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					  Forex Guide To
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 Potential Profits                                                                             Wealth-Builders
                                                                                             From the Editors of
                                                                                            TradeWins Publishing

                                    Little Known Fact:
        There Are Two Ways For
        You To Profit In Forex…
          And One Is Assured!
    Jump On
    The “Free
   Along With
   The World’s

                                                                                             Learn How
                                                                                              You Can
                                                                                            Boost Profits
                                                                                            Mitigate Risk
                                                                                            Earn Tons of

           INSIDE: See How Fast Profits Can Mount Up
             Actual Track Record – Real Traders Using Real Money, page 2
Past performance does not guarantee future results. All speculative investments carry the possibility of substantial loss.
      Trades shown are for illustration only and the results may not represent all trades placed in a given period.
                                                     How Would You
                                                     Like To Go
                                                     Zero-to-100 In 4.2?
    I   f you’re a car enthusiast, ‘zero-to-100 in 4.2’ might make you think of the only street-legal car that can hit
        100mph in 4.2 seconds… the 16-cylinder, 252 mph Bugatti Veyron. Price tag: $1,400,000.
        But, if you’re more of a wealth enthusiast, ‘zero-to-100 in 4.2’ can mean only one thing: The potential
    to double your nest-egg 3 times a year!
                                                              Real Money – Real Profits
        This ‘zero-to-100 in 4.2’ graph
    illustrates the launch of a new program
    designed to capitalize on the profit-
    generating characteristics unique to Forex.
        These were all real trades…Made by
    real traders… Using real money.
       Every trade is there. Every profit
    and every loss is accounted for. And, as
    you can see, it all adds up to the kind of
    explosive growth of which dreams are
        In fact, as you’ll see on page 10, at this
    rate, you could soon have enough money
    to pay cash for a Bugatti sports car, or a
    Viking Yacht, or a Palm Beach estate, or
    whatever else your heart desires.
       In the next few pages you’ll discover
    how you too can use certain multi-dimensional aspects of Forex to boost profits, lessen risk, and make you
    abundantly wealthy!
       This may be the edge you’ve been looking for. Please, don’t miss a single word of this important Forex
    Guide To Potential Profits.


         Now You Too
  Can Earn Assured Profits
When You Follow This Strategy
Preferred By Some Billionaires
Global tycoons and international corporations are long-time fans of the currency
game. At one point, DaimlerChrysler reported half their profit was generated by
 currency trading. Do they know something you don’t? YES… But not for long!

Dear Trading Friend,                               generating side of Forex that only savvy
                                                   tycoons seem to know about.
    Regulation changes, combined with
online trading, have caused a tremendous                What you’re about to learn will forever
surge in Forex popularity. You’ve seen the         change your view of the Forex market. And
ads…                                               it could change your entire future – financial
                                                   and otherwise.
      “Largest market in the world…
      stable, liquid, no commissions…                 Believe me, this is powerful stuff you
      non-gapping, 24-hour trading…                deserve to know about.
      mind-blowing 100:1 leverage…”
                                                      Here’s Why Even Forex “Gurus”
   And every word is true. But they’re leaving            Have Remained Silent
out the most important part.                            About The Single Greatest
   Please, let me fill you in.                           Force Controlling Forex
                                                      “Terry, I trade Forex the same way I’ve
   My name’s Terry Walker, and I’m the
                                                   traded futures for sixteen years. It’s been
executive editor for TradeWins Publishing.
                                                   working, so why mess with it?” a best-selling
    Over the past thirty years I’ve had            author recently told me.
the privilege of dealing with some of
                                                      So there you have it. Until recently, the
the most respected stock, option, and
                                                   Foreign Exchange Market was a private
futures strategists in the entire world. I’ve
                                                   playground for banks, investment houses,
analyzed their methods, I’ve graphed their
                                                   and billion-dollar corporations.
performance, and I’ve researched their life
stories.                                              Consequently, most currency trading
                                                   “gurus” cut their teeth in the commodity arena.
   I thought I’d “seen it all”. But I was wrong.
                                                   Their futures strategies may have adapted to
     One day, while doing research on              the Forex market fairly well. So, for the most
international currencies, I picked up a thread     part, that’s what they use – and that’s what they
that directed me to an obscure, wealth-            teach.

