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					                           Antico-Bryant Tax Preparation, LLC
                                    29 Lowell Avenue
                                 West Orange, NJ 07052
             DeAnna: Phone- (973) 280-6971 E-Mail-
              John: Phone- (973) 698-6955 E-Mail-

   Welcome to Antico-Bryant Tax Preparation. To follow is your 2009 Tax Organizer.
In order to process your return in the fastest and most efficient manner, please make
sure the sections applicable to you are completed. Generally pages 1 through 3 apply
to all flight crew, the remaining pages are on an individual basis. You only need to
complete the sections that apply to your situation. Page 8 is MANDATORY for all.
Your return will not be completed without your signature in section one of
page 8 and your payment for services.


1. W-2's & any other tax forms (such as 1099's). If you are not a NJ resident, please
be sure to print out all W-2's, including your resident state(s).

2. Monthly flight schedules. These can be obtained in CCS under
"Schedule - Pay - Final Pay Register".

3. Last pay stub of 2009

4. Last completed tax return. Not necessary if you were a client last year. If this isn't
possible, please let me know if you itemized last year and if you received a state refund.

5. Completed Tax Organizer.

6. Page 8 of tax organizer completed and signed. Tax return cannot be processed
without completion.

Please place everything in my v-file (IN THE ISM SECTION) when finished.

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I can be
reached at any of the above or via v-file, whichever is most convenient for you.
Unfortunately, we do not receive or send text messages.

   We look forward to working with you and appreciate your business.


DeAnna & John Bryant
Tax Preparers
PTIN# P00355534
                                      Antico-Bryant Tax Preparation, LLC
                                            29 Lowell Avenue
                                         West Orange, NJ 07052
                     DeAnna: Phone- (973) 280-6971 E-Mail-
                      John: Phone- (973) 698-6955 E-Mail-

Client Information
Resident State as of 12/31/2009
If not full year, other states & date of move

Filing Status: (Circle one)
Single Married Filing Joint       Married Filing Separate   Head of Household      Qualified Widow(er)

          First Name       MI         Last Name            SS#             Date of Birth
Occupation:_________________________________ Spouse:_____________________________________

Will anyone else be claiming you as a dependant (such as a parent)?                  Yes or No
If MFS, did you live with your spouse at any time during the last 6 months of 2009?  Yes or No
                Street                               City         State          Zip         County
Tax Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________ ____________________
Contact #: ___________________________ Alternate#:________________________
E-Mail: ___________________________
Preferred contact method:_________________

Dependants: **Dependant's income must be under $3,650 unless they are a full-time student under 24
Name                               Relationship        D.O.B.             SS#          # of Months home

Direct Deposit: You have the option to have your refund directly deposited into your bank account.
If you chose option YES, please include a voided check. Write VOID across it.
Yes, have my refund deposited _____           No, do not have my refund deposited _____

E-Filing: You have the option to have your refund e-filed. It speeds up the process substantially.
If you choose option YES, you must fill out & sign Form 8879.
Yes, have my return e-filed _____              No, do not have my return e-filed _____
Please note that there is an extra fee of $15.00 for returns Not e-filed.

**On your W-4, did you claim Exempt or claim excess dependants in 2009?                     Yes or No?
If yes, approximately how many months?_____
**Please note that this may have caused less income tax to be withheld and will reduce your refund and/or
increase the amount due.

Airline Employee Deductions * Please use an additional form if you and your spouse both fly.
Receipts are required for all items over $75 each. All items under $75 must be entered on your
schedule or into a logbook with item, date & cost. Be sure to have documentation for ALL items
that you list below regardless of amount; receipt, credit card or bank statement, logbook or
schedule entry. Please do not send these receipts or records. It is assumed that you have them
when you include them below. Enter amounts as yearly totals unless otherwise specified.

