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Solidyne AUDICOM - 6 by wuyunyi

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									 AUDICOM 7
Radio software

 Duration: 30 min.

  The Artificial Intelligence at your
  service ...

          Please, use the arrow keys                    to go back and
                                          Use the space bar to advance

  NOTE: Please note that Audicom is a multilingual software. All the screens that
  appear in Spanish at this DEMO, will appear in English at your PC screen.
Audicom is the only software for
real automation at the market !

     In this Demo you will see many features of Audicom.
     None of them are available in others Radio software's
     (Please see our Comparative Table)

     Audicom is real automation using Artificial Intelligence
     technology. Other brands only gives you Live Assist
     support, because each commercial or musical tune must
     be added “at hand”. Then, they only plays the list you
     have previously made.
     They work like the Laundry machine at your home...
Our secret:
Artificial Intelligence technology
   This new Science, created at
    the MIT Laboratories in USA,
    allows the computers to
    imitate the human been

   Only Audicom gives you this
    powerful technology !

Why Audicom is able to offer you a
better Radio software ?
                 Because we invented the Radio
                  software. Since 1983 we develop the world
                  first audio card for PC. The world first bit
                  compression system (10 years ahead of
                  MP3), and the world first software for
                  Radio Automation.

                 In 1988 we introduce the world first PC
                  based radio automation system. In 1990
                  we exhibit it at the NAB 90 Exhibition in
                  Atlanta, USA. We were the only company
                  of the market to show this technology

                 Since then, we have sold PC based audio
                  systems in 40 countries.

                 Due this invention, we have received
                  several Awards like the First National
                  Prize in Technological Innovation, the
                  BACH golden medal and so on...      4
Audicom is a fully integrated radio
system with 32 software modules !
            Audicom manages all the Radio. That is Traffic
             Department, automatic Ad placement in batch files,
             Income Budgets, Statistics of clients. Automatic
             Meteor announcements using our custom Meteor
             Station, Automatic News management,
             Teleprompter for reading News, Automatic on-Air
             management of News by Phone. Music Recording
             and multitrack editing, On-Air, Live Assist and
             musical database information. Radio Invoicing...
             And much more

            You can manage Audicom from any place in the
             world using Internet

          Sorry, we still are not able to program
         Audicom to serve the five o’clock tea...

Audicom is the total solution...
                      It works in 32 bits on Windows
                       XP/2000. Developed in C++
                       using advanced Database with 3
                       level of security. You never will
                       lost your valuable information !

                      Full Touch Screen support

                      Keyboard support We supply
                       Audicom with self adhesive
                       stickers for the keyboard caps.
                       Because some people prefers the
                       security of pushbutton operation.

                      Full Network operation with UNC

                      Synchronized data bases. You
                       never will loss information.

                      Audicom can be managed from
                       the console faders          6
Audicom works touch screen and
from console faders.
Audicom can change the parameters of the Audio Processor,
according the music style you play at any instant !

Excellent On-Line help
   The help screens of
    Audicom are context
    sensitive. They are a true
    book about Radio
    Automation, with more than
    200 pages of English text
    and images

   You are entitled to
    download free, during 5
    years each new Audicom 7
    revision and each new help

On-screen Digital Video Tutorial
(English version is sold as a optional)

                      Only Audicom gives you and all the people at
                       your Radio Station a complete curse about how
                       to use it

                      This curse is developed step by step. You can
                       hear the sound that Audicom produces and you
                       can read the English labels that describes the
                       different procedures

                      You can copy the CD all the times you want, to
                       have valuable information for your DJs,
                       Operators and management people.

                      The tutorial gives you more than 5 hours of
                       information divided in 35 chapters

                      None of the others brands of radio software
                       gives your radio such excellent video tutorial
Free support from Internet
                              You can download free, from
                               our Internet support page,
                               all the new Audicom 7
                               revisions with a lot of new
                               features and improved
                               support to our customers

                              At this moment we have
                               delivered more than 60 free
                               versions of Audicom 5, 6
                               and 7

Because our customers are “amigos” for us ...
We will start with the
Audicom installation

Audicom allows you to personalize, for each user,
the screen and the features that each person is
authorized to use
   Each user will have a name
    and a password.

