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									Website                                            Description                                             Incorporate it!
Breaking News English                              It is a website with lessons focused on recent          You can use these lessons in
                                                   news articles. These lessons involve                    your classroom to introduce
                                                   vocabulary acquisition, listening, reading, oral,       your students to new                and writing activities.                                 vocabulary and at the same
                                                                                                           time the material is fresh
                                                                                                           and relevant.

                                                                                                           They are easy to follow and
                                                                                                           you can begin one no matter
                                                                                                           what unit you are in the
                                                                                                           middle of teaching.

Digital Stories:                                   These links are websites in relation to digital         Digital Story Telling can be
                                                   story writing. Browse them to become                    used with any theme or
                                                   familiar with them. They do have lessons on             content. You can have
                                                   how to use them.                                        students write the text,
The following link, examines the effects of                                                                choose the images and
the use of digital stories with English language   Digital Story Telling websites:                         audio, and let them tell their
learners                                           1)           story on what they have     2)                        learned. These stories can
tml                                                3)               be published on YouTube,
                                                   4)           which is very motivating for
                                                   5)     learners. Hence, you can hit
                                                                                                           many outcomes with this
View an example of a digital story:                7)   resource. In addition you            .html                                                   will be using 21st century
uOY&feature=player_embedded#!                      8)                                learning techniques.

ESL Flow                                           This website is an extremely rich resource for          There are so many
                                                   ESL teachers. It targets a variety of levels,           resources that teachers can
                                                   themes and topics. This site has many lesson            incorporate into their                            plans that are carefully categorized, planned           lessons.
                                                   and articulated.
                                                                                                           The pdf files have both the
                                                   There are inventive graphic organizers,                 exercises, answers and the
                                                   worksheets, and a many visual images to                 explanations. This saves
                                                   support the topic or lesson.                            teacher’s prep time.                                         This is an online photo management and photo            You can use this application
                                                   sharing application. It is easy to upload, edit,        in a class as a way to share                             organize and share photos. You can also paste           ideas. It is a good way to
                                                                                                           start discussions as well as
                                                   photos on a map of where you took them.
                                                                                                           using the pictures as
                                                   There is a feature where you can create prints,         backgrounds for
                                                   posters, cards, photo books, calendars,
                                                   collages, and Canvas.
                                                This website was made to help students learn        You can use this website
                                                English and to help teachers teach English.         every day in the class
Karin’s ESL Partyland!                                                                              whether it be allowing
                                                It is divided into four sections; Students,         students to use the website
                                                Teachers, Quizzes, and Store.                       as anchor activities, or using
                                                                                                    the prepared lessons from
                                                The students section has many exercises and         the website in class.
                                                quizzes that follow a list of topics such as;
                                                Food, Music, Media, Travel, Relationships,          It is good to encourage this
                                                etc.                                                site to the students, so that
                                                                                                    they can use it at home as
                                                The teacher section has a variety of topics that    well.
                                                they focused on, such as; Teaching
                                                Conversation, Teaching Grammar, Teaching
                                                with Music, etc. In these sub-sections, there
                                                are worksheets, online activities, ideas, etc.

Google Language Tools:                          It is used to translate simple sentences in 51      You can let the students use
                                                different languages.                                this resource a quick
                                                                                                    reference to translate the                                                           English word into their
                                                                                                    language or vice-versa. It
                                                                                                    can be faster than a
Language Tools           About Google                                                               dictionary. In addition, if
                                                                                                    you do not have dictionaries
                                                                                                    with their native language,
                                                                                                    then this is a convenient and
                                                                                                    quick resource.

                                                It is a supplementary resource of activities that   They are supplementary
                                                you can do if you want to work on particular        reproducible activities, so
Language Instruction for Newcomers to           topics more in depth.                               you can use them as you
Canada                                                                                              wish.
                                                It is based on Canadian Language   Benchmarks.                                         There are language learning
/LINC_3_Classroom_Activities.pdf                                                                    activities that follow the 12
                                                                                                    themes in the LINC 1-5
                                                                                                    Curriculum Guidelines.
Learning English With Laughter!   A teacher with the ability to purchase materials     The resources touch on all 4
                                  would find this site worthwhile with its wide        domains- listening, writing,           variety of activities available for various levels   reading, and speaking.
                                  of learners.

                                  The site has ESL activities, curriculum, and
                                  textbooks for sale for four levels of learners:      For teachers looking for
                                  beginner, high beginner, intermediate and            realia, textbooks, games,
                                  advanced.                                            etc...

                                  The activities include games, activity books,        This site is useful to not
                                  idioms, and Murder Mysteries. There are also         only research materials, but
                                  resources for Listening Comprehension, a             also to purchase it online.
                                  Children’s Curriculum, Storybooks and
                                  Interactive Storybooks.

                                  This website has many activities on many             You can incorporate the
                                  different themes with listening activities, group    listening activities in your
Listen a Minute                   work, writing activities, etc, with a focus on       classes to follow the unit     vocabulary learning.                                 you are doing.

