; Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboards In Advertising
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboards In Advertising

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboards In Advertising

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									Advantages And Disadvantages Of
Billboards In Advertising
There is nothing more enjoyable than driving with your family. As you hit the road with your
kids sitting near the window staring at the colorful environment they are seeing, you would
probably feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The enjoyment and the happiness that was felt by your kids while you are driving are just enough
to ease the tired feeling as you drive.

As you drive along the road, you might notice the titans of the advertising world because of their
enormous sizes. They can be called as the giants of the modern roads. These giants are called the

Billboards come in sizes. Companies around the world use the technique of rising giant
billboards to gain attraction. More attraction means more popularity that will definitely lead to
more sales.

Most often, companies hire the most popular celebrity such as actors and actresses so that the
influence of that person will be transferred to the product.

The technique is that to show to the public that their idol is using their product so the public must
use it too. The billboards must also be more colorful so that it will be more attractive and catchy
to the eyes of the motorist.

Advertising with billboards had been more and more popular as years go by. Billboards have
been a part of the city's roads and streets for a very long period of time. However, there are
disadvantages of using billboards despite of the advantages they bring to the companies.

As said above, billboards usually come in sizes from the smallest to giants this makes the
billboard more prone to collapsing whenever there is a typhoon. It is very dangerous because it
might be blown away by the raging wind affecting the community nearby.

The billboard might collapse and fall to a residential area where there are people living. The
dangerous scenario is that the massive weight of the billboard might crush a house in an instant
killing more lives.

Car accidents are the usual thing in a city with crisscrossing roads as one car hits another in a
head on collision. Billboards are sometimes the ones who are responsible for these accidents.

Billboards are made to be more attractive to gain the attention of the motorists. Because of this,
motorists look at the billboards as an instinct ignoring the traffic lights or the cars around their
cars. This scenario might cause a very serious accident and might take lives.
Because of the tall billboards, a man with a life so disappointing and lonely might climb up in
the billboard to jump and end his life. This is called suicide. There are many cases in which
people climb up the billboard to commit suicide.

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