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									Cold Sore Remedies
Simple Ways to Treat Cold Sores at Home Cold sores can cause pain and may affect your well being for one to two weeks. That is a long period of discomfort and ugly blemishes on the skin. Treating cold sores requires having proper knowledge on what causes this disease and how to prevent it. Cold sores originate from herpes simplex virus. These viruses are omnipresent in the skin's nerve cells until these are triggered by anxiety, stress, excessive sun exposure, or cold. You can prevent having cold sores by avoiding contact with infected people or keeping your immune system strong. But when the worst happen, you are only left with few options, like curing it instead of preventing cold sores. But you don't have to worry because you can find remedies ready at the comfort of your homes. You can do the following to cure or prevent cold sores: • Place a cold and wet towel on the sores for at least three times a day. Keep it there for at least 20 minutes to reduce swelling or redness. • Take painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Cold sores are painful so you will need painkillers to at least induce the pain. But remember that painkillers are only recommended for people beyond 20 years old. • Rinse your mouth with liquid that contains baking soda. This mixture helps in soothing a sore mouth. • Avoid acidic food intake. This kind of food triggers the cold sores virus so you must avoid eating food like tomatoes and citrus fruits. • Use ointments that can help numb the sore areas around the mount or on the lips. • Lessen your exposure to sunlight. If you can't prevent being exposed to sun, you should always wear sunscreen or a hat. Choose sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and put it on especially on the lips area. • Intimate contact with cold sores infected people should be avoided because this disease is contagious. Touching or kissing infected people can spread the virus. It is best to avoid contact with them to contain the disease.

• Frequent hand washing. People make physical contact using the hands making this part of the body ideal for spreading the disease. You can prevent the spread of virus through constant and proper washing of the hands. • Do not share your personal belongings with infected people like your towels, silverwares, razors, toothbrushes, or any other objects that can be used by infected people. Aside from these few tips, you can also make home remedies like herbal medicines to cure or prevent cold sores. You can use Lysine which has amino acids and can help the spread of herpes simplex virus. Lemon balm also contains antiviral properties. This natural remedy is found to heal blisters in five days. Peppermint oil is also a good natural remedy for this can penetrate the skin and can kill virus that causes cold sores. You can also use reishi and astralagus. These are types of mushroom with a long and reliable history in traditional medicine to boost the immune system. You can take at least 600 mg once or twice a day of reishi to slow down the reproduction of virus. Lastly, you need to have a physician to look after you. Maintain a regular check up so you may know if you are infected with cold sores virus before they become activated. But if you really want to know about a 100% SECRET COLD SORE REMEDY ... then read on! have been trying forever it seems to get rid of the cold sores that pop out of nowhere around my lips. I get the very big, ugly kind and they always last for what seems to be several weeks. There was nothing that helped and I tried so many cremes and other stuff. I came across a website called Cold Sore Freedom some weeks ago. At first I thought: "There is no way this can work. It is just too simple for it to work." I am sure glad I was wrong! The method described in the ebook was 100% right! The cold sore I had right below my lip completely disappeared in less than three days! I would not have believed it but there it was! I have never suffered from cold sore since then. Do you have na idea what this has done for my self esteem?! The author suffered from cold sore for 12-years himself and he will show you how he cured them permanently for life in just 3 days, and threw away ALL those worthless creams and over-the-counter drugs! His remedy worked for me, it worked for him, it worked for thousand others... so there is no doubt that it will work for you too!

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