Meet Russell Sands                                            But friend, I’m here to tell you…
          Original Turtle Trader                           Forex is an amazing new frontier. It’s
                                                           not the same as the futures market,
                   And                                     and it should not be traded in the same
          Turtle-FX Developer                              manner.
                                                              I’ve found only one tried-and-true
“It seemed clear to                                        system that can harness the full wealth-
 me that if I were                                         building power of Forex, and that’s
 going to pursue                                           Turtle-FX.
 the quest for the                                            Grounded in the profit secrets of a
 ingredients in                                            world-renowned futures trader, Turtle-FX
                                                           has been carefully honed to take full
 trading success, I                                        advantage of characteristics unique to
 should be talking to                                      Forex.
 the Turtles.”                                                Wealth-generating aspects of Forex,
    Jack D. Schwager, Author                               that only shrewd tycoons seem to know
    The New Market Wizards                                 about, are an integral part of Turtle-FX.
                                                              In a minute, I’ll tell you the whole

R    ussell Sands is an interesting guy. He went to
     college on scholarships and now holds a MBA from
NYU. He has a black belt in Karate. He won the World
                                                           story, start to finish. And I’ll give you full
                                                           details on each possible moneymaking
Championship Plimpton Cup for backgammon. And
he’s been banned from nearly every major casino on            But first, I want you to get a taste of
earth for busting the bank with his blackjack strategy.    the extraordinary results traders have
                                                           gotten from Turtle-FX.
Even more impressive to traders: Russell Sands is an
original Turtle and he has made millions trading futures          Imagine How Thrilled
the Turtle way.                                                     You’d Be To Earn
Sands is the only original Turtle to set up training            420% Annualized Return!
programs to help aspiring CTAs, as well as private
individuals, acquire the trading and money-management      “I’m up over $14,000 on a $10,000 ac-
skills necessary to prosper as a trader. The way he        count... 140% profit in just four months, it’s
figures it, share the wealth!                              like a 420% annual return!”
                                                                                        Irin I., see page 8
For commodities, Sands remains loyal to the original
Turtle trading rules, which work as well today as they     “Based on the performance I’ve seen so far,
did when Richard Dennis used them to take $400 to          a goal of doubling every four months seems
$200,000,000. But, for the Forex market, adjustments       very doable!”             Irv B., see page 10
were necessary. And Sands made them!
                                                           “67% in 90 days… I could just kick myself
The inspiring words of Turtle-FX traders who have          in the butt for not putting in a larger piece
doubled their money in a matter of months attest to        of my equity!”             Phil D., see page 7
Russell’s success in the brave new world of Forex. And
                                                               Think for a minute about what you
once again, he’s willing to share the wealth, if you’ll
just say ‘Yes’. Call now 1-800-710-8552.                   just read… 67% in 90 days… 420%

annual return… double your money every four            Entering a Forex trade is rather like
months… WOW!                                      writing a check against one bank and
                                                  depositing it in another. The transaction must
     If you’re like most people, you have mixed
                                                  be settled in two business days.
feelings about the idea of doubling your nest
egg every four months.                                Which is to say, if a trader sells 100,000
                                                  Euros on Tuesday, he must deliver 100,000
    First you get a mind-boggling image of
                                                  Euros on Thursday – a daunting requirement
$100-bills piled ten-stories high.
                                                  not many people are prepared to do.
     Next you think of all the things you could
                                                      So, as a service to their customers, Forex
do with an endless supply of cash – the cars,
                                                  brokers automatically roll all positions that
houses, and vacations you could buy. The
                                                  remain open at the end of the day over to the
security you’d enjoy. The good you could do
                                                  next settlement date.
for others.
                                                      But there’s a fee involved. And that’s
But then, your cynical side surfaces. Maybe
                                                  where it all starts to get interesting, (no pun
you’ve heard that 90% of all Forex traders lose
to the institutions. And you think 420% return
sounds too good to be true.                           Some call it the “Rollover Rate”. Others
                                                  refer to it as the “Carry Cost”.
Well, you can just relax. And return to your
vision of $100 bills piled ten-stories high.         Personally, I call it what it is: Leveraged
                                                  Carry Interest.
    Because, the profits Irin, Irv, and Phil
are raving about are real, and could be                And, as you’ll soon see, this leveraged
duplicated by you.                                interest – associated with every Forex trade
                                                  that’s carried overnight– creates a powerful,
    You see, there’s an underlying force that
                                                  market-moving, profit-generating, force.
has given the institutions and wealthy money
mongers their Forex advantage.                         The “Big Boys” exploit the dynamics of
                                                  international currency trading for billions of
     And, by the end of this special Forex
                                                  dollars every year.
Guide To Potential Profits, you’ll know exactly
how you can gain the same profit-enhancing,           There’s plenty to go around, and it’s
risk-reducing, market-forecasting edge.           time we claimed our share – starting with
                                                  the assured daily profits you can earn from
    Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
                                                  leveraged carry interest.
   Here’s How The #1 Difference
    Between Forex and Futures                            Here’s How You Can Earn
 Creates Your #1 Trading Advantage                       493% Leveraged Interest
                                                          With Just $1,000 Down!
    Futures traders bet on what is going to
happen a month or more down the road.                 Forex contracts are stated in pairs. For
For example, in January you’d be looking at       example: USD/JPY is the US Dollar versus the
March contracts. And in March, you’d start        Japanese Yen.
trading contracts that don’t mature until June.
                                                      When you’re long a currency pair, you
   In sharp contrast, Forex is a “spot”           earn the interest of the first currency and you
market – and that means NOW.                      pay the interest of the second currency. And

