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                                          Table of Contents


Long Tail Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing

Keywords And Marketing

Top Keyword Mistakes

Keywords And Pay Per Click



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Keywords are one of the most important parts of Internet marketing. Many
marketers in their quest for quick buck insist on missing out the keyword
research phase of Internet marketing. The result of this is that they don't end
up making the money they wish they'd made.

Keywords are absolutely vital for you to succeed in making money online. Your
keywords are how your websites are found by your potential customers using
the search engines.

If you are not optimised for the right keywords, and you do not rank high for
these keywords, then you are going to struggle to get the traffic that you want
for making money.

This program is all about how to find the keywords you want to target, how to
use them, and most importantly, how to profit from them.

A keyword is typically one or more words describing the subject that somebody
is looking for. It is what somebody will type into the search engines in order to
find information on the Internet. You want to be at the top of the search
engines are the keywords that your potential customers are going to type in.

Ranking high for some keywords can be very very competitive. Some of the
more competitive keywords can be almost impossible to rank high for. This is
why the smart marketers do their keyword research and target what we call
Long tail keywords, which we will describe more in the next section.

In an ideal world, you will be on page one for all of you keywords in all of the
search engines. However, in reality, that isn't likely to happen. The Google
dance happens all the time and search engine results are constantly changing.
In line with what Google and the other search engines find as they crawl through
the Internet.

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All you need to do is make sure that you rank as high as possible for your
keywords, and that when Google does its dance, you always remain at, or near,
the top.

Of course, you will get the most traffic from being on page one of the search
engine results. If you are not on page 1, you will still get some traffic, but not
as much as you would have got from being on page 1.

Search engine rankings are very very competitive, but with some work and a
little bit of intelligence you can actually rank high for pretty much any keyword
you want to. Some keywords may take just a few days you to rank high for
wear as others could take months or even years if they are very highly

Keywords such as “weight loss”, "making money", "personal development" and
others are highly competitive with hundreds of millions of competing sites.
These are keywords that may take you months or even years to rank well for.
The inexperienced marketer will attempt to target keywords like this believing
that they don't need to do their keyword research. They will then struggle with
getting a decent ranking for their keywords, and many will end up giving up
because of it.

There is software available to speed up the keyword research process and to
make it easier. However, all of that will cost you money ranging from a few tens
of dollars to several hundred dollars or monthly subscriptions.

Whereas some tools that we will discuss in this program have paid options, we
are only going to look at the free options. There is no need for you to go out
and buy any additional tools or software to complete the keyword research as
we discussed it.

If you choose to, then you are welcome to purchase any of the software tools.
Though please do your due diligence first and make sure that it meets your
requirements. We are literally not going to recommend any programs here,
because there are too many different keyword research programmes with
different features. Without fully understanding your requirements and your
budget, it is nearly impossible to recommend any program.

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If you want to find keyword research software type in "keyword research" in to
Google, and you will get many results that are relevant to you. Before you buy
any software, make sure you understand what features you are looking for and
what your budget is.

This course has been created to help you understand why you need to target
good quality keywords. Most importantly this course is going to show you how
to find those keywords using a variety of free tools.

Keyword research isn't time-consuming. It may take a half-hour to an hour to
actually do the keyword research, but it is time well spent and will pay off
significantly in the long term.

I can't stress strongly enough the importance of keyword research, hence this
product. Before you start any project on the Internet always do your keyword
research first.

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                        Long Tail Keywords

Perhaps the most important part of keyword research is identifying what we call
Long tail keywords. These are where the serious money can lie, and it is very
possible to get a lot of traffic with very little effort using Long tail keywords. The
smart marketers are all targeting Long tail keywords in their marketing efforts
and because of it they are enjoying extra traffic and profits that many others
miss out on.

Long tail keywords are two or more words that form a phrase. If we're being
technically accurate we should call them a key phrase rather than a keyword,
but we don't. They also know as low hanging fruit, which is a term you may
have heard them being called.

Long tail keywords more precisely defines a niche than the traditional short-term
keywords. It provides you, the website owner, with more targeted traffic. The
better your traffic is targeted the more chance of it actually buying and earning
you an income.

An example of a normal keyword would be "weight loss". Long tail keywords in
the same niche may be something like "natural weight loss program", or "weight
loss for teenagers", or "weight loss after pregnancy".

You can see that the Long tail keywords more precisely define what the person is
searching for. Weight loss is fairly generic. It could be weight loss for the over
50s, weight loss for teenagers, weight loss for sport, weight loss for health,
whatever it might be.