   Only authorized people can use
    the Audicom

    Audicom creates a LOG FILE
    that informs you about who did
    changes or operation errors.

   If an operator intents to do an
    incorrect operation, Audicom
    will inform in English about the

Authorization Lists for
each user
                     The Radio Supervisor
                      fills an authorization
                      list in order to allow
                      each user with the
                      features they are
                      entitled to do.
                     By example, an
                      operator is authorized
                      to send Ads to air but
                      not to change the
                      order of it.
                     Or you can hide to DJ
                      Oscar, the music in
                      the Hard Disc that is
                      property of DJ

Each user can have his own screen with the
pushbutton that she/he wishes

     Each user can change the skin of
      her/his desk

     Only the pushbutton for the program
      modules he is authorized to use will

     Of course the Supervisor Level do
      not have any restrictions

Each user can freely choose the
desk (skin) she/he prefers

   The user can
    work in any
    workstation, in
    all the points
    of the LAN
    Then, the
    exact screen
    he designed
    will appear

Choose output channels

   Audicom has two stereo
    recording inputs and four stereo
    outputs. Then is possible to use
    up to four faders at the console.
   You can use several low cost
    cards or a professional 12
    channel Solidyne DSP48
   A simple Dialog box allows for
    channel configuration.
   Of course, you can use the
    conventional mode of summing
    all channels over one single
    stereo output

Now, we will go to see the On Air
Screen used at the Master Control
Room (MCR)
On Air screen: a brilliant solution !

Audicom is different from
conventional software
                Instead of the confusion of other
                 brands, you will see a well
                 organized on air screen

                All the Music, Spots, Cuts, etc, that
                 will go to air are organized in one

                Each event has the exact hour,
                 minute and second that goes to the
                 air (which other brand offers
                 you this feature ?)

Each event has its own color and
exact hour

   Red bar indicates On-Air cut
   Yellow bar indicates CUE/PFL
   The green field (marked $) is the commercial batch
   Light blue is Auto-DJ music (self programmed by Audicom)
   Yellow field is Live Program
   Pink filed is satellite (automatic use)
   At the left, you will find the exact on-air time           20
    Each day the CiberPlay module loads
    the program and the commercial
   Audicom loads daily the .LOG file
    that is automatically generated
    (see TRAFFIC) with all the
    commercials of the radio station

   At the same time it loads the
    .PGM file with all the instructions of
    Music, News, Meteor & Time, etc
   Usually only 7 .PGM files are used
    (Sunday, Monday, etc)

   All the title and block duration is
    informed here

   The Intro time and the time error of
    the complete block is informed too       21
The sum of the two files LOG & PGM
allows for a full automatic or Live
supported operation, 24 hours a day

Batch (Log)
Program (Pgm)

       Only Audicom gives you the
       exact hour of each event !

You can create in minutes your radio
program for all the Year
                       Commercial batches are
                        automatically generated from the
                        Audicom Traffic module.

                       Seven PGM files are created for all
                        the year (Sunday, Monday....)

                       The CiberPlay Editor is a powerful
                        tool to create in minutes a full year
                        program Please compare this
                        Artificial Intelligence system with
                        our competition !

                       Using the TEST button you will see all
                        the radio programs in the way they
                        will appear every day at the MCR
                        screen. If you made a mistake the
                        software informs you in blinking red
                        about the problem
At the bottom of the CiberPlay screen you
will find new functions
                       15 seconds before each musical
                        tune goes to air a comment appears
                        at the screen to inform the DJ about
                        CD recording information, Author´s
                        biography, Press comments and so

                       You can also use this windows to
                        write comments for the radio

                       Pushbuttons of great size for touch
                        screen operation

                       To avoid errors the buttons appear
                        illuminated when mouse is over

All the pushbuttons are grouped at a
bottom line to avoid errors

                          CUE bar;                                  InfoMusic: Allows
                         allows to go                       STOP   the use of our
    MIX button          forth and back                     CUE     powerful InfoMusic
   Used for adjust the   in every audio
                                                                    module to search the
   level at which a      file to hear in   CUE: allows to hear
                         CUE mode                                   musical database
   voice is over the                       every cut in previous,
                                                                    with 14 parameters
   Music                                   using a separate audio

               Using the crossfade bar, the fade time
                at the input and output will be changed.
                You can do that on-air or with previous
                program (automatic mode)