vice versa when          Daily Carry Rate You Earn           Sample Currency Basket – Week of 6/15 to 6/22
you’re short.            As of 7/1/2007 on a 100,000 lot                              NAV         Interest
                          EUR/USD      Short    $ 5.40
     Every day at 5                                           AUD/USD             + 84 pips       $ 11.90
                          USD/JPY      Long     $13.50
pm Eastern Time,                                              GRP/USD             +231 pips       $ 2.80
                          GBP/USD      Short    $ 0.30
“carry interest” for                                          USD/JPY              +45 pips       $ 39.20
                          USD/CHF      Long     $ 8.90
the full contract                                             USD/CHF              -120 pips      $ 9.10
                          USD/CAD      Long     $ 2.25
                                                              Interest for 1 week                 $121.10
amount is tallied up      AUD/USD      Long     $ 1.15
                                                              Margin $5,000
and posted to your        NZD/USD      Long     $ 3.25
                                                              52 week Interest                  $6,297.20
account.                  EUR/GBP      Short    $ 4.90
                                                              Annualized Return                  125.94%
                          EUR/JPY      Long     $ 8.50
      Which is to say,
                          EUR/CHF      Long     $ 5.05         So, with a basket, currency traders make
if at 5:00 you’re long
                          GBP/CHF      Long     $16.65     up losses in one currency with gains in another.
the USD/JPY, you
                          GBP/JPY      Long     $20.55
earn $13.50 interest                                           A leveraged currency basket is the
                          AUD/JPY      Long     $10.50
on each contract for                                       consummate global macro-trade. And it’s
                          CHF/JPY      Long     $ 1.45
100,000 units, even                                        a preferred strategy of hedge funds and
                          EUR/CAD      Short    $ 2.80
if you’ve only put in     EUR/AUD      Short    $ 9.15     investment banks.
$1,000 as your 100:1      AUD/CAD      Long     $ 2.90
margin.                                                       You’ve got to admit, the idea of a static-
                          AUD/NZD      Short    $ 2.00
                                                           NAV bundle, churning out an annual profit of
    And on                NZD/JPY      Long     $10.55
                                                           126%, is pretty appealing.
everybody gets triple interest to make up for                   But, Turtle-FX traders aren’t satisfied with a
the weekend!                                               static NAV.

   Do the math… $13.50 a day on $1,000 is                       Turtle-FX traders want to earn big
493% a year… guaranteed!                                   profits on the currency trade itself. And earn
                                                           leveraged interest too.
          And Look At The Way                                  And they’ve been doing it!
            “Carry Traders”
         Safeguard Their Equity                                        Actual Turtle-FX Trade
                                                                      Real Money-Real Profits
    Of course, you wouldn’t really want to
have all your money invested in one currency
pair, because price fluctuations could prove
     So, serious “carry traders” create
“currency baskets”, hoping to maintain a
static Net Asset Value (NAV) while earning
leveraged interest day after day.
      You see, as money flows out of one
country, causing their currency to go down,
it flows into another country, causing that                   Of course, as currency-trading tycoons
currency to go up.                                         have known all along, capital appreciation and