So you can see that somebody who types in a long tail keywords knows what
they are looking for. Because of this they are much more likely to convert into a
buyer because they are more targeted traffic.

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If you are selling a product about weight loss after pregnancy, I can guarantee
you will make more sales from the keyword weight loss after pregnancy than
you would from the keyword weight loss just by itself.

So you can see the Long tail keywords are very very important and you really
want to make an effort to find them. Long tail keywords can account for 80% to
90% of your website traffic. It really is that high.

If you have an existing website go and look at the stats on how you found
through keywords. We will demonstrate this in one of the videos, but if you look
you will find that the vast majority of your traffic comes from keywords which
you only get a view searches for. Often this could just be one or two searches,
but you will have hundreds of these keywords on a popular site. You will be very
surprised by what some of these keywords are, they will be keywords that you
never thought you'd be found through.

You get less traffic through Long tail keywords than you do through short tail
keywords, but the Long tail keyword traffic is a much higher quality. These
keywords are often easier not only to earn from but to rank for as well. You will
also find that long tail keywords have much lower bids on the pay per click
engines, which makes them much cheaper to target.

Of course, targeting Long tail keywords as a side benefit. You rank for all of the
keywords in your Long tail keyword.

For example if your keyword is "natural weight loss program" then when ever
you are working to optimise your website for this keyword you are all so working
to optimise your website the three other keywords:

   •   "natural weight loss"

   •   “weight loss program"

   •   "weight loss"

So all of your efforts actually are optimising you fall for different keywords. It is
through targeting Long tail keywords that you will find yourself ranking high for
the short tail keywords that are contained within your Long tail keywords. This

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is ones you end up dominating the search engines for the short tail keywords.
Spend your time targeting the Long tail keywords and eventually you will rank
well in the short tail ones too.

As Internet marketing has become much more popular, good long tail keywords
are becoming harder to find. There are still plenty out there though, and finding
them will bring you a great deal of joy and profit. There are a lot of niche
markets out there and Internet marketing isn't yet saturated.

Using the keyword research tools that we demonstrate in the videos you will see
that it is possible to find some very very good keywords fairly easily by
comparison. When you find these keywords you optimise your website and your
SEO around it and you'll enjoy an awful lot of benefits from it.

Remember, the marketer who wants to make money online is the marketer who
is targeting Long tail keywords. If you don't want to make any money online
then by all means completely ignore this section. However, when you realise
your website isn't getting any traffic then come back to this section and read it

You will then realise how important Long tail keywords are and how much money
you can make from them. Targeted correctly, you can rank on page one of
Google the Long tail keywords within just two or three days with minimum work.
Trying to target one of the major keywords could take years feature rank well

A colleague of mine has recently hit the top three in Google for one of the most
competitive keywords that is on the market. It is taking him four years to get
there, and I mean four years of constant work. Every day he has worked to get
that site to the top of the search engines and he succeeded, but it's taken him
four whole years to do it.

Remember that it is possible to rank well for any keyword, you just had to put in
the extra effort to make it happen.

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                 Latent Semantic Indexing

Next we need to talk about latent semantic indexing or LSI as it is known. This
is a new technology being introduced by the search engines in an attempt to
make sure that people are presented with more relevant results.

Its aim is to better distinguish what is in website content and ensure it is more
relevant to the keyword that was entered by the searcher.

It doesn't just look the keywords it looks the other information as well. It looks
as synonyms and related words. This means that when you're writing an article
you need to start focusing on writing for humans rather than to search engines.

As an example, if you created a website about, let's say, barbecues, then an LSI
engine is going to expect to find words related to barbecues on the web page.
They are not going to expect justifying the word barbecue.

The LSI engine will expect to find words such as grilled, recipe, burger, sauce,
charcoal and other word related to barbecues.

If it doesn't find these words, then it will assume that the website isn't actually
relevant for the keyword barbecues and it will find itself slipping down the search
engine rankings.

LSI determines the value of the site in relation to the relevance it provides to the
searcher. You have to remember that Google is loyal first and foremost to its
searchers. If people stop using Google search, then Google will start to lose

It is in Google's best interest, and the best interests of all the other search
engines, to provide the best possible results to someone performing a search. If
a search engine provides too many spam or junk links then people will stop
using that search engine.

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LSI is still a very new technology at the present moment, and is still under
development and being improved. There is a constant battle being waged
between the Internet marketing community and the big brains of Google, with
both trying to get one up on the other.