               You can change the Intro time (that is
                the time from music start to singer start)

               The crossfade is displayed in real time
                at this round window

   Using Insert AutoDJ you can
    insert several music tunes that
    ends exactly at the scheduled
    time (less than 0,5 sec error !)
   The same effect happens in
    automatic mode when the
    commercial batch starts with the
    SC code (Start O´Clock)

  You can see now the way
Audicom works to adjust exact
time without cut the music

 Last Music tune
 Now it adds 2 Promotions
 It adds one short music
arpeggio ( 4 seconds)
 Starts the commercials at
exact time
 Only Audicom gives you
this advanced AI technology27
Advanced Audio Control
     2 VU-meters of double indication:
  a) Average value
  b) Instant peak with slow recovery
   Independent VU for On Air and CUE


      Play & Stop    Fade & Stop        Fade & Play
                     Fades slowly     Fades from the
                    the level up to     middle of a
                         zero         musical tune to
                                      the start of the
                                         next tune

Pressing only one key, Audicom starts to

              Using InstantRec button Audicom immediately starts
               to record in Hard Disk
              Pressing again, the file is saved
              Each file is saved with the Date and Time as title
              From the PC keyboard you can also start the
               recording mode

                 One Touch
                 Recording: from a PC
                 keyboard key. Audicom
                 has plastic, non
                 erasable adhesive
                 stickers for 35 keycaps

    InstantREC digital recorder
   Instant Recorder generates audio files
    (Interviews, Phone conversations, etc)
    You do not need to give names to the
    files. Or if you prefer, you can do that.

   I-REC is able to work like Loop
    Recorder, an old invention from
    Solidyne that allows you to record
    during 24 hours all the aired program.
    But I-REC only records (at RAM
    memory) the last N minutes. Then,
    the operator can recovery at the
    instant the last phrase in a Interview.
    Or used in Sports transmission (like a
    football match), you can immediately
    recover the last goal in order to
    repeat it to the audience.

Meteor: All the weather information
for your audience

                                                      Pressing each meteor button you
                                                       can send to Air, with 3 different
                                                       speaker voices, Hour, Temperature,
                                                       Humidity, Barometric pressure and
                                                       Rain. Only Audicom gives your
                                                       audience this complete
                                                       information !
                                                      The values can be obtained
                                                       manually (from Weather Services)
METEOR STATION: With internal computer and RS232       or automatic gathered using our
connection to PC                                       Meteor Station                    31
Your audience will receive the true exact
hour synchronized with the World
Standard Atomic clock at Washington

   Audicom includes a software for Internet
    connection to Washington Observatory or
    others similar institutions around the world

   This way you send to air the True World Time

   If you are part of a National Network, this
    helps you for the exact synchronization of all
    events transmitted by Satellite, Fiber Optic or
    Internet.                                         32
Some people do not like to use the
mouse ... Then, they can use the
personalized PC keyboard !

   Audicom includes self adhesive 5 colors
    plastic non erasable keycaps
   More than 35 keycaps are included to
    control the full software without using
    double functions that confuses the
   Very clear labels for a clean operation !.

control. You
press a key and
you know all
about the music
you have
Quick Live Assist operation

                    Live Assist screen can be
                     managed from the keyboard

                    You type the number of the
                     cut (seen on the screen) and
                     immediately it goes to air


Auto-DJ: Audicom is the only
system in the world that creates
on-line, the music scheduling

Let it see an Artificial Intelligence application
for Radio Automation or DJ live assist
AutoDJ Editor

   You can create, in seconds, all the Music scheduler patterns
    you need, using the AutoDJ Editor
   Each pattern has his own name to recall it from the Playlist

                                    You can select different Styles
                                     (Jazz, Salsa, Rock, etc)

                                    You can even use the Induced
                                     Mode to get, by example, two
                                     Bolero and one Salsa and one
                                     Rock and then repeat the order

                                    Performers are selected here
                                    You can allow performer
                                     repetition each “N” musical cuts

                                    You can select all Authors or
                                     only a fixed number of authors
                                    You can select from a Top Hit
                                     list that the members of the list
                                     are chosen more frequently
If you select TOP-25 and every
0.5 hour
Then, each half an hour you
will have one TOP-25 tune
   Here you select Gender
    (male or female soloist,
    Orchestra, etc)
   We accept a repetition each
    N tunes
   The check box indicated the
    variations not accepted
   It is the same for the Mood
   Here we set a speaker
    presentation of all the music

