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					                             Carnegie Mellon University
                             5000 Forbes Avenue
                             Warner Hall, Third Floor
                             Pittsburgh, PA 15213
                                                                        Students & Scholars:
                             Tel: 412.268.5231
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                                        Wireless Phone Services
Listed below are some of the wireless phone companies that provide services in Pittsburgh. The companies
mentioned below are mostly within a 5-10 mile radius of Carnegie Mellon University. All of the companies
provide services to make and receive international calls. The following information is subject to change.

**Most wireless phone companies recommend that you go in person to the store to open a new account
Services that do not require customers to have a Social Security Number (SSN) and/or credit history:

 Service                 Location/ Contact          Plan Options               Requirements

 Verizon Wireless        5th Avenue Store           Individual:                 Requires $125 to $400     355 Fifth Avenue            $39.99, 450 minutes       deposit depending on credit
                         Pittsburgh, PA 15222       Family:                    history
                         (412) 310-4600             $69.99, 700 minutes
                                                    2 starting lines, $9.99       Photo ID required
                         Waterfront                 for additional line
                         163 E Bridge Street        Prepaid:                    Possible delay in activation
                         Homestead, PA 15120        Daily Access from          could happen
                         (412) 462-3802             $0.99 to $3.99

                                                    Price range: $40-$300
                         Sprint Store               Basic:
 Sprint PCS              351 Fifth Avenue           $29.99, 200 minutes         Requires approximate $150              Park Building              Talk:                      deposit depending on credit
                         Pittsburgh, PA 15222       $39.99, 450 minutes        history
                         (412) 201-2101             (45¢ per additional         Photo ID required
                                                    minute)                    (immigration documents /
                         Waterfront                                            passport)
                         330 Amity Street           Price range: $30-$200       International students must
                         Waterfront                                            go to the store to apply for the
                         Homestead , PA 15210                                  service
                         (412) 462-8800

 T-Mobile                Forbes & Murray Store      Individual:                 Flex Pay: monthly or 2-             5851 Forbes Avenue         $29.99, 500 minutes        year plan; paid in advance
                         Pittsburgh, PA 15217       Family:                     If you bring an unlocked
                         (412) 521-1867             $49.99, 750 minutes        phone, month-to-month
                                                    2 starting lines, $5 for   contract available
                         Forbes & Bouquet St        additional line             Proof of status/ ID required
                         3807 Forbes Avenue         Prepaid:                   for international students
                         Pittsburgh, PA 15213       Daily fee $1, 10¢/ min      No deposit required
                         (412) 687-3439             domestic calling

                                                    Price range: $30-$130

                                                                                            Updated 06/2010
 Service                Location/Contact             Plan Options               Requirement

 AT&T Wireless          AT&T Wireless                Individual:                   Required $500 deposit for                2400 Penn Avenue             $39.99, 450 minutes            customers without SSN
                        Pittsburgh, PA 15222         Family:
                        (412) 803-3600               $59.99, 550 minutes,          Photo ID required
                                                     3 starting lines               (immigration documents /
                        AT&T Wireless                $69.99, 700 minutes,           passport)
                        500 Grant Street             5 starting lines
                        Pittsburgh, PA 15219         $9.99 for addl. line          International students must
                        (412) 575-5910               Prepaid:                       go to the store to apply for
                                                     $3 daily fee, unlimited        the service
                                                     daily calling
                                                     $0.25 per minute, no
                                                     daily fee

                                                     Price range: $40-$200

 Radio Shack            Forbes Store                 Offers AT&T and            Refer to the requirements of         3606 Forbes Avenue           Sprint wireless phone      specific wireless phone carrier
                        Pittsburgh, PA 15213         services and cell
                        (412) 681-6550               phones in-store

                        Squirrel Hill Store
                        5823 Forbes Avenue
                        Pittsburgh, PA 15217
                        (412) 521-6356

 Best Buy               680 Waterfront Drive E       Offer cell phones and      Refer to the requirements of            Munhall, PA 15120            plans by various           specific wireless phone carrier
                        (412) 476-8061               wireless services

CMU DISCOUNT BENEFIT: Go to the website Click the “I
Agree/Log In.” After logging in with your andrew account, you will see a number of companies that offer
discounts for CMU students.

Note: Cell phones and plans can be purchased online via the service’s website for local students.
For international students without an SSN or any credit history in the United States, the deposit required is

                                                                                              Updated 07/2010