Where Google leads other search engines tend to follow. Therefore as Google
are starting to introduce LSI to ensure their results are more accurate and
relevant you can expect the other search engines to follow suit and also start
introducing LSI technologies into their search engines.

This means that the smart marketer is already taking into account LSI in his
marketing process. This means that you need to start considering LSI when
ever you are writing articles or creating webpages.

Your web content must be written in natural language aimed at real human
beings. Many people tend to write their web content aimed at search engines,
but you have to remember that search engines don't have credit cards and don't
buy products.

When you are writing your web content you need to make sure that not only do
you include your keyword but you include other words related to those keywords
in the content. This will ensure that the search engines believe your content to
be relevant to the niche that you are targeting.

This also means that in your link building you have to make sure that relevant
keywords to the keyword that you are using as your anchor text is around your

LSI is going to make sure that the quality of web content improves by rewarding
those with relevant content with high rankings. Those who provide junk or spam
content will find themselves slowly but surely disappearing from the search

You need to make sure that you provide good quality content that takes into
account the principles of LSI. Doing so will ensure your search engine rankings.

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                  Keywords And Marketing

By now you have found your keywords and hopefully have a good list of relevant
long tail keywords. The next question that will be on your mind is how to use
them for your marketing.

The first step would be to build websites based around those keywords. If you
are targeting a particular niche you may build hundreds of webpages based
around those keywords in order to make sure you dominate the niche.

Each web page would take into consideration the principles of LSI in creating the
content. You would use relevant words and phrases within the web page to
make sure that the search engines know it's highly relevant information.

Typically, whenever you register a domain name you will want your keywords to
be in the domain name itself. It has been found that the keyword in the domain
name can make a big difference in terms of search engine placement. It can
very quickly get you high in the search engines because the search engines
believe there is a domain name is the keywords then it must be very relevant

If you undertake any article marketing your article marketing will be based
around your keywords. Each article will be based on a single keyword but with
some keywords in it as well, so as to adhere to the principles of LSI.

Your back links and your anchor text would all be related to your keywords.

Basically, you can see from the above that pretty much every think you do
online is related to your keywords. It doesn't matter what you're doing to
promote your business you always have to have your keywords in mind. You
want to make sure that you are going to rank well for those keywords and so
they will always be at the forefront of your mind.

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With your marketing efforts you need to be prepared to do a little often rather
than a lot just once. Search engine rankings are extremely competitive, and
there are always new websites are coming into business. These new kids on the
block are going to be gunning to you and your search engine ranking and you
need to stay ahead of them.

Therefore, it is much better to you to do a little bit of search engine work every
single day with your keywords rather than sit down once and say that's it.
Doing a little frequently will make sure that you stay ranking high in the search
engines, and so stay profitable.

You will also find by writing naturally you will start to rank for the other
keywords in your articles. You will be surprised what keywords you end up
getting traffic from!

You may find your long tail keywords eventually become a little bit too
competitive. If this is the case, then you need is a little bit more keyword
research and find other long tail keywords to target.

It's unfortunate that Internet marketing is becoming more and more popular,
which means more people are looking for keywords to target and make money
from. This does mean that some of the more popular long tail keywords can
quickly become too competitive or too expensive in the case of PPC for use.

However, if you started early and ranking wealthy your keywords then you have
an edge over any new competition and by doing a little bit of maintenance work
you can stay on top of the search engines for your chosen keywords.

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                     Top Keyword Mistakes

When it comes to using keywords and marketing with keywords there are some
common mistakes that people make. This chapter is going to highlight these
mistakes and hopefully help you to avoid them.

The first mistake is perhaps the most obvious one. It is not doing any keyword
research at all. Too many marketers are in too much of a hurry to start making
money not realising that by spending the time to research the keywords they will
actually make money quicker.

The temptation is to rush off and create your product or your website, guess the
keywords and hope for the best. The trouble with this, is that you may not think
like your target market. It's all well and good guessing the keywords, they use
these guesses that actual keyword research using the tools we discussed in this
program. This will ensure that you are accurate in the keywords that you target
and you maximise the results that you will get from the work that you put in.

Some people may be tempted to just do a cursory piece of keyword research.
This is better than doing no research at all, but won't reveal the most powerful
and profitable keywords.

You have to spend some time going into a reasonable amount of depth to find
these profitable keywords. These keywords will make your life a lot easier
because you can rank quicker for them.