Layover: Subway, bus, taxi, train, rental car, etc. $_______
Reserve emergency taxi fares $_______ Reserve emergency airport parking $_______

Layover Expenses:
Calls to home $______ Internet Fees $______ ATM/Credit card fees $_____
Driver Tips $______ Maid Tips $______ Other Tips $______

Uniforms: Purchases (exc points)$______ Purse (comp required) $______ Wings $______
         Dry Cleaning $_____ Laundering $______ Other $______
Shoes:    Purchases $______ Repairs $______ Maint & Shine $______ Hosiery $______
Luggage: Purchases $______ Repairs $______ Maintenance $______ Name Tags $______

Mobile phone: Monthly base fee (including fees & taxes) _____
# of months on reserve____ @ ____%
# of months as a lineholder ____ @ ____%
Internet: Monthly base fee (including fees & taxes) _____ @ ____%

Miscellaneous Expenses:
Company office expense $______ Computer printer supplies $______Business cards $______
Passport fee $______ Foreign visas $______ Photos $______ Professional Publications $______
ID replacement $______ Manual replacement $______ Language education fees $______
Int'l voltage converter $______ Int'l currency converter $______ Batteries $______
Portable Items: Clock $______ Iron $______ Hair Dryer $______ Curling Iron $______
Smoke Detector $______Security Device $______ Flashlight $______ Galley supplies $______
Watch (Dual Time Zone) $______ Watch repairs $_____ Watch batteries $_____
Personal organizer $______ Logbook $______ Airplane access key $_____

Travel & training Expenses: Recurrent training, company meetings and business.
Hotel $______ Transportation $______ Phone $______ Meals $______ Other (Specify) $______

Initial training
# of Days in training _____ Transportation $______ Telephone $______ Other $_____

Pilots: Company mandated physical exam $______ Sunglasses $______ Headsets $______
Cockpit supplies (maps, charts, navigational calculators, etc.) $______

*Commuting expenses are NOT deductible because everyone commutes to work in some form!
**Crash pads are NOT deductible because it is a choice to not live at your base.
***Cosmetics and beauty treatments such as hair & nails are not deductible although it is required
to be "groomed".
Important Questions
Did you receive a federal refund last year?                     Yes or No   If yes, $_______
Did you receive a state and/or local tax refund last year?      Yes or No   If yes, $_______
Did you pay additional state and/or local tax last year?        Yes or No   If yes, $_______
Did you itemize on your 2008 return?                            Yes or No
Did you receive alimony in 2009?                                Yes or No
Did you pay alimony in 2009? Yes or No If yes, To: ___________________ SS# ____/___/_____
Do you owe any back child support?                              Yes or No
Did you adopt a child in 2009?                                  Yes or No
Is your spouse deceased? If yes, please provide date of death.  Yes or No     Date ________
Did the IRS garnish your refund for 2008 or prior years?        Yes or No
Do you owe any back taxes to the IRS or any state?              Yes or No
Do you have delinquent student loans?                           Yes or No
Do you have foreign funds whose total value exceeds $10,000?    Yes or No
**Airline only- Did you earn over $600 in duty free commission? Yes or No  Include 1099
Do you wish to allow us to discuss this return with the IRS?    Yes or No

Other Income
Unemployment Income: Please provide 1099G (First $2,400 is not taxable)
Interest Income: Please provide all 1099 interest statements from your bank(s)/institution(s).
Dividend Income: Please provide all 1099 dividend statements and state information.
Other Income: Jury duty pay, taxable prizes (lottery), gambling winnings, trustee fees, etc.)

Stocks & Bonds Sold Provide your complete year-end statement and 1099(s) from your broker.
Tax law requires that the specific date of purchase and date of sale MUST be reported.
Description & Quantity      Sale Date       Sale Price   Purchase Date      Cost Basis
____________________            / /         $________          / /          $_______
____________________            / /         $________          / /          $_______
____________________            / /         $________          / /          $_______

Pension, IRA, 401K Distributions & Rollovers Please provide all 1099R's.
                               Dist# 1              Dist# 2                      Dist# 3
Payer Institution(s):          _______________      _______________              _______________
Date of Distribution(s):       _______________      _______________              _______________
Type of Distribution(s):       _______________      _______________              _______________
Reason for Distribution(s):    _______________      _______________              _______________
Amount rolled over, if any:    _______________      _______________              _______________
Receiving institution(s):      _______________      _______________              _______________
Type of new account(s):        _______________      _______________              _______________
Taxpayer or Spouse:            _______________      _______________              _______________

Estimated Tax Payments (for 2009 taxes, not prior years) *Usually for self-employment income
Federal Amount Date      State Amount Date
$_________ ___/___/_____ $________ ___/___/_____
$_________ ___/___/_____ $________ ___/___/_____
$_________ ___/___/_____ $________ ___/___/_____
$_________ ___/___/_____ $________ ___/___/_____