                                                  “67% in 90 days… I could
leveraged interest go hand-in-hand. And the       just kick myself in the butt
reason is obvious.
                                                  for not putting in a larger
         Leveraged Interest Is
           A Powerful Force                       piece of my equity!”
      That Can Move Currencies
       In A Predictable Manner
     Currency pairs with a big interest rate
                                                                           P   hil D., CFO for a large
                                                                               real estate development
                                                                           company in Las Vegas,
differential – like the Japanese Yen at .5%                                doesn’t gamble with his
and the US Dollar at 5.25% – tend to trend.                                investments. For that
   It makes perfect sense, when you think                                  reason, he is adament about
about it.                                                                  diversification. So he has both
                                                                           a Turtle futures account and a
    Eager buying continues until an over-                                  Turtle-FX account. And he’s
bought situation develops. A round of profit                               happy to report, both have
taking is then triggered, and investors exit in                            been doing very well.
                                                  “It’s pretty clear that diversification in today’s
           3-Year Weekly Chart                    market is more than just having a couple of tech
                                                  stocks and a couple stocks in healthcare and a
                                                  couple stocks in banking. You’re still all in equities
                                                  with that kind of diversification. And when the
                                                  market corrects, you’re fully exposed.”
                                                  “My plan is to put a certain amount into stocks
                                                  and bonds. And then allocate other funds to Forex
                                                  and commodities. That’s what I consider true
                                                  “I invested in the Turtle program for commodities
                                                  about a year ago. And I’ve been very satisfied
     The abrupt correction, with exceptional      with the results. So when Sands announced the FX
momentum, sets up a second opportunity            program, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.”
for you to earn huge profits, very quickly, on
the short side – more than making up for the      “I’ve been in the Turtle-FX program about 90 days
negative carry.                                   now. It’s auto-traded so I don’t pay much attention
                                                  to the individual trades. But I do watch the bottom
    But before long, as you can see from the
                                                  line and I’m real pleased with that.”
3-year chart above, support is reached… the
trend resumes… and steady gains, enriched         “I took a look at the account balance this morning
by leveraged interest, once again make            and I’m already up 67% in 90 days. What is that,
investors a ton of money.                         almost 280% a year? I could just kick myself in the
                                                  butt for not putting in a larger piece of my equity in
     When I took a good hard look, and
                                                  this program.”
realized how well Forex trends, month after
month, I reached for the phone and called         As CFO of a large corporation, Phil’s financial
the most accomplished trend-follower I know:      wisdom must be pretty sound. His words about the
Turtle Trader, Russell Sands.                     importance of diversification certainly ring true. And
                                                  right now is a perfect opportunity for you to move
                                                  into Forex. So what are you waiting for? Call now
    “I’m up over $14,000 on a
    $10,000 account...140% profit
    in just four months, it’s like a
    420% annual return!”
    I  rin I. started as a runner at the COMEX Exchange back in 1994. And in
       1998 he became a broker with the Cotton Exchange, which he enjoyed
    very much. But in 2002 he left the NYBOT floor to trade his own account
    from home and follow his passion… writing screenplays and making short
    films. Read what this trading pro has to say about Russell’s Turtle-FX
    “I did more scalping when I was on the trading floor. But now that I’m
    trading from home I’ll hold for a day or so—or sometimes a few weeks.”
    “In NY I was in the pit where cotton and orange juice were traded. Right
    next to me was the ‘Dollar Ring’, where they traded a bunch of the
    currencies, but I never traded them.”
    “It was my Dad who got me interested in the currencies and Turtle
    trading. He’s a dentist now, but he traded on the floor years ago and he’s
    familiar with the Turtles. He had given me a book and video on the Turtle
    system. And then, about four months ago, we put $10,000 into Russell’s
    Turtle-FX program, just to see how it would do.”
    “At the moment I’m up over $14,000 on a $10,000 account. And it’s only
    been four months. So that’s incredible. Making 140% in a year or two
    years—anybody would be happy to take that. But 140% profit in just four
    months, it’s like a 420% annual return!”
    “Of course when you’re up you always think ‘why didn’t I put more in?’
    But really, I didn’t need to. Because at the rate it’s going, the profits will
    let me start doubling up contracts soon enough. I probably could now, but
    I don’t want to get spread too thin.”
    “Obviously I’m enjoying the trading system. I haven’t had time yet, but I
    want to start really looking at the trades and seeing how the system works.
    Being a trader I want to get more into it and maybe do a little of it on my
    own. Russell’s auto-pilot program is working very well. But I might want
    to apply the same Turtle program to other things. So I want to also master
    it on my own.”
    Irin can live in a luxury Manhattan apartment and pursue his dream career
    because trading pays the bills. He is a very savvy trader, no question
    about that. And equally certain is Irin’s high regard for Russell’s Turtle-
    FX trading system. Picture where you’d like to live and what you’d enjoy
    doing if trading paid your bills. Now pick up the phone and let’s get to
    work! Call now 1-800-710-8552.