Some marketers will do their keyword research and then not bother to optimise
their websites and search engine marketing efforts around the long tail keywords
that they find. If you don't optimise your website for these keywords, then you
can find it harder to get ranked for them. A well optimised article can rank
easily for the keywords within it without the need for any external links.

If you happen to use pay per click then you must use your long tail keywords.
Doing so will increase the relevancy of your adverts as well is reducing the

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amount of money you spend on advertising. Obviously, this is very good view
as less cost equals more profit. Don't just focus your PPC efforts on the normal,
short tail keywords. If you do so, you will be missing out on a lot of highly
targeted and possibly cheap traffic.

When it comes to aiming for the top of the search engines, you don't want to
pick a keyword that is too competitive. You want to find ones that are relatively
easy future rank for. Ideally, your long tail keywords also contain some of the
short tail keywords that you want to rank for. That way all of your search
engine marketing work will rank you from multiple keywords from a single

There is a case of going too far into the long tail. You have to have a degree of
searches every single month for it to be worth your while optimising for a
keyword. Some marketers get far too excited about finding keywords with very
little competition, optimise their sites for it, and then realise there's no traffic for
that keyword.

You have to make sure that your keywords have a decent amount of traffic
otherwise is not worth your while optimising your site for them.

There's a fine line to be drawn between having too many and too few keywords
on the page. Some people try to stuff lots and lots of keywords onto a page,
where as others include too few. Both of these extremes are actually bad for
your search engine efforts.

The former will get your site labelled as spam and possibly even de-indexed by
the search engines. The latter will not give the search engines enough
information to determine how to rank your site.

A keyword density of between 1% and 3% has been found to be about the right
level of the search engines. Obviously, within this you are going to include
relevant keywords to make sure you adhere to the principles of LSI.

Another common mistake that many marketers make, that cost them dearly in
terms of cheap or even free traffic, is not targeting common misspellings of

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There are some words that people very easily typed incorrectly, it may be they
don't know how to spell them or it may be that keys and next to each other on
keyboards. Targeting these keywords can result in some very cheap and free
traffic for you. Usually these misspellings are very easy to rank for because very
few people target them. They are not going to get you hundreds and hundreds
of visitors but they will do you some good.

LSI is still a relatively new and little understood technology. Most marketers still
write articles how they always used to, completely ignoring the impact of LSI.
Using LSI keywords will help you rank higher in the search engines and also help
to future proof all of your articles.

When you create a webpage or any web content, you need to take into account
LSI and focus each page around a single keyword and its related LSI keywords.
The temptation is to try and include lots of different keywords in a single page.
Unless you're writing a sales letter, this is a mistake and it will be hard future
rank high on individual keywords.

Optimising a web page around a single keyword and its related LSI keywords will
make it much, much easier future rank high for those keywords. It will take you
less effort to get to the top of the search engines and start getting traffic from
that keyword.

Hopefully, this information will help you avoid the common mistakes that people
make when trying to use keywords. I'd like to think that this information will
help you to maximise the return you see from your work. With any luck, this
chapter will have saved you some pain and hardship and hopefully increased
your profits.

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             Keywords And Pay Per Click

Keywords are even more important that pay per click. Every time somebody
clicks on your adverts is costing you money so if you adverts aren't supremely
optimise you are effectively losing money.

Knowing your keywords and using them properly within a pay per click campaign
can save you an awful lot of money. The smart marketer knows how to use
their keywords and in doing so gets expensive and competitive keywords for
relatively cheap price.

You need to split your keywords within your pay per click campaign into relevant
groups. These groups then need to target a highly optimised page as their
landing page. This will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on each
click. Many other PPC engines look at the landing page and decide how relevant
it is to the keyword that is being bid on. A highly relevant page will have a lower
bid down a page that the search engine does not considered to be relevant.

With Google Adwords you are aiming to be in position 4 to 6. These tend to
have the best conversion rates. The higher positions have too many people who
are just freebie seekers and looking for information. The lower positions just
don't get enough traffic to be worthwhile.

You want to work to optimise your bids to ensure you are in these positions, i.e.
4 to 6. This will get you the best quality traffic and maximise your return on

If keywords are getting too expensive, or they are not bringing good quality
traffic that converts, they need to consider dropping those keywords from your
campaign completely. It may be that there are just not suitable for you.

If you ran a pay per click campaign then you have to stay on top of it. You need
to monitor it regularly and not leave it running on autopilot. Regularly
monitoring it will make sure that you are maximising your return on investment.

