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									MIS Cases: Decision Making With Application Software,
                  Second Edition
                                                  Data File Guide

                                Case Name                             Database File          Spreadsheet File

Case 1: Milligan’s Backyard Storage Kits                                     n/a                    Milligan

Case 2: Piedmont Trailer Manufacturing Company                               n/a                      n/a

Case 3: Maxi’s Grocery Mart                                                  n/a                      n/a

Case 4: Klein Technology Seminars                                            n/a                 KleinSurvey

Case 5: Terrell & Terrell Property Management, Inc.                          n/a                Terrell & Terrell

Case 6: Mark's Collectibles                                                  n/a               SiteStatistics.txt

Case 7: Megan Davis Convention Center                                MDCC Reservations                n/a

Case 8: BJR Investments, Inc.                                                n/a                   Portfolio

Case 9: Madison’s Department Store                                           n/a                  Madison’s

Case 10: Baylee Byrd Playsets, Inc.                                          n/a                      n/a

Case 11: Edmund Grant Pharmaceutical Company                                 n/a                    EGPC

                                                                                             KoKo’s Client and Pet
Case 12: KoKo’s Canine Pet Club                                     KoKo's Canine Pet Club          Data2

Case 13: Susan’s Special Sauces                                              n/a                      n/a

Case 14: Granny Joan's Cookies                                               n/a               GrannyJoanData

Case 15: Friends In Need                                                     n/a                    Friends

Case 16: Second Time Around Movies                              SecondTimeAround                      n/a

Case 17: Tyrone's Arcade Games                                             Arcade                ArcadeData

Case 18: Keller Industries                                                 Tracking          Keller Hardware Data
                              Case Name                        Database File       Spreadsheet File

Case 19: ABC Inc. Health Benefits                                  Benefits            Benefits Data

                                                                                  Wright Brothers, Udpated
Case 20: Wright Brother’s Airport Shuttle Service               Wright Brothers       Data, 2nd Edition

Case 21: Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery                               n/a              HPT Nursery

Case 22: Franklin University: Student Scholarship Management       Franklin            Franklin Award

Case 23: Mountain View Dental Clinic                                  n/a                   n/a

Case 24: Family Veterinary Pet Care Clinic                            n/a                   n/a

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