      5 Very Good Reasons Why                         All things considered, I think you’ll agree
        The Turtle Methodology                    the Turtle method of trading is your very best
    Is Your Best Choice For Forex                 choice for the Forex market.
    The Turtle Trading Method is the most             And Russell’s track record as a Turtle
celebrated system of all time. If you’ve          trader speaks for itself.
never heard the story, I’m sure you’ll find the
rundown on page 14 fascinating.                         Russell’s 2006 Track-Record
    But, what’s most important right now are              With 14 Homerun Wins
these five reasons why the Turtle methodology                Speaks For Itself
could be your best choice for the Forex                Scan Russell’s list of winning Turtle trades
market.                                           for 2006, and you’ll count a total of fourteen
   1. Forex is driven by global interest          big homeruns:
      rates, politics, and economic cycles.            2/10/06        Sugar                $216,200
      Therefore, currencies trend over long            2/10/06        Copper               $145,000
      periods of time – a scenario the Turtles         5/19/06        Gold                 $280,500
      exploit with unmatched perfection.
                                                       6/01/06        Copper               $353,400
   2. The Turtle trend-following methodology           8/07/06        Lumber                $ 86,200
      keeps you in a trade long enough to              9/13/06        Sugar                $464,750
      earn substantial sums in leveraged
                                                       10/05/06       Nat. Gas              $ 66,600
      interest. Whereas short-term systems
      deny you the greatest profit-boosting            10/10/06       T-Bonds               $ 43,800
      advantage Forex has to offer.                    10/17/06       Heat Oil              $ 71,000
                                                       10/25/06       Crude Oil            $359,100
   3. Because Forex does not operate on a
      centralized exchange, spreads vary               10/30/06       Wheat                 $ 63,000
      greatly from time to time and broker to          11/01/06       Platinum              $ 57,500
      broker. Bad fills have been the undoing          11/03/06       Dow Jones             $ 38,500
      of many a short-term Forex trader. But,          11/03/06       NASDAQ                $ 73,000
      a few pips one way or the other are              Total Profit                      $2,318,550
      insignificant to trend-following Turtles.
                                                       This is an impressive line-up, to be sure.
   4. Turtles use precise formulas to
                                                  But I find something very curious about the
      determine the number of units traded
                                                  above list. Can you guess what it is?
      and to adjust protective stops. In this
      way, the Turtles are able to optimize           No doubt, the first thing to jump out is the
      performance beyond all competition.         seven-figure total… How’d you like to see
                                                  $2,318,550 at the bottom of your statement?!!!
   5. Short-term Forex traders, afraid they’ll
      miss the big move of the day, stare at          But the total, as exciting as it is, does not
      their computers from London open to         surprise me.
      New York close – a grueling 16 hours
                                                       For the Turtles, whose 6-year profits have
      a day! Thank goodness, Turtle Traders
                                                  been documented at more than $1.6 BILLION
      enjoy a much more relaxed pace. And
                                                  – that’s BILLION, with a ‘B’ and 10 figures
      spend no more than 15-20 minutes, at
                                                  ($1,600,000,000) – $2.3 million is not unusual.
      their leisure.

         “Based on the performance I’ve seen
         so far, a goal of doubling every four
         months seems very doable”
         I  rv Blackman, pictured here with President George Bush Sr, is a CPA, attorney,
            retired bank chairman, and semi-retired lecturer and author. His popular
         articles about wealth and retirement issues are published in 125 trade journals
         around the country. Let’s see what this quintessential expert on estate planning
         has to say about Russell’s Turtle-FX system.
     “The second most common question I get is ‘where should I invest my money’– the
     first one has to do with estate planning and wealth transfer, because that’s my area
     of expertise-- But where people invest their money, and the rate of return or growth,
     that’s a real big issue for everyone.”
     “Because of the nature of my work, I have to stay current. And right now, nothing is
     hotter than Forex, so I decided to get involved.”
     “I’ve known about the Turtles for thirty years. One of the original Turtles was a
     friend of my partner in our CPA firm. The Turtles really do have an exciting story. I
     didn’t know anything about their trading system, but I heard plenty about their stellar
     performance year after year. So when I heard about the new Turtle-FX system, I
     signed up.”
     “I opened my account on March 23rd and by the end of three months I found myself
     wishing I’d invested more. So I did. I’ve been in a total of four months now and my
     entire account is up 58%. Which is particularly exciting because two-thirds of the
     money has only been in there for a month!
     “Naturally, it’s not a straight line up.
     But, based on the performance I’ve
     seen so far, a goal of doubling every
     four months seems very doable.”
     “One of the things I like best about
     the Forex market is that it’s so big
     there’s almost no amount of money
     you can throw at it to impact what it’s
     going to do. Whereas, something like
     orange juice, you get 8 or 10 guys
     doing the same thing, it affects the
     “So hey, come along. The more the
     merrier. Maybe we can all get rich!”
     Actually, Irv already is rich— he and his wife of 56 years share a wonderful life, full
     of good friends, a loving family, stimulating business enterprises, and I suspect he’s
     got a ton of money too! In other words, Irv is successful in every sense of the word.
     So if he says you can double your money every four months with Turtle-FX, I’d
     believe him. Why not find out for yourself. Call now 1-800-710-8552.

