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                        Deterring Fraud Through Financial Criminology
                                   with Islamic Perspectives
                          Date     :     14 - 15 December 2010
                          Venue    :     Menara SSM@Sentral
                                         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

        16 SSM CPE POINTS

MAIN ORGANIZERS:                                               CO–ORGANIZERS :   MEDIA PARTNER :

                                  SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS :
 The International Conference on Financial Criminology (ICFC) 2010 will be held on 14-15 December 2010 at the
 Menara SSM@Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 This conference will present keynote address and guest lectures by professionals with experiences in investigations,
 legal aspects, forensic accounting, internal control, audit and anti-money laundering, with an emphasis in Financial
 Criminology and Islamic Perspectives.

 The conference attempts to offer a significant discourse for the interaction of ideas and exchange of information among
 academics and practitioners alike towards managing the risks of white collar crime across various countries. With the
 advent of Islamic studies and practices around the globe, the conference attempts to create a “vibration” in this area,
 particularly in handling the commercial fraud within the system.

 The speakers’ presentations will provide a coverage on Financial Fraud Management from the Islamic Perspectives,
 before presenting the current scenario. The plenary session will wrap up by offering a forum on the integration of
 financial criminology and fraud management with Islamic perspectives.

Guest Speakers

   Datuk Nik Mustapha        Dato’ Seri Hj. Abu Kassim           Prof Dato’ Dr Aziuddin         Professor Sofyan Syafri            Prof. Syed Noh
       bin Nik Hassan              bin Mohamed                          Ahmad                            Harahap                   bin Syed Ahmad
           Director             Chief Commissioner                      Rector,                   Faculty of Economics             ARI & Faculty of
 Institut Kefahaman Islam    Suruhanjaya Pencegahan              Kolej Universiti Islam        Universitas Trisakti Jakarta,         Accountancy
       Malaysia (IKIM)       Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM)              Antarabangsa (KUIS)                    Indonesia              Universiti Teknologi Mara
                                                                                                          (UTJ)                          (UiTM)

   Dr Nawal bt Kassim               Mr Aznorashiq bin            Mr Selamat bin Hj Sirat          Mr. David Lehmann                Ms Hue Dang
     ARI & Faculty of                  Mohamed Zin                 Head of Operation              Director & Head of             Regional Head &
       Accountancy            Director, Investigation Division          Division                  Forensic Services            Director (Asia-Pacific)
 Universiti Teknologi Mara     Companies Commission of                 (Al-Rajhi)                  Deloitte Malaysia                  ACAMS
           (UiTM)                    Malaysia (SSM)

   Prof Omar Masood                Chris HB Smith,                Assoc. Prof. Dr Syed Musa               Prof Dr Syed Abd        Mr Aaron Lau, CFE, CAMS.
    Principal Lecturer           Head of Security and                      Al-Habshi                       Hamid Aljunid            Association of Certified
University of East London          Fraud Risk ASP                  Deputy Dean Graduate                  Head of Economics             Fraud Examiners
    United Kingdom            The Hongkong and Shanghai               School of Business                  and Governance              (Malaysia Chapter)
          (UEL)                 Banking Corporation Ltd           Universiti Tun Abdul Razak            Department (INCEIF)                (ACFE)
                                  Hong Kong (HSBC)                       (UNIRAZAK)
08.00 am      Registration                                                   08.00 am       Registration

09.00 am      Opening Ceremony                                               09.00 am       Session 8
                                                                                            “Bribery and Fraud in Commercial Practices”
09.50 am      Session 1 – Keynote address                                                   Dato' Sri Haji Abu Kassim bin Mohamed
              “Fraud Mitigation: Commercial Practices from the                              Chief Commissioner, (MACC)
              Perspective of Islam”
              Datuk Nik Mustapha bin Nik Hassan                              09.45 am       Session 9
              Director General (IKIM)                                                       “Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: Role of
                                                                                            FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit)”
10.40 am      Coffee Break                                                                  Bank Negara Malaysia

11.00 am      Session 2                                                      10.30 am       Coffee Break
              “The Nexus Between Spirituality, New Sciences,
              Inspirational Decision Making Process, Interior Guide          11.00 am       Session 10
              and Education as Preventive Measures to Financial                             “Anti-Money Laundering Challenges in Asia”
              Criminology”                                                                  Ms Hue Dang
              Prof Dato’ Dr Aziuddin Ahmad                                                  Regional Head & Director (Asia-Pacific) ACAMS,
              Rector (KUIS)                                                                 Hong Kong

11.45 am      Session 3                                                      11.45 am       Session 11
              “Financial Criminology in Islamic Finance and Banking                         “Financial Criminology: SC Intelligence and
              Sector”                                                                       Investigations”
              Assoc. Prof. Dr Syed Musa Al-Habshi                                           Securities Commission. Malaysia
              Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Business, UNIRAZAK
                                                                             12.30 pm       Lunch
12.30 pm      Lunch
                                                                             02.00 pm       Session 12
02.00 pm      Session 4                                                                     “Issues in Fraud Investigations and Deterrence”
              “Comprehensive Control System and Fraud                                       Mr Aznorashiq bin Mohamed Zin,
              Avoidance an Islamic Perspective”                                             Director, Investigations Division
              Professor Sofyan Syafri Harahap,                                              SSM
              Univesiti Trisakti Jakarta, Indonesia
                                                                             02.45 pm       Session 13
02.45 pm      Session 5                                                                     “Differing Techniques Available to Investigators
              “Financial Criminology and the Islamic Banking Sector:                        Leveraging Technology: A Question of Resource - Where
              Perspectives from Al-Rajhi Bank”                                              Does an Investigator Go?”
              Mr Selamat bin Hj Sirat, Al-Rajhi Bank                                        Mr. Chris HB Smith
                                                                                            Head of Security and Fraud Risk ASP (HSBC)
03.30 pm      Session 6
              “Shari’ah Auditing: A New Chapter for Islamic Financial        03.30 pm       Plenary Session
              Institutions”                                                                 “Battle against Financial Crime: The Way Forward”
              Dr Nawal bt Kasim, UiTM                                                       Moderator: Prof Dr Syed Noh Syed Ahmad (UiTM)
04.15 pm      Session 7                                                                     Prof Omar Masood (UEL)
              “Fraud, Bribery & Corruption What is the Impact to the Local                  Ms Hue Dang (ACAMS)
              Economy and How Can Forensic Services Assist in                               Mr Aaron Lau, CAMS (ACFE)
              Minimising the Risk? “
              Mr. David Lehmann, Deloitte Malaysia                           04.50pm        Closing ceremony
05.00 pm      Coffee Break                                                   05.00 pm       Coffee break
08.00 pm      DINNER @ LE MERIDIEN                                           05.30 pm       End of conference
              Dinner Talk:”Ethical Issues and Challenges in Audit
              Prof Dr Syed Abd Hamid Aljunid, INCEIF

    Note : The organizers reserve the right to make amendments to the conference programme for reasons beyond its control.
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