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                                            with a disability in order to help them
                                            with communication, mobility, personal
                                            care, medical needs or with access to
Passenger                                   goods or services.
                                                                                       If you are unsure of whether you are
Service                                     If you require a Support Person for
                                            some or all trips on DARTS, you must
                                                                                       already registered as requiring a
                                                                                       Support Person, please call ATS to
Bulletin                                    have an identified medical requirement
                                            and this must be registered on your file

December 2009                               with ATS. Some passengers are already      Between January 1 and June 30, ATS
                                            registered as requiring travel with a      will process applications that allow you
                                                                                       to travel with a Support Person. During
Changes to DARTS Fares &                    Support Person, but most are not. If
                                                                                       that time, if you feel you need a
                                            you are not registered as requiring a
Support Persons Policy                      Support Person, there is an application    Support Person for a trip but are not yet
                                            form that must be completed before         registered, please let the ATS
Cost for DARTS Tickets                      July 1, 2010 and submitted to ATS in       Reservation Clerk know this; they will
                                            order to register. Application forms are   book your Support Person with you at
Starting on January 1, 2010, there will     available as follows:                      no charge.
be a change to DARTS fares – a book of
ten (10) DARTS tickets will cost $23.50     In Person:                                 On and after July 1, you must be
– that’s $2.35 per ticket.                                                             registered to have your Support Person
                                            * ATS Office - 2200 Upper James St.,       travel with you at no charge.
Support Persons                             Mount Hope
                                            * HSR Customer Service Centre @            Companions
There will be a change in ATS Policy        GO Station - 36 Hunter St. E.
effective on January 1, 2010, where                                                    Companions will continue to pay a fare
Support Persons (formerly called            * Municipal Service Centres                when traveling with a registered
attendants or escorts) will travel at no         Ancaster, 300 Wilson St East          passenger on DARTS.
charge when accompanying a registered            Dundas, 60 Main St
passenger on DARTS. One (1) Support                                                    According to the AODA, a companion is
Person will be allowed to travel for free                                              a person with whom one travels and
                                                 163 Dundas St. East (Hwy # 5)
with a registered passenger for each trip                                              who is not a Support Person.
(if you require more than one Support            Glanbrook, 4280 Binbrook Rd
Person, please discuss with ATS).                Stoney Creek, 777 Hwy # 8             If you have any questions or need more
                                                                                       information, contact ATS at 905-528-
According to the Accessibility for          Mail:                                      4200, Ext. 1830 or by e-mail at
Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA),                                      
                                            Call ATS at 905-528-4200, Ext. 1830
a Support Person accompanies a person
                                            to request an application form by mail.
         ATS Reservations: 905-529-1212             ATS Reservations: 905-529-1212              ATS Reservations: 905-529-1212
         DARTS Same Day: 905-529-1717               DARTS Same Day: 905-529-1717                DARTS Same Day: 905-529-1717

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