    What I do find bizarre is this… There was       futures market.
not one single currency trade on the list!!!
                                                         But, I wasn’t ready to give up. In past
   The Turtle methodology has consistently          years, some of the biggest Turtle profits were
done very well with the currency futures. So, I     attributed to currency futures. If the market
asked Russell what happened?                        moved to Forex, which it obviously did,
                                                    shouldn’t the Turtles move with it?
    “Forex popularity has caused liquidity
to dry up in the futures market. Currency               So, after some discussion, Russell agreed
futures just aren’t tradable anymore,” he said.     to work on a strategically modified Turtle-
                                                    FX system. A system that could possibly
    Imagine that… Forex has stolen millions
                                                    out-perform every other Forex system ever
of profit dollars away from the futures market!
   Then I asked Russell if he had a Forex
account, and I was shocked by his response.                Vast Amounts of Scientific
                                                           Research & Development
              Surprise!                                       Went Into Turtle-FX
     The World’s Most Celebrated
                                                        Russell knew he needed a couple of
       Trend-Following System
                                                    additional filters and a price screener to
     Did NOT Work Well for Forex!
                                                    out-smart the wily Forex wolf pack. So we
     According to Russell, the original Turtle      employed an independent testing firm and
rules, responsible for billions of profit dollars   went to work.
in the futures market, simply have not
performed well for Forex.                               To start, we had the original Turtle rules
                                                    programmed into Tradestation and back-
    I was flabbergasted!                            tested on Forex price data.
     Russell agreed that the Turtle                     Then, under Russell’s watchful eye,
methodology should be the very best choice          around-the-clock testing began.
for Forex.
                                                        Entry and exit points were adjusted.
    But the specific entry and exit rules had to    Two filters were added. System rules were
be modified. Here’s why…                            tweaked.
    Forex is more technically driven than               After six months of meticulous testing,
most other markets. Support, resistance, and        Russell’s Forex version of the famous Turtle
stop points are common knowledge.                   Trading System – enhanced with the benefit of
    Consequently, the greedy rich are known         leveraged interest – was complete.
to use their mega-bucks to intentionally
create false breakouts; and thereby hijack the
                                                            Turtle-FX Inaugural Test
unsuspecting traders who get sucked in.                    Real Traders, Real Profits
                                                           420% Annualized Return!
    Whoa! All’s fair in love, war, and the
                                                        Thirty traders eagerly signed up for the
foreign exchange market, huh?
                                                    Turtle-FX inaugural test – Real traders with
    You can see where Russell’s first reaction      real money – Nothing hypothetical here.
might be to shrug off the Forex market as
                                                        And the results were astounding!
simply “not his thing”. After all, he and his
students were racking up $MILLIONS in the               Russell’s experience, hard work and

perseverance definitely paid off big time…             You know the solid background and
420% annualized return, WOW!                       extensive upgrade behind the Turtle-FX Top
                                                   Secret Trading Rules.
    Ask any of the traders interviewed for this
Forex Guide To Potential Profits and I’m sure          You’ve read the heartfelt words of five
they’ll tell you… Turtle-FX outshines every        respected gentlemen who’ve been following
Forex system ever devised.                         the Turtle-FX program.

