Google Earth Scavenger Hunt_1_ by suchenfz


									                                   Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Name:                                         Room:                   Number:

Launch Google Earth
Practice finding locations using these techniques:

1. FLY THERE! Type the location name into the Fly to Box. Zoom in.

Location Name                                      Challenge
Forbidden City                                     This is the imperial palace museum of what
                                                   What shape is this museum?

Taj Mahal                                          In what country is this mausoleum?

                                                   What is its main color?


       Select and copy the Latitude and Longitude coordinates below.

       Paste them into the Fly to box. Zoom in.
       Under the View menu, click Grid. Spin the globe and zoom in to find the coordinates.

Coordinates                             Landmark                   City, Country
48° 51′ 29.88″ N, 2° 17′ 40.2″ E
3° 9′ 28.26″ N, 101° 42′ 41.94″ E
40° 45′ 23.72″ N, 73° 59′ 10.54″ W
22° 57′ 5″ S, 43° 12′ 39″ W

   Search for Mount Olympus, Greece at
   Find the coordinates from the article.
   Copy and paste them here:

       Now, copy and paste them into the Fly to! Box in Google Earth!
      Is Mount Olympus EAST or WEST of Greece? Type your answer below.

2. USE MAP LAYERS! Turn on the Geographic Web Layer
      Type in the City, Country in the Fly to box. Zoom in and look around.
      Move your mouse pointer over the blue and white Panorameo circles to find the
       monument listed.
      Zoom in and click the golf ball-like Wikipedia circles to answer the questions.

Moscow, Russia                                   Who commissioned the cathedral?
     St. Basil’s Cathedral
Cape Town, South Africa                          What is Table Mountain?
      Table Mountain

   Search for a city map of Mexico City at On the map, notice the
     Alameda Central Park. Choose another landmark shown on the map. Type it in the space

      Fly to Mexico City in Google Earth. Starting at Alameda Central Park and using the blue
       and white Panorameo photos, find your landmark.

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