Itemized Deductions
Medical Expenses: *This includes co-pays
Health insurance Premiums $______ COBRA $______ Long-Term Care Insurance $______
Dr's/Dentists $______ Hospitals/Nursing Homes $______ Long-Term Care Expenses $______
Prescriptions $______ Optical $______ Other (please specify) $______ Medical Miles: ______

Homeowner Information: *Provide 1098 statement from your mortgage company.
Primary real estate taxes $______ Primary mortgage interest $______
2nd mort real estate taxes $______ 2nd mortgage/home equity loan interest $______
*Please subtract any property tax rebates or reimbursements from total.
**Interest paid on a boat or RV will qualify as a deduction if it has a lavatory and a range.
***Provide a copy of the closing statement if you purchased, sold or refinanced your residence.
Did you sell your home in 2009? Yes or No If yes, include 1099-S if provided to you.
If yes, did you live at the sold residence two consecutive years of the last five? Yes or No
Did you refinance your home in 2009? Yes or No            If yes, # of years refinanced: ___

First-Time Homebuyer Credit / Long-Time Homebuyer Credit
Did you purchase a home in 2009? Yes or No If yes, what date? / /
  If yes, Did you or your spouse own a home during three years prior to purchase date? Yes or No
     If no, Did you take the First-Time Homebuyer credit on your 2008 tax return? Yes or No
     If yes, Did you purchase the home after Nov. 6, 2009? Yes or No
        If yes, Did you live in the sold residence five consecutive years of the last eight? Yes or No

Sales Tax Deduction: You have the option of taking the standard deduction plus major purchases
(auto, boat, RV, aircraft) OR providing a total amount for sales tax paid for all purchases during the
year. The IRS requires you keep all receipts used for this deduction. Do not send receipts to me.
Sales tax paid on purchase of auto, boat, RV or aircraft. (Enclose copy of receipt) $____________
Sales tax paid on all purchases during 2009. (Do not include receipts) $____________

Charitable Contributions: *REQUIREMENTS: The IRS now requires documentation for
ALL CASH DONATIONS, regardless of amount. You must have either written proof from the
charity including name, date & amount of donation(s) or a bank record (canceled check,
bank copy of canceled check or bank statement with name of charity(ies), date & amount)
Cash Donations $_______ Charitable Miles____ Volunteer Expenses(Specify) $______________
Non-Cash Contributions: THE IRS now requires an itemized list of ALL items donated and
receipt from the charity, regardless of amount.
Non-Cash Contributions $________ (Please include receipts)

Miscellaneous Expenses
Union & Professional Dues $______ Investment Expense $______
Tax Preparation Fees (Prior Year) $______ Safe Deposit Box Rental $______
Gambling Expense (to extent of winnings) $______ (Documentation required)

Casualty Theft & Loss: *Only net amounts over 10% of your income are deductible.
*Please provide itemized insurance list or police report
Type of property:___________________________________________Date Acquired:____________
Occurrence:______________________________________________________Date: ____________
Value before loss $________ Value after loss $________ Insurance Reimbursement $________
Adjustments to Income & Credits
IRA, Educational IRA & Self-Employed Retirement Contributions
Contributions made in 2009 to:
Traditional IRA:               $_______
Roth IRA:                      $_______
Self-Employed Retirement Plan: $_______
Education Savings Plans                                      Beneficiary:_________________
                               $_______ Plan___________________

Student Loan Interest: Please provide statement(s) for interest paid in 2009.
in 2008. You & your spouse's loans qualify. Your child's if the debt was incurred in a year in
which that child was claimed as a dependent & you are liable for the loan as well as making the
payments. The loan must be used to pay educational expenses incurred while attending a post-
secondary educational facility for an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Educational Credit: You may claim qualified expenses and fees for yourself, spouse and/or your
dependents for the American Opportunity Credit (the Hope Credit) & Lifetime Learning Credit.
For the American Opportunity credit, the student must be enrolled at least half time of the normal
full time workload in the first four years of postsecondary education leading to a degree or certificate.
If married, you must file MFJ to receive either credit. The IRS defines qualified expenses as
tuitions & fees required to enroll at or attend an eligible institution. Expenses not considered
qualified are charges & fees associated with room, board, student activities, athletics, insurance,
books, equipment, transportation and similar personal or living expenses.

