Offer In-House Financing with NO RISK by wuyunyi


									 Stop Turning Consumers Away & Get More

By Using the Benefits of GNCCF –
                   Guaranteed No Credit Check Financing
                                                                                    – Are Endless
Gain up to 20-40%+ per month in sales.
Whether you sell products such as furniture and appliances, or offer high-value services, such as dental or
automotive care, Funeral Services, Guaranteed No Credit Check Financing can help transform your
business production and increase sales. By Advertising “No Credit Check Financing” on signs and banners
in front of your location, on your website, yellow pages, all your advertising.... You will see a significant
increase in business as a result!
Obtain fast and simple online approvals 24/7.
No waiting for a fax or phone call, get your customers approved in 5 to 10 seconds by using our online
verification tool. There is no processing equipment to buy and with an 80% plus approval rate you won’t
be wasting your time.
Receive guaranteed funds on defaulted payments (NSF’s).
No more worries about your current in-house financing or lay-a-way plans. We guarantee all contracts up
to 90 days with guaranteed funding on payments and you will never have to perform collection.
Your Customers Can Enjoy Low Rates.
With a financing charge of 7.5%, our rates are more favorable than “A” paper lenders. Our program is
easily a win-win situation for you and your customers. Ask your Enrollment Agent how you can use these
rates and fees to create additional profit centers.
Retain Those Declined Applications.
Already have a financing program? Are they approving everyone? Is it a fair and easy to use Program?
The GNCCF Program gives you an alternative to letting these sales simply walk out the door.
Offer A Gap Financing Option.
Some clients get approved on other financing programs, but are not approved for enough. G90 No Credit
Check can approve most any consumer who is already approved through another finance company for up
to 50% of that customers gross monthly income.

       If you would like to get all the details so you can make an educated decision and see whether
            this program is a good fit for your business, then contact me and set up a time to see our
                presentation. We don't hype it up, just the truth, in fact, our presentation is called
                   "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly". Don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds. 

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