                    Actual Turtle-FX Trade                                 And you’ve seen
                   Real Money – Real Profits                           proof of triple-digit profits
                                                                       resulting from Turtle-FX
                                                                       Top Secret Trading Rules.
                                                                            Obviously, the Turtle-
                                                                       FX Top Secret Trading
                                                                       Rules can empower you
                                                                       to claim your share of the
                                                                       Forex pot.
                                                                            But one important
                                                                       fact may have escaped
                                                                       you – Turtle-FX Top Secret
                                                                       Trading Rules are truly top
                                                                            The secrets
    But please, don’t take our word for it.
                                                   responsible for the stellar performance
Because now, for a limited time, you can try
                                                   discussed today are being offered to you for a
Turtle-FX for yourself!
                                                   nominal fee on a very limited basis. But make
    It’s all part of our Turtle-FX R&D             no mistake about it… like the original Turtles,
agreement. TradeWins paid for the testing, so      you will be sworn to secrecy.
Russell has agreed to divulge the Turtle-FX
                                                       Investors pay thousands of dollars to
Top Secret Trading Rules, in their entirety, for
                                                   participate in the Turtle-FX program. I would
one printing only.
                                                   not expect this dirt-cheap, do-it-yourself offer
       Turtle-FX                                   to be repeated.
       Top Secret                                       This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
     Trading Rules                                 to become an original Turtle-FX trader and
    Turtle-FX is a finely                          rival the original Turtles in wealth building
tuned set of trading                               strength. Don’t miss out.
rules that capitalize on
                                                       The Forex market is many times bigger
original Turtle principles
                                                   than the futures market, where the Turtle
combined with profit-
                                                   methodology originated.
generating characteristics unique to Forex.
                                                        And Forex has twice as many ways to
    The strong trends… intense momentum…
                                                   make you money: trade profits and leveraged
leveraged interest… all work together to
make you money!

                    Actual Turtle-FX Trade
                   Real Money – Real Profits                                 The Original 14 Turtles
                                                                                  Made Profits
                                                                                 of $175 Million
                                                                              In The First 5 Years
                                                                                 In 1983 legendary trader,
                                                                            Richard Dennis, bet his
                                                                            partner, Bill Eckhardt, that he
                                                                            could turn anyone of average
                                                                            intelligence into a winning
                                                                            futures trader in just two
                                                                              “I’ll grow traders just
    Put it all together and Turtle-FX Top Secret         like they grow turtles in Singapore”, he said;
Trading Rules could very well make you even              hence the name, ‘Turtle Traders’.
richer than the original Turtles. And perhaps
more famous too.                                             To win his bet, Rich ran a ‘help wanted’
                                                         ad in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and
      In case you don’t know their story, let me         The New York Times.
tell it to you now.

                        “Two things make the difference between
                        a winner and a loser – And those have
                        always been Turtle strengths”
                        N    orman C., of New York City, is a 50-year trading enthusiast. Let’s read what this
                             veteran trader has to say about the Turtles and Russell Sands’ new Turtle-FX system.
                        “I started trading commodities 40 or 50 years ago. But I’ve never been very
                        successful doing it myself. I’m too aggressive and I keep blowing my accounts out.”
                        “You see, the secret to winning is not what you think it is. It’s not about timing your
entry. It’s about sound money management and a good exit strategy. Those two things make the difference
between a winner and a loser. And those have always been Turtle strengths.”
“I first saw Russell Sands at a seminar in New York City about 20 years ago. Larry Williams introduced him.
And he told us all about the Turtles. So I’ve known their strategy for a long time. And I know that it works.
It’s just not my style, personally.”
“So, what I finally settled on is this, I have a Turtle commodity account and I have a Turtle-FX currency
account. Both are on auto-trade, so I can’t mess with them, and I’m very satisfied with the results. Then I
have another account were I don’t make as much money, but I do have myself one heck of a good time day-
trading the indexes!”
You’ll find full details on Turtle exit strategies, position-sizing, and money-management, in The Original
Turtles Confidential Trading Notebook”. As Norman said, the secrets contained in this 125-page hand-book,
which sells for $49, will enable you to finally seek the profits you deserve, and it can be yours FREE!
Call today 1-800-710-8552.
     Nearly 3,000 respondents were narrowed                       2006 Profit Sweep
down to 80 interviewees, and ultimately 14                       100,000 unit contracts
Turtles from various walks of life – an actor, a                  USDCHF       $1,186
security guard, a kid right out of high school,
                                                                  NZDUSD       $5,538
just to name a few. Russell Sands was one of
                                                                  EURUSD       $5,697
the fortunate 14.
                                                                  USDCHF       $4,042
     The Turtles were taught basic trend                          GBPUSD       $9,224
following, some specific channel-breakout                         USDJPY       $2,003
rules, and a winning money-management
                                                                  GBPUSD       $2,938
                                                                  NZDUSD       $1,613
    They didn’t need to understand                                USDJPY       $2,068
finance, calculus, the market, or anything                        EURUSD       $3,504
complicated. And it takes less than an hour a                     USDCHF       $2,139
day to do. Yet they all made $millions!
                                                                  GBPUSD       $2,938
    In the first five years, the 14 Turtles                       NZDUSD       $1,748
earned over $35 million as their cut of the                       USDJPY       $2,325
$175,000,000 profit they made for Dennis, who
                                                        The trades above are the result of
bankrolled their trading
                                                   back testing done prior to the launch of
     The Wall Street Journal reports that Curtis   Turtle-FX. As noted on page 2, hypothetical
Faith, the 19-year-old high-school student,        performance has certain limitations. But, it’s
“made about $31.5 million in profits” and          all we have to go on prior to 2007, when live
retired from public trading.                       trades began churning out real profits.
    And even now-- 24 years later-- five of            You must realize, however, not all trades
the world’s top money managers are Turtle          are winners. It’s because the winners are
Traders.                                           so big and the losers are so small, that the
                                                   bottom line goes through the roof!
In short, the Original Turtles have greater
documented success than any group of                     Imagine The Vast Fortune
traders in history. And we have every reason                 You Could Amass
to expect Turtle-FX to follow suit.                    With A Track Record Like This
               Turtle-FX                               Below you’ll find every single Turtle-FX
          Winning Philosophy                       trade listed, as of the first week of July.
          Proven Methodology                           Imagine yourself starting with $10,000 and
       Astronomical Performance                    then piling on profits like these…
     Turtle-FX in no way deviates from the
winning philosophy and proven methodology
                                                               Actual Turtle-FX Trades
                                                              Real Money – Real Profits
of the original Turtle Trading system.
                                                                           Profit/Loss      Balance
     The entry, exit, and stop rules have been     02/14/07     EURUSD         $95.00     $10,095.00
fine-tuned for the Forex market. And that’s it.    02/14/07     USDCHF        $906.54     $11,001.54
   With incredible profit potential like this,     02/21/07     NZDUSD     -$1,145.00     $ 9,856.54
why do anything else!!!                            03/01/07     USDJPY     -$1,114.37     $ 8,742.17

