Google Earth Introduction Assignment

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					         Google Earth Introduction Assignment
Date Assigned:        ____________________
Date Due:             ____________________

Work in partners:
Names: ____________________          ____________________

1. Open Google Earth.

2. Play around for a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the program.

3. Find Merivale High School. Type in “1755 Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada” in
the “FLY TO” box.
What is the exact Latitude: ____________ and Longitude: _____________
of the main office?

What time of year do you think this image was taken? ________________
Why? _________________________________________________

4. Click on “DIRECTIONS” tab. Type in your home address in the FROM box and
Merivale High School (1755 Merivale Rd, Ottawa) in the TO box.

Next, click the “PLAY TOUR” button.
Is this the same route as you take to get to school? ____________________________

Zoom into your house and take a close look. How old do you think the image is? Why?

5. In “FLY TO”, type Niagara Falls.
Zoom in and take a look around. Find the W called “Horseshoe Falls”.
What is another name for the Horseshoe Falls? ________________________________

6. “FLY TO”, Whistler Sliding Centre. This will be one of the sites of the 2010
Olympic Winter Games.
What are the 3 events that will be held at the Park? (hint, find a W)
_________________________________              _________________________________

Find a picture of this site. Use 2 words to describe what you see.
_________________________________             _________________________________
If you wanted to stay overnight, what is the nearest hotel to the sliding centre?

7. Next go to the “DIRECTIONS” tab. Get Directions from the
Whistler Sliding Centre to Canada Hockey Place.

What is the distance, in km, between the two venues?

How long would it take to drive between the two venues?

8. “FLY TO” Ekati Diamond Mine.

What Territory is this mine found in? ________________________

Look closely at the mine. What do you think the circular holes are?

Look at some of the pictures (blue squares). What do you think some of the challenges of
mining in the North may be?

9. Next “FLY TO” Resolute.
What is the population of Resolute? ________________________
What is the average temperature?    ________________________
Would you want to live in Resolute? Why or why not?

10. Pick an international city that you would like to visit. Example, Paris.
City: _________________________

Fly there. What is the Latitude ________________ and Longitude _________________?

Look around, give 3 tourist attractions you would like to visit.
_________________________             _________________________

                                        The End!
                                   Hand in to Ms Foottit

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