   Each “n” tunes we wish a
    Radio Promotion on air

The partners files allows you to have voice
presentation of the music during automatic
operation of Audicom

   The speakers of the Radio
    record each tune or melody
   Audicom automatically mix this
    voice with the music at N
    seconds from the start, or before
    Intro or after the end, as you
   Or you can record up to 10
    general radio presentations that
    Audicom randomly selects
Audicom allows you four levels of partners

   unlimited number of Radio promotions, randomly selected, about future radio
    programs for audience information.

   unlimited number of Public Service promotions. Audicom uses this promotions to
    adjust the time in Automatic Operation.

   FILL
   Musical Arpeggio (Audicom have about 200 included) with no voice (like a carillon)
    that Audicom uses to adjust short intervals less than 4 sec in order to get exact time
    (+/- 0,5 sec)

   For manual live assist use

   There is no software at the world that can offer you this kind of
    flexibility for radio automation or DJ support !
AutoDJ is an advanced Artificial
Intelligence Radio application that you do
not find in any other software !

   Only Solidyne gives you this powerful tool
Let see now:                 InfoMusic

Audicom 7
The new technology
In Artificial Intelligence
InfoMusic gives you all the
information about the Music
stored in your Radio station

    Select the music cut from the
     Playlist windows. It will be
     copied at the InfoMusic screen

    We will analyze in detail this
     screen ....

All the recording information

                  At the bottom of the
                   InfoMusic window, all the
                   recording info will appear.
                   Recording date, Date of last
                   time it goes to air, best week
                   of the year, times that was
                   aired the best week and the
                   current week.

                  Also you will find a comment
                   at the information window.
                   You can edit this comment,
                   that will appear 15 seconds
                   before the musical cut is

Audicom is the only software to
give you all the musical info (not
just a couple of tips...)

   Each musical cut has
    14 fields of information;
    Author, Performer,
    Style, Gender, Mood,
    Recording company,
    Rhythm, etc.
   Audicom allows you to
    record tens of thousand
    musical cuts. But
    InfoMusic allows you
    to find every tune, in
Only InfoMusic gives you all the valuable
information you need for a leader radio
station ...

   In each field you will see a menu with all
    the performers, authors, styles, etc, you
    have recorded in your hard disk (or
    available in CD or Vinyl format, if you
   By example: If you need the top of the
    week tune of Tina Turner, you ask
    InfoMusic for Tina Turner and Top-
    10 Then all the TOP-10 cuts of Tina will
    appear !
    Or if you wish to finalize a musical
    program with Barbara Streisand singing
    very soft, you select this singer and
Only InfoMusic gives you all the valuable
information you need for a leader radio
station ...
   You do not need to have all the
    tunes recorded at your HD,
    because InfoMusic allows you
    to find your LPs too, using
   You can manage your CD
    stored music too (Media=CD)
   Using an Intelligent Audio
    Processor (like Solidyne 262X)
    you have a InfoMusic field to
    inform the processor in which
    way you wish to process this
   No other software at the
    world allows you to have
    this advanced features !
Only InfoMusic gives you all the valuable
information you need for a leader radio
station ...

   InfoMusic gives you valuable
    statistics, like: How many times was
    aired this tune the last week. How
    many time during the best week of
    the year, etc.

   InfoMusic can be managed from the
    PC keyboard with the personalized

Only InfoMusic gives you all the valuable
information you need for a leader radio
station ...

   When you select a combination of
    parameters, all the music
    melodies that fits all of them will
    appear. By example, we select:
    Performer = Caetano Veloso
    Style =Melodic
   All the cuts from Caetano Veloso
    will appear in 4 colors , indicating
    the time elapsed since it was on
    air (by example red= less than 4       Press search
    hours)                                   and the
   Then you insert on Playlist the           opens
    cut, using drag & drop. Only
    Audicom gives your DJs this
    powerful facility
    InfoMusic brings and excellent data
    base management

   Allows import from other
    databases, using Excel
   Several Audicom Databases
    can work synchronized
   All the nights perform an
    automatic backup
   In case of power failure, the
    database is automatically

    InfoMusic Production
   Special Screen for data entry

   Friendly way to adjust the
    INTRO time.

