The London Gazette by zhangyun


									                 The London Gazette
           December 17, 1843                      Volume 12                          1shilling

     Book of the Month Released
                                                                             Insert a downloaded
                                                                             picture of Dickens
                                                                             here before showing
 A Christmas Carol by               A Christmas Carol was                    to your students as a
Charles Dickens was released       written by Dickens in a six               student sample.
as the December book of the        weeks period. Charles Dickens
month. This festive story          told the London Gazette that the
promises to be Dickens greatest    idea for the story was inspired
success to date. Thus far,         from his own life. It is the
reviews have been quite            story of many of the poor in
favorable. Originally the          London and the severe economic
publishers printed 6,000 copies,   hardship and poverty that effects           …and it was always
which have already sold out. A     so many. Dickens hopes that                 said of him, that he
source told this journalist that   people will read the story and              knew how to keep
the publishers have promised       open their hearts to the plight of          Christmas well, if
                                                                               any man alive
that 2,000 more copies will be     those who are less fortunate.
                                                                               possessed that
available by January 6th.            Charles Dickens also wrote
                                                                               knowledge. May that
  Dickens commissioned the         Sketches by Boz, Oliver                     be truly said of us,
great Victorian satirist John      Twist, Pickwick Papers, and                 and all of us!
Leech to produce four hand         Nicholas Nickleby.
colored etching and four wood
engravings to illustrate the
short novel. Leech, who was
forced to stop his medical                              Drinking Oneself to Death
  Inside joined forces with
studies, this issue:
several publishers such as The            Recently it has come to my attention that the condition of
Illustrated London News and             the Thames is at an all time low. The water is not fit for
Punch.                                  human, nor animal consumption. To the casual observer,
        In This Issue                   on any given day, one might see canines, felines, and
                                        vegetable matter floating along its muddy banks.
 Christmas Recipes        Page 2          Those who stroll along the river are greeted with the sight
 Ettiquette Rules         Page 2        of juveniles cleaning themselves as the sewer system
 Parlour Games            Page 3
 Safe Streets & Prisons   Page 4        dumps its offal in alarming numbers. It is time for city
 Travel                   Page 5        leaders to take action!

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