Child & Dependent Care Credit: This credit applies only to time you are either working or seeking
employment. Children must be under age 13 unless disabled.
Child(ren) _________________________________________________________________________
Paid to: _______________________________________________ SS#/ID#: _____-____-______
Address:________________________________________________________ Amount: $_________

Residential Energy Credit: Please provide copy of manufacturer's certificate and sales receipt:
Insulation, energy efficient windows, doors, skylights, heating and air conditioning systems, water
heater, biomass stove, metal or asphalt roof. Alternative energy equipment, such as solar hot
water heater, geothermal heat pump or wind turbines.

Vehicle Credit: Please provide manufacturer's certificate and sales receipt for the following:
New hybrid/alternative fuel vehicle, new plug-in vehicle or a plug-in electric drive conversion kit..

Renter's Credit: *Applicable in CA, IN, MA, MI, MN, NJ & WI (MN residents send CRP)
Total Monthly Rent: $_________ Your Portion: $_________ Total months rented: _____
Apartment Address: ________________________________________________________________
Landlord's name & address: __________________________________________________________
*NJ Residents: If applicable: Roommate(s) portion: $__________ # of Months: _______
Roommate's Name: _____________________________________ SS#/ID#: _____-____-______

Moving Expenses: On base transfers & job related moves are deductible. Meals are not deductible
Date of move: / /      From:____________ To:_______________
Distance from old residence to place of employment: Taxpayer____ Spouse____
Distance from new residence to place of employment: Taxpayer____ Spouse____
Travel Expense (fuel, tolls, hotels, $______ Moving Expenses (movers, storage, etc.)   $______
Rental Income & Expenses
    Property   Address                                                  Date      Purch Price   FMV
_____________ _____________________________________________           __/__/___   $_______    $________
Rent Received $_______ Interest       $_______ Insurance $_______     Prof Fee    $_______
Advertising    $_______ Repairs       $_______ Utilities $_______     Comm.       $_______
Travel Expense $_______ Supplies $_______ Lawn Care $_______          Phone       $_______
Miles Driven   $_______ Cleaning $_______ Manager $_______            Other       $_______
Number of days used for personal use _____ of 365.

Employee Business Deductions (Non Airline employees only - W-2 Income o nly)
Name of Employer:____________________Address:___________________________________________
Uniform Items $_______ Uniform Maint/Alt $_______ Professional Publications $_______
Union Dues $_______ Business Cards $_______ Office Supplies $_______ Postage $_______
Education (job related) $_______ Travel $_______ Meals/Entertainment $_______
Pager/Mobile (required for job) $_______ Business Calls $_______ Other $_______ Specify ________
Office Equipment $_______ (provide list) ____________________________________________________
Vehicle Expense:
Year: ______ Make __________ Model __________ If you lease, monthly payment $_______
Date first used for business ___/___/_____ Do you have another car for personal use? Yes or No
Vehicle expenses $_______(provide breakdown) ______________________________________________
Do you have evidence to support this deduction? Yes or No             Is it written? Yes or No
Total # of miles driven__________ Business _________ Personal _________ Commuting _________
Home Office (Must be required by employer)
Square footage of home ______ Square footage of office/space used _______ Number of months ____
FMV of home (if applicable) $__________ Monthly rent (if applicable) $________ Insurance $________
Utilities per month (excludes water) $_______ Other $_______ Specify __________________________

Schedule C : Self Employed, Small Business, 1099 Income, etc.
Name of Business: ____________________________________Owner: Taxpayer __ Spouse __ Both __
Type of Business: ______________________________________________Date Opened: ___/___/_____
Gross income (provide all 1099's        $________          Returns/Refunds                     $_______
Cost of beginning of year inventory     $________          Cost of inventory purchased         $_______
Cost of items for personal use          $________          Cost of end of year inventory       $_______
Advertising $_______ Business Insurance (excludes health) $_______ Legal/Prof Fees $_______
Interest: Mortgage $_______ Other $_______ Rent (outside home) $_______ Repairs $________
Supplies $_______ Travel $_______ Entertainment $_______ Meals $_______ Utilities $_______
Dues/Publications $_______ Postage/Shipping $_______ Telephone $_______ Bank fees $_______
Self-Employed Health Insurance $_______ Taxes $_______ Office $_______ Other $____________
Vehicle Expenses:
Year: ______ Make __________ Model __________ If you lease, monthly payment $_______
Date first used for business ___/___/_____ Do you have another car for personal use? Yes or No
Vehicle expenses $_______(provide breakdown) ______________________________________________
Do you have evidence to support this deduction? Yes or No            Is it written? Yes or No
Total # of miles driven__________ Business _________ Personal _________ Commuting _________