   When you record a music
    cut or Promo, you decide the
    way it will be shared
    between workstations. This
    allows for serving several
    Radio Stations from a single
    production workstation.

      Live Assist

A classic among radio features...
Now in an advanced version !
Live Assist:
The best friend of the DJ

   Activating touch screen or with a
    mouse or from the keyboard, the
    Promo, Musical Effect or Arpeggio
    goes to Air
   Activating several pushbuttons the
    cuts are chained this way:

               In LOOP mode the cut
                will repeated all the
                   times you need

                    In sequential mode the
                     cuts goes to air in the
                      same sequence the
                     buttons were pushed.
    You can manage unlimited quantity of
    audio files

    You can create personalized Live Assist
     cardex files, with icons

    Each DJ has his own Live Assist selection

    They will have 8 colors buttons for each tipe
     of cut. Easy to remember !

    Large buttons for touch screen operation or
     from the PC keyboard
You can expand
the Live Assist
to manage 576
musical cuts in
each List

Each DJ is able to create her/his own List of
Live Assist... In seconds !

   Using the right button of
    the mouse he is able to
    give names to each

   He can select the comic
    icon he wants, or to add
    his own photo.

Each DJ is able to create her/his own List of
Live Assist... In seconds !

   Now, using Drag &
    Drop you can add all
    the cuts you need from
    the File Manager

   All the buttons will have
    the same color that the
    folder it comes from.

                                Drag & Drop using
                                the mouse

File Manager

The perfect solution
to manage a huge
quantity of audio
files... Very fast !
    File Manager
   Each folder has one of eight
    colors. By example; you have
    several Jazz music folders, but
    all the same color
   You can have 320 different
    folders to classifier your music
    and cuts
   Each cut appears in 4 colors to
    indicate the time elapsed from
    that cut was on air (red = 4
    hours, orange = 8 hours, etc)
   You can open a dual window to
    copy files. When the copy is
    done the database is informed
    of the new position.

    File Manager

   All the music, Radio Promos, Arpeggios,
    Audience phone calls, etc appears like

   You can hear all the files in previous mode
    (CUE) without going to the air

   You can move the CUE Bar and the music
    tune goes very fast back and forth

   If you wish to send to air directly the cut
    (without using the Playlist), you can press

File Manager & InfoMusic; a dream team
that only Audicom brings to your Radio

Virtual Journalism

A new technology that only
Audicom offers to your radio...
Audicom 7 includes a call center (or you
can use your preferred one)

   Your News Gathering
    people calls to the radio
    and the computer attends
    her/him in order to record
    the News

   They can even do that
    when the radio is working
    in automatic mode, with
    no operators at all

   The Journalists dials a
    password to inform what
    kind of News they have...

   The News could be
    standard or very urgent

The PC call center
records the News

   From a cellular phone
   From a standard phone line
   From Internet

        High Audio quality using
        Solidyne technology
      Leader radio stations prefers to
       use portable Solidyne consoles
         connected to a cellular phone
   In Studios, using VQR technology
        (Voice Quality Reconstruction)
           you will have 50-12.000 Hz
             equivalent audio quality !

Once recorded the News by the call center, Audicom
allows you to send to air the News manually or in
full automatic mode

   Each Journalist has her/his
    own password that classifies
    in different folders the News

   You do not need to use
    people devoted to the
    recordings of News !

But ... What happens if the Radio
do not have DJ nor operator at that
moment... ?                                      66
Audicom sends the News to air
without operator, fully automatic !
                    You have the automatic News screen
                    If the News are in the category: URGENT,
                     it goes to air when the musical tune, now
                     on air, ends

                    You select the audio file that presents the
                     News, to open the News Space
                    The last news recorded by the call center
                     is selected by Audicom
                    You select the audio cut to end the News
                     (maybe an sponsor ?)
                    Second field for another urgent notice
                     from a different Journalist

                    You can also program a NEWS Space
                     each half an hour. If the Audicom do not
                     find any News recorded at the call center,
                     the entire block is skipped.

Audicom can end a batch with less than
half of a second error !

