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					Working Jointly to Tackle e-Crime

               Paul Wright
          Hi-Tech Crime Team
          City of London Police
 Aim
 Define the Problem
 Security Principles
 Where to look for a Solution
 Dual Track Approach
 What can we collectively Do?
 Future Strategies

   Increase reporting of Hi-tech and e-Crime
   Growth of a secure Digital Environment
   Interact in the pursuit of Common Objectives
   Exchange of Digital Intelligence
 Loss of Data

 Growth  in Criminal Data Markets
 Report IT abuse and Data Leakage
 Advances in Technology
 Policies Procedures and Guidelines
Hi-Tech, Cyber and E-Crime

 Boundaries
 Corpus Juris
 Data Leakage and Compromise
 Data Markets
 Foundation Stones
 Partnerships
‘Catch Me If You Can”
Security Principles

 Primary   Objectives
 Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability
 Risk and Exposure Assessment
 e-Crime Prevention
 Computer Forensics
 Digital Intelligence
Alfonso Capone

 “The Secret Six has licked
       the rackets,. They’ve
   licked me. They’ve made
    it so there’s no money in
            the game.”
    Adopting a Dual-Track Approach

   Begin with consultation
   Risk and Exposure assessment process
   Jointly decide
   Intelligence or Investigation
   Understand the issues
      What Can We Do?
 Scope  the Problem
 Raise awareness of the Problem
 Define what constitutes e-crime
 Make hi-tech and e-crime Visible
 Increase the resources Available
 Address internal Issues
Future Strategies

 Recognise   the Threat
 e-Crime Prevention Strategy
 Security of Data and Systems
 Pro-Active Approach
 First Strategic Step
 Working Together

+44 (0) 7973 672918

      Paul Wright
 Hi-Tech Crime Team
 City of London Police