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Aim: What are the parts of the human brain and what is the function of each part?
Do Now: Copy down functions on diagram handout

Animal Wt. of Brain Brain/Body wt ratio • Whale 15 lbs 1/10000 • Elephant 13 lbs 1/1000 • Human 3 lbs 1/50 The human brain is more developed and has a larger weight in proportion to total body weight.

(DO NOT COPY THIS PART) Why is it appropriate to say the weight of the brain determines intelligence?

Summary: The human brain has 3 main parts:
• Cerebrum
– Largest part of the human brain. Controls thinking, speech, vision, hearing and all voluntary acts.

• Cerebellum
– Controls balance and muscle coordination

• Medulla
– Controls all involuntary acts (breathing, heart beat, digestion, reflexes)

Summary Continued:
If our brain is so important, how do we protect it? • Cranium (skull bones) • Meninges (protective membrane that surrounds the brain) What about our spinal cord? • Protected by bones called vertebrae

After you are done labeling…
Color each part of the brain in your diagram and make sure you labeled the functions from the Do Now
There will be exam #1 on Friday. (Don’t forget that your paper is due this Friday as well.)

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