   Audicom inserts the NEWS, but it can not guess about the
    NEWS duration… Then it uses a time compensation system
    that eliminates programmed musical tunes and manages the
    Radio Promos up to the exact end time.
   This way, the automatic News insertion do not change the daily
    scheduling of the radio.
    Do we need to inform you that only Audicom brings your
    Radio this advanced facility ?
When you use News, reading
live for one speaker, Audicom
will help you

Let see the software module
News Suite and the Teleprompter
    The NEWS that comes from Internet or a
    News Agency will be edited

   You can use your own
    text editor or the one
    that Audicom has
    included (very easy for

   Our text editor gives
    you the exact reading
    time of the NEWS
    (based on the speed of
    reading the Radio have
    selected previously).

    The NEWS that comes from Internet or a
    News Agency will be edited

   The text editor
    allows opening
    windows to drag
    & drop text

   Select with the
    mouse and
    swap text
    fragments from
    one window to

You can add audio to your News
Sound Effects, background music or live sound from the site. One
or two audio files can be added at each audio file.

                                Time duration of the reading is

                Drag & Drop

   Using the FileManager, you can add audio to the Text. Then both files
    are embedded.                                                        72
News to be read, appear at the MCR

                       The Master Control Room
                        operator will see the News
                        at the screen.

                       The News appear, like an
                        audio file, but in violet color

                       The audio associated with
                        Text appear after the text.
                        Pressing PLAY it goes to Air

                       The News can be read from
                        the small windows at the
                        screen or from a
                        Teleprompter at the Studio.
new technology for reading the radio news
                                                      The karaoke cursor moves at the
The written page scrolls                              speed select by the Radio´s News
slowly at the desired speed                           Director. This way, all the speakers
                                                      read the News at the same speed

                          Este módulo de software, permite que el
                          locutor, ubicado en el estudio, así como los
                          periodistas, puedan leer en pantalla las
                          noticias, de la misma forma en que Ud lo
                          está haciendo ahora. El texto se desplaza
                          hacia arriba a una velocidad sincronizada
                          con la velocidad de lectura que se haya
                          elegido para la Radio. De esta manera
                          todos los locutores leen al mismo ritmo, lo
                          que brinda unidad a la radio
                          Un cursor movible (karaoke) le indicará al
                          locutor el ritmo exacto de lectura para
                          cumplir con el tiempo previsto
                          Arriba a la derecha informa al locutor el
                          tiempo que falta para finalizar la lectura                     74
Satellite or Internet
audio link support

Audicom allows supporting one or two
satellites or audio links of a Radio Network.
You can be synchronized by an electric pulse or using the date &
time exact that Audicom provides
Master Satellite
    Audicom allows creating National or
    Regional slave programs
   The Master stations can command
    the regional ones.
   Using Internet or phone line you can
    send the new MP3 files with music or
    new Ads, for a full automatic remote
   From Master unit, the Regional slave
    stations can be managed. And a
    central Administration and invoicing
    can be done
    Audicom allows controlling slaves sations
    by Internet or phone line

                                               Audio from satellite or                      Slave-1
                                               Internet link


                                                  Internet or
                Internet or phone line
                  Using AR200 and VA16
                  you can hear and
                  measure the slave
                  station by phone line
                                                                                        Slave- “n”

   From the Master station you can record and send new audio files
   From the Master you can send new batches of commercials at the slaves
   From the Master you can send local news to slave stations
   You can receive at the master the slaves´s reports of aired advertising and music
   Using VA16 you will have audio quality On-Air reports and RF parameters
    compliance with the national standards                                                           77
Audicom has 2 operation modes

                    A) Full slave,
                     synchronized at the
                     Master by exact time or
                     control pulse.
                    B) Affiliated Satellite
                     Station; in this case the
                     slave goes to satellite
                     mode at determinate
                     times. Let see how to use
                     this second mode...

     Affiliated Slave Station

At this exact time, the station
is connected to satellite or
Internet audio link

    Using the Satfill mode, the slave is
     programmed to connect the satellite at    Audicom can be started by
                                               pulse from satellite
     the time selected. Up to two satellites
     or Internet links can be managed.

