’s an ideal image that the
 Buyer wants and is eager to identify himself with.
 hopes and efforts to some
 important aim, e.g. He aspires
 to the leadership of the party.
                           an idea suggested by a
                           word in addition to the
                           formal meaning of the
                        mean, contain
                        n. connotation

Yellow, when golden, connotes quality, but in its more
garish shades evokes the cut-rate, not always an undesirable
                  lead to     discount
 very bright shades
of color often in bad
 Word study
Explain the meanings of following words and expressions,
then write a sentence to illustrate its meaning and usage.
         have the look of
         rest on
         bear up
         grab one’s interest
         grasp the impact of …
         rub sth. in
         deck out
         turn around
 Reading critically
  What kind of writing is the text?
  How is the text written?
  How do you understand “The art of selling, all wrapped
  Do you believe that the package is everything? Why
   and why not?
    From an artistic point of view, packaging represents people’s
  dreams, and aspirations towards beauty. And the businessman
  utilizes this consumer’s psychology for commercial purposes.
  On the other hand, colorful and fancy packaging does not
  seem to add any substantial to our life. A beautifully
  packaged soap would have the same function in cleaning our
  body as a naked piece.
Part III   Extended Activities
Who said Packaging is everything? I think the present
enthusiasm for packaging often brings us more trouble than
convenience. We could save time, trouble and space if
there wasn’t so much variation in the size and shape of
the packages. Suitcases, for example, should be made in
standard sizes. There should be just four. For advertising
purposes the makers could label them HUGE, GIANT,
LARGE and REGULAR. Huge would be a big suitcase,
Giant would be a normal size, Large would be small
and Regular would be a small bag used for personal items
you want to keep with you on a trip. If suitcases were made
only four standard sizes, we could save fifty percent of the
space they now take up in aeroplane luggage compartments.
At home we could have whole closets of space and the
predictably shaped suitcase would make packing a pleasure.
Fill in the blanks with the words and expressions from the text.
 Norma Jeane was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles. Norma
   had the look of
 ________________ an angel when she’s a little girl. Gradually
      grew into
 she _________ a pretty young woman. Later photographer
 David Conover found her in the factory she worked and was _______grabbed
  by her beauty. She was a "photographer's dream." Conover began
 sending modeling jobs her way. Norma Jeane was a __________ in
  front of the camera, and within two years she was a reputable
 model with many popular magazine covers to her credit.
  As a model, Norma Jeane always aspired to an acting actress.
  Norma signed her first studio contract with Twentieth Century
  Fox in 1946 and dyed her hair blonde and changed her name
  to Marilyn Monroe.
  Soon Marilyn became a sexual image on the screen and _________
                                                   not so much as
   millions of audience. Yet her personal life is _______________
  glamorous as it seemed to be. Her subliminal self was lonely all the
  time. Sadly, on the early morning of August 5, 1962, 36-year-old
  Marilyn died in her sleep.
Read more -- Wrappings
 Discuss the following questions:
  What does the author think of protecting protective
   coverings in his country? Why does he think so?
  Do you have the same feeling about the “protective
   protecting coverings?
  Give your own examples of how people abuse
   protective coverings.
  Write a short essay about 300 words on the
   advantages and disadvantages of packaging.
  Finish the exercises on page 11-15.

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