Special Update on Registration of Cyrillic Domain Names by pengtt


									 Special Update on Registration of Cyrillic
 Domain Names
 December 2009

This Special Update provides a brief overview of the procedure
for registration of Cyrillic .РФ domain names.
On 30 October 2009 the International Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) finally approved the request to permit the use of national
alphabets for domain names.

The registration of Cyrillic domain names is performed in accordance with the
Concept of Registration of Second-level Domain Names in the .РФ domain as of
17 June 2009; Rules of Domain Names Registration in the .РФ Domain (the
"Rules") and Provisions (the "Provisions") on Priority Registration of Domain
Names in the .РФ Domain as of 30 September 2009 that were established by the
Coordination Center for National Internet Domain. Certain private companies had
previously offered to register, in particular, the .ру, .ком, .нет domain names.
However, the use of such domain names required installation of special software.
The use of .РФ domain name will not be limited in this way.

Registration Periods
The registration of Cyrillic domain names may be tentatively divided into the
following stages:

       priority registration: 25 November 2009 – 25 March 2010;

       free-for-all sale at auction: allegedly, 12 April 2010 – 4 June 2010; and

       open registration at fixed price: as of July 2010.

The aim of breaking this up into stages is to protect trade mark holders from
cyber-squatting (i.e., registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name in bad faith
to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to a third person).

During the priority registration stage only state authorities and trade marks holders
are allowed to register the new domain names, provided that such trade marks
are (i) in Cyrillic, and (ii) registered in Russia or registered internationally including
for Russia. The holders of trade marks in Latin will be able to register the Cyrillic
domain name during the second and third stages (i.e., through an auction and
open registration).

                                                                                             Key Contacts
Registration Procedure
                                                                                             Igor Ostapets
The registration of domain names is performed by accredited registrars who are
listed on the website of the Coordination Center for National Internet Domain:
www.cctld.ru/en/registrators. The term for reviewing the applications is 10 days             Igor Kornev
from the moment of receipt of all the required documents.                                    ikornev@whitecase.com

The РФ domain names may be registered for a one-year period only, with the
                                                                                             White & Case LLC
possibility of subsequent annual renewal.                                                    Tel +7 495 787 3000
                                                                                             Fax +7 495 787 3001


                                                                                                                WHITE & CASE   1
 Special Update on Registration of Cyrillic domain names
 December 2009

                                                                                          White & Case Moscow’s Special
Registration Requirements                                                                 Updates appear in the Legislative
According to the Rules the domain name may include from 2 to 63 symbols. It               Update section of our website. You
must begin and end with a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet or a number, and the            may also choose to receive our free
intervening symbols must be letters of the Cyrillic alphabet. For priority registration   Special Updates and Weekly
the domain name must correspond to a word designation of a registered                     Updates by e-mail. To subscribe,
trademark pertaining to any goods or services.                                            simply complete the form on our
The general list of documents that is to be submitted for the registration of the         website: www.whitecase.ru.
new domain name is set out in the Provisions, available online in Russian at
www.cctld.ru/ru/docs/priorrf.php. In particular, the applicant must submit copies of
documents confirming the applicant’s registration as a legal entity and a copy of
the trade mark registration certificate or international trademark registration
certificate (for priority domain registration). However, it should be noted that each
registrar is entitled to set its own rules in respect to the documents required for
registering the domain name. Consequently, the respective registrar should be
contacted to find out its specific filing requirements before submitting an
application for registration.

                                                                                          This update is a general summary of
                                                                                          recent legislative developments and
                                                                                          should not be treated as legal
                                                                                          advice. Readers should seek the
                                                                                          advice of legal counsel on any
                                                                                          specific question. All translations of
                                                                                          terminology in this update are
                                                                                           2009 White & Case LLC.

                                                                                                              WHITE & CASE         2

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