Basic Fees:                                                                                                  Form
Federal, Schedule A, B & 2106 with 1st State (Itemized with per diem deduction)              120.00
Federal, Schedule A, B & 2106 with No State (Itemized with per diem deduction)               110.00
Federal with 1st State (Not Itemized)                                                        110.00
Federal Only (Not Itemized)                                                                  100.00

Additional Fees:
Additional State                                                                              25.00
Local Return                                                                                  25.00
Joint Return (non flight crew)                                                                15.00
Joint Return (flight crew)                                                                    50.00
Additional W-2's (each, in excess of 2)                                                        3.00
Schedule C - Business Income                                                                  30.00    Schedule C
Schedule D - Stocks, bonds, dividends (1st 3, $3 each additional)                             10.00    Schedule D
Schedule E - Rental Income                                                                    30.00     Schedule E
Schedule F - Farm Income                                                                      45.00     Schedule F
Schedule H - Household Employee Taxes                                                         25.00    Schedule H
Schedule SE - Self Employment Taxes                                                           10.00    Schedule SE
Foreign Tax Credit                                                                            15.00       1116
Employee Business Expense Form                                                                25.00       2106
Moving Expense                                                                                15.00       3903
Casualty Loss & Theft                                                                         15.00       4684
Investment Interest Expense                                                                   20.00       4952
Business Use of Home                                                                          25.00       8829
Education Credits                                                                             10.00       8863
Installment & Agreement Request                                                               15.00       9465
Depreciation Worksheet (each item)                                                            15.00       4562
Return not E-Filed                                                                            15.00
Audit research or special circumstance research (per hour)                                    50.00

There are many forms available which are not listed on this sheet. Please feel free to inquire about any other
form and/or service that you may need and do not find listed.

* A $25.00 additional cost will be imposed on all returns processed from April 1st forward.
**Organizers received after April 5th cannot be guaranteed completion by midnight the 15th.
*** A bounced check fee of $25.00 will be charged in additional to incurred bank fees.
**** A $10.00 per month late fee will be charged on amounts due.
***** A $6.00 fee will be charged for schedule printing
****** A $5.00 fee will be charged to all credit card orders

Friend Referral Program
If you are already a client:
Please refer your friends to me! You will receive a $10.00 credit on next year's return for each
referral that completes their return with me. Be sure to tell them to fill in you name on their organizer.
If you are a referral:
Please let me know who referred you so they can receive credit!
Referred By_____________________________________________


1. The following statement must be (by both if MFJ) in order for return to be processed:
"I certify that the information I have provided in this organizer is accurate and correct. I understand
that it is my responsibility to include any and all information concerning income, deductions and
any other information for the preparation of my personal tax return. I also understand that is my
responsibility to have receipts and/or records to back up any deductions or credits claimed.
My signature below is verification of my agreement to the above."

Taxpayer Signature___________________________________                Date___________
Spouse Signature___________________________________                  Date___________

2. Payment: Payment of basic fee must be submitted prior to completion of return.
*Checks should be made payable to "Antico-Bryant Tax Preparation. LLC"
**Credit Cards: Please complete the following:
Mastercard____ Visa____ American Express____ Discover____
Card #: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Expiration Date ___/___
Security Code __ __ __ __ (3 or 4 digits on back near signature panel)
Name as it appears on card:_____________________________________ Billing Zip Code ______
Signature of Cardholder_________________________________________

3. Checklist:
___ W-2's
___ Other tax forms (1099's, statemtents, etc.)
___ Any statement of which you are unsure
___ Last completed tax return
___ Last Pay Stub of 2009
___ Monthly flight schedules
___ Voided check for direct deposit
___ Fom 8879 signed for E-Filing
___ Payment
___Signature(s) of above statement signed (#1 on top of page)

Privacy Policy
We do not disclose any nonpublic information obtained in the course of our practice except as
required or permitted by law. Permitted disclosures include, for example, providing information to
our employees and tax return processing center for purposes of preparing and processing your tax
return. In all situations we stress the confidential nature of information being shared. In order to
guard your nonpublic personal information, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safe-
guards that comply with professional standards and the law.

Thank you for chosing Antico-Bryant Tax Preparation. Our goal is to make your tax
experience as simple and painless as possible!