    At the exact time a electronic fade
     (using a standard audio card) ends
     the local audio scheduling and after a
     fade, the satellite goes to air.
Audicom is the most flexible option
at the market, for remote operation
of slave radio stations

                                                         Satellite B
                 Satellite A

   Two diferent satellite or Internet links can be managed
   Other configurations are possible. Pleas ask for the solution
    you need

Full control of remote stations...
   From the Master station you can hear the on-air sound of the radio using
    the AR202 Recording system. By phone or Internet
   You can send by mail to the Advertising agencies, the MP3 audio files of
    the radio programs you sent to the air from any city of your network.
   You can control either your competition in each city...
   Using VA16 digital FM Modulation Monitor, you will have complete technical
    information of all your radio network

  Full control of remote stations...

Using VA16 remote receivers, you will
have 24 hours LOG of the audio quality &
RF performance of all your radio network

   Only Solidyne
   gives you this
   total freedom !

Audio Recording

Audicom helps your radio to
produce the recorded music and
      Direct Recording from a CD


   Audicom has a ripper and converter to record all the music cuts you
    have selected from a CD, in only 5 minutes for one hour record
   You select the tracks you need. Audicom then normalizes to 100 %
    level, converts to MP3 and cuts the silences at the start and end of
    each cut.
Direct Recording from a CD

   Our exclusive Auto-Edit
    system eliminates the
    silences of each musical cut

   It can process many
    archives in batch in order to
    save your time

    Analog Audio recording

   You can use your preferred audio
    Editor (Cool Edit, Sound Forge,
   But for quick use of non
    experienced journalists, Audicom
    has its own HDcorder system
   It is a fool proof recorder and editor
    that resembles a home cassette
   Each record automatically is
    inserted into the database... By
    magic !
   Using AutoStart and AutoStop
    features, the operation is more
All conventional WAV or MP3 Editors are
supported by Audicom

Fast recording from the MCR screen

   Very often the MCR operator needs recording an interview, a comment or
    a phone call that have just received.
   Then, she/he only needs to push a button at the screen and InstantREC
    starts immediately.
   Pushing again, the recording ends and the file is saved
   Each file is saved with Date and Time as the file name.
   For the people who loves a good true button, you can start InstantREC
    from your keyboard

                       One Touch Recording

24 hours MP3 logger is included in
Audicom software

    Audicom has a software module AutoRec that records two
     audio channels, from the Radio Station, using the Production or
     Administration workstation.
    It can record high quality WAV or MP3 stereo, or mono MP3
     high compressed sound ( it only needs 7,2 MB each recording
    It has a scheduler to activate it only at specific times.
 Only Audicom takes control of the audio
 processing chain of your Radio

Using intelligent Digital Processing, like the Solidyne 262 & 562 line,
the computer changes the audio processing according to the musical
style on air at each moment
You get the best audio quality from your audio
processing chain; with no compromise at all !
    Virtual Rack Audio
    technology in your PC

   Using Audio processors, like Solidyne
    262-X, each musical style that goes to air
    connects one of the 98 preset memorized
    on the processor

   Additionally you are able to control the
    Virtual Rack from the PC screen

   The full virtual rack allows to open
    individually each processing stage...

You will have 18 audio processing
units in one 262-X system

        Each unit, when
             open, allow
           changing the
          setting of each
           control knob.

      Each setting is
         stored at the
       262X memory.
     Ready to be used
           when each
        musical style
          goes to Air.

Statistics and Control of all
the aired Music and Ads

The AAUDIT auditor system, allows getting
all the information of the aired audio files
AAUDIT allows your administration people to
know all the Music and Ads that were aired.

   The auditor informs
    the exact time of
    each aired file. The
    original identification
    colors will be
   Each day is a
    continuous form of
    24 hours
   It shows the start
    time and duration of
    each file in order to
    confirm if it had go to
    air at the full length

    You can see and print several
    valuable lists of events...
   By example the Music aired: Title, Authors name, Performer,
    and music editor, in order to pay the copyrights.

All the statistical information at your

   You will know
    the exact
    participation of
    each sponsor in
    the total income
    of your Radio.
   Or how many
    minutes of
    Advertising have
    your radio, each
    day and each
Audicom gives you more vital information
about your business... Then, you can
improve the revenues of the radio

   By example; how much
    time is used for music,
    non commercial promos
    and advertising ?
   Which musical styles
    your audience prefers ?