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It means that you are not going to pay too much for your keywords. You are
always going to be getting the best possible price for your keywords.

For the best results with PPC you need to make sure that every single landing
page that you send people to from your PPC ads are is optimised for the
keyword that it used. This can dramatically reduce the price of a bid, and can
often take a keyword that was previously too expensive into your price range.

The Google Adwords keyword tool is extremely good, and will make suggestions
the keywords in thinks are related to the keyword that you are looking for.
Make sure you take advantage of this feature, because it is very powerful.

You can often get some very good keywords from this that will prove to be
highly profitable for you.

Pay per click is a very good way of instantly getting traffic to your website. It
comes at a cost though, which many people don't want to pay. PPC is a good
way to start getting traffic whilst you're waiting to climb the organic search
engine results.

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Keywords are a vital part of Internet marketing. It's the part that too many
marketers, and particularly the new marketers, miss out. Avoiding this, these
marketers are leaving valuable money on the table.

Keyword research doesn't have to take a lot of time. Once you've done it a few
times, it will only take you a half-hour or so to fully research and niche
keywords. If you have some other software tools then it can be even less time.
Some of the paid tools will fully research and niche in just a few moments and
all you need to do is type in the keyword.

Not doing the keyword research phase is a fatal mistake. You'll struggle to
make money online by missing it out.

The people who are making serious money online are the people who are doing
their keyword research. The people that you hear about who are making it big
are the people who know their market and know their keywords.

Always make sure you do your keyword research, and particularly target the
Long tail keywords in your marketing efforts. Long tail keywords can get you
some very quick rankings and highly targeted traffic.

Staying ranked for your keywords is going to take work over a long period of
time. There are always new websites coming online and competitors trying to
knock you off your top slots. By continually working on your keyword ranking,
you are always going to stay ahead of the competition.

Make sure that you always take into account LSI when writing articles or
producing web content. This is the future of search engine technology, and by
taking into account now you're making sure your future proofing your content so
that should any changes happen it's not going to affect you at all.

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The intelligent marketer also looks at their competitor’s site. Using tools like and you can very easily find what your competitors
are doing with keywords.

Understanding what keywords your competitors are using and targeting
particularly with pay per click can really give you a heads up on what keywords
you should be using. Subscribing to one of these services can dramatically
decrease the amount of time you have to spend doing keyword research.

All you do is feed your competitors sites into these websites and pull off their
keyword lists to see what keywords they are using. Remove the ones that aren't
appropriate to your website and then import them directly into your pay per click
campaign or use them to start marketing your site into the organic search
engine listings.

You always aiming to be on page one of Google. This is where the serious traffic
is. Anywhere below the page one and you'll get some traffic but not enough, or
not all that you want. You will notice a massive difference in the amount of
traffic you get when you are on page 1 of Google keywords and when you are

I aiming to page 1, you are aiming to maximise your traffic and hence your
profits as well. By doing some SEO work every single day, and being patient in
your planning, you can get to number one in Google in any keyword you want.
The more competitive keywords will take more time and more work, but they
can still be done.

Before you start any project make sure you do your keyword research. It is as
vital as identifying a niche to create a product in, and a good set keywords can
make or break a project. If the keywords are too competitive, then you're going
to struggle to get organic search engine traffic, which means you're going to
have to rely on PPC which is going to get expensive. You may not have the
budget initially to do this.

The right keywords can make a massive difference in how quickly you get
organic search engine traffic and how much your profit is. The quicker you are

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running to the relevant keywords, the quicker you will get relevant, targeted
traffic and the quicker you can begin earning.

The smart marketers know that they want a rapid return on investment and so
they target the Long tail keywords in order to quickly get ranked and on the first
page of Google. By carrying out a campaign where the massively target these
long tail keywords, they can rapidly dominate the search engines and get
massive amounts of traffic.

Because this traffic comes from Long tail keywords it is highly targeted and also
motivated. This means that it spends money and buys.

Keyword research is absolutely vital, and I cannot stress strongly enough how
much you must do it. I will tell you from personal experience that since I
started doing keyword research my website profitability has increased massively.
I am now able to get organic search engine traffic in just a few days rather than
the weeks or months it used to take me.

Understanding your keywords will help you to get ahead in your online business,
be more profitable and get more targeted traffic. Ultimately, this can lead you
to being able to live your dream online.

Remember before you start any project always research your keywords.

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