                                                                                       There is a new unit on the
                                                                                       World Cup 2010 with
                                                                                       activities for each of the 32
                                                                                       countries that played.

                                  MARVIN is a 3D computer animation                    MARVIN helps increase
                                  program, which creates animated characters to        student engagement,
MARVIN                            share important messages about services,             familiarizes students with
                                  business or culture. It is a program that            technology, and fosters
                                  promotes interactive learning and community          peer-to-peer learning.
                                  ownership. The animation can be based on real
                                  people, using local images and with messages         It is a great way to have
                                  recorded in the local language.                      students work on projects
                                                                                       and to differentiate because
                                  Microsoft Canada facilitates free access to          this program allows for so
                                  MARVIN, animation design software, to                many choices.
                                  schools and students across Canada. Teachers
                                                                                       Using MARVIN, interactive
                                  across Canada have integrated MARVIN into
                                                                                       software, students are able
                                  the classroom giving students the opportunity
                                                                                       to take control of their own
                                  to create personalized characters and animation
                                                                                       learning, create animated
                                  to tell and share stories.
                                                                                       stories, and meet curriculum
                                                                                       outcomes throughout the
                                  To access this software contact Julia Clark or       process.
                                  Meaghan McLaughlin.
Podcasts                                        Podcasts are an audio file that you download       The teachers’ page on this
                                                from the Internet. After you download it, you      website gives a really good
                                                can listen to it on your computer or on an         layout of how to incorporate                           MP3/portable music player (for example, an         podcasting into the
                                                iPod or iRiver).                                   classroom and has a really
                                                                                                   good video about it as well.
                                                                                                   EX: English Café podcasts,
                                                                                                   Audacity, etc.

PollDaddy                                                                                          You can use this in your
                                                                                                   classroom if you are                           This is a survey software where you can find       working on creating
                                                surveys, polls, and ratings on many different      surveys. You can create the
                                                topics. You can even create your own!              survey right on the program
                                                                                                   and the program does all the
                                                                                                   work on collecting the data.

                                                                                                   You can use the polls as a
                                                                                                   discussion starter in the

                                                There is an ESL section for teachers and           This website is for more
                                                students.                                          advanced learners.
Purdue Online Writing Lab
                                                For students: There are explanations of key        Students can use this   grammar concepts.                                  website to ameliorate their
8/01/                                                                                              writing.
                                                For teachers: There is a workshop presentation
                                                designed to introduce English as a Second          Teachers can both learn
                                                                                                   from the resources as well
                                                Language writers to writing center pedagogy,
                                                                                                   as incorporate the resources
                                                especially some basic concepts in writing          into their lessons.
                                                center pedagogy.

                                                There is also professional resources listed that
                                                are both theoretical and practical.

                                                Check out the explanations under the General
                                                writing tab.

                                                This website provides students with different      This website can help
Randall's Listening Lab                         listening quizzes that they can take on many       students with listening
                                                different themes. There are pre-recorded audio     comprehension.                         tracks with pre and post listening exercises, as   You could have students
                                                well as vocabulary and sentence structure          complete these activities as
                                                activities that would greatly cut down teacher     anchor activities or
                                                prep.                                              incorporate them into
                                                                                                   lessons. Students can
                                                                                                   practice these activities at
Skype                           Can connect students to other students all         You can have students in
                                around the world.                                  your class have voice calls                                                                      with students across the
                                Using this program, you can make voice and         world. They can prepare
                                video calls to anyone else on Skype.               discussions, make
                                                                                   questionnaires, or interview
                                                                                   each other.
                                You can conference calls with three or
                                more people, instant message, file transfer
                                and screen share.

                                This service provides teachers with immediate      You can use twitter to keep
Twitter for Teachers            access to any questions that you might have.       up-to-date with others who
                                You can provide input- and receive input.          are in the same field as you.
                                Twitter is a rich source of instant information.   Many use this site to search
                                Stay updated and keep others updated.              for others with the same

                                                                                   You can find other teachers
                                                                                   wanting to have pen-pals
                                                                                   with their students or do
                                                                                   projects together from
                                                                                   around the world.

                                It has several components for both teachers        It is a great way to get every
                                and students.                                      student excited about
Writing @ CSU                                                                      writing and can be
                                For teachers there are prepared lessons with       incorporated into “Writers   activities available in pdf, word and web          Workshop”.
                                                                                   This website is intended for
                                For students, there are many tools to help with    more advanced learners.
                                writing formats as well as writing activities.

                                Voki is a free service that allows you to create   Can use this in your
                                personalized speaking avatars and use them on      classroom by using it                        your blog, profile, and in email messages.         yourself and teaching
                                                                                   students using these            - Ideal for various school projects at any grade   presentations, or having
                                level                                              students create their
                                - Powerful and easy-to-use features to make        presentations using this
                                personalized avatars                               service.
                                - 150+ customizable models. 500+ costumes
                                - Record your own speech, or use text to           It engages students!!!
                                speech in 25 languages
                                - ADVERTISING-FREE
                                - Unlimited technical support via emails

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