   Audicom gives you a
    valuable information. It
    is not only an “audio
    You can choose low cost or high
    quality audio cards.
    Both are good for Audicom.

   Audicom works on PCM WAV files, standard
    MP3 or advanced MP3-VBR formats
   You can use low cost audio cards

                                                 Solidyne DSP48; for
                                                 the professional user
  For users that needs the best audio quality
Solidyne manufactures the DSP48 card that
manages 12 channels, included one AES-3
digital input and two digital outputs
 Analog balanced and RF protected IN / Out
at + 4 dBm
 Internal DSP high speed processor saves
CPU processing power (MP3 is decoded by
the DSP inside the DSP48)
 Allows up to 4 stereo outputs in order to
have 4 stereo faders at the audio console                                98
Audicom includes:

              100 short musical separators
              250 effects, recorded in USA
              65 Arpeggios

              60 DEMO musical cuts of
               reduced duration

   Traffic, Administration and

MCR screen is only a part of the Radio needs...

Audicom has all you need (not only a fancy audio screen)
Purchasing a Radio software that do not
have traffic and administration facilities is
not a wise decision...

   Let see the different sections of a modern radio
    station ...

network that
links all the
is now a

Administration process is very
important for the Radio Station: they
generates the incomes...
Then, do not forget this matter when you decide to
purchase a new software...

                            Audicom Traffic module
                             automatically generates the batch of
                             advertising of each day
                            The Ads comes from Agency or are
                             recorded at the Radio
                            Audicom send to air each Ad, at the
                             exact time and with the exact order
                             the client wishes. Audicom assigns
                             to each AD the exact price rate

                            The Audicom Auditor system
                             controls that all goes OK
                            Audicom can even invoice all the
                             clients using the exact price rate of
                             the PO; with no errors al all !
     Let see how Traffic module works
                                                           When installing Audicom, you
                                                            must declare some parameters,

                                                           Maximum advertising time,
                                                            during each hour
                                                           Up to 10 daily price rate
                                                           Allowed numbers of advertising
                                                           Indication of similar activity Ads
                                                            rejection (by example two motor
                                                            cars agency at the same batch)
                                                           Flexibility of the start/end of
                                                            batch. By example:
                                                           SF3= up to 3 min error
                                                            SF1= up to one minute
                                                            SC=start at exact time (less
Audicom provides free of cost a Traffic and Invoicing
module originally developed in DOS format and
                                                            than 0,5 sec error)
translated to Windows                                        EC= End of bach at exact time
We can provide also, Windows XP native, Traffic
systems at additional cost.
The Client File is the key of the
Traffic system

   In only one page you will all the key information to allow Audicom to create the
    daily advertisement batches. Without a single error !

Traffic module: creation of a batch

   You can generate the batch
    day by day, or for a whole
   If the status of one client
    changes during the day, you
    can change the batch, the
    same day ,all the times you
    need.                           Audicom informs you in
                                       this space about
   If a low priority client have        rejected Ads

    their Ad out of some
    batches, Audicom informs
                                     The Traffic module creates the batch in
    you to give the opportunity      seconds
    to renegotiate with them.

   Probably you have an invoicing software at your radio, but your software do not
    manage the Ads that did not go to air. Your software do not manage neither the
    different price rates of the hours of the day... Or last minute changes that do not
    allow that some Ads goes to the air... Etc…

   Our invoicing is based on the real on air time of each client advertising

   Then, the wise solution used in many Radios with Audicom is to do a previous
    invoicing. Audicom gives too a printed listing of aired Ads for each client. And
    then use this information as an input for your invoicing software. A very brilliant
    idea !

Future Income Budget; A powerful tool
that only Audicom gives you !

   Audicom is able to do a “ future invoicing” That is, you can invoice on
    May all your clients with a July date. Since Audicom do not have the real
    on air time, it will use the Client Contract information. Then, if some
    clients do not have scheduled Ads for July or have reduced the
    advertising campaigns, it will be reflected in this virtual invoicing. This will
    give you enough time to renegotiate the contracts. This will help you to
    have a close contact with the salesman people and to evaluate them with

INVOICING: Typical printer output

                                     Enter the page number at your

                                      numeric keyboard and then
                                      ENTER. You will come back
                                      to Index pressing END

        Thank you very much for watching this DEMO. You can review any
                          part of it, using this Index

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