03/16/07   EURUSD       $2,739.00     $11,481.17    Commandments are to life.
03/21/07   GBPUSD       $2,075.00     $13,556.17         The Original Turtles Confidential Trading
03/22/07   NZDUSD       $2,620.00     $16,176.17    Notebook is more than a simple “how to book”.
04/03/07   USDJPY         -$66.43     $16,109.74    This 125-page treasure is a fascinating
04/18/07   USDCHF        -$801.54     $15,308.20    collector’s item, full of wealth-building
05/02/07   USDJPY       $1,363.03     $16,671.23    information that can enhance your success in
05/21/07   USDCHF        -$527.02     $16,144.21    every market, and in life.
06/01/07   NZDUSD       $4,403.00     $20,547.21
06/08/07   USDCHF        -$342.67     $20,204.54         As 50-year trading veteran Norman
06/22/07   GBPUSD       $3,169.00     $23,373.54    C. told you on page 15, “Two things make
07/02/07   EURUSD       $1,419.00     $24,792.54    the difference between a winner and a
                                                    loser – And those have always been Turtle
     The New Zealand dollar – affectionately        strengths.”
known as the kiwi – has given us our largest
                                                        I want you to have the same pride,
actual profit so far, with $4,403.
                                                    success, and abundant good fortune as the
     But it’s only been five months since Turtle-   original Turtles.
FX launch. I expect profits on the horizon 2x
to 3x what we’ve seen so far.                           I want you to have every advantage.
    Take, for example, the $9,224 profit we got         So, when you say “Yes” to Turtle-FX Top
from a single British Pound trade in our 2006       Secret Trading Rules, you will also receive The
back test.                                          Original Turtles Confidential Trading Notebook,
    For the five reasons discussed on page 9,       which sells for $49, absolutely FREE.
Turtle-FX is far superior to every other Forex                  I’m Willing To
system I’ve seen. And the potential truly is                 Stake My Reputation
                                                            On The Wealth-Building
    Why not see for yourself. And receive this              Potential Of Turtle-FX
valuable free gift.                                    I really am excited about the tremendous
                                                    opportunity standing before us today…
  Yours FREE!
 The Original Turtles                                  I’m excited about the Forex market in
     Confidential                                   general. And I’m extremely excited about the
  Trading Notebook                                  Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules – which has
     Detailed notes                                 enabled traders to more than double their
from the two weeks                                  money in less than four months!
of class, the question                                 So naturally, I am more than happy to
and answer sessions,                                stake my reputation on the wealth-building
and the brainstorming                               potential of Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules.
by Russell and other                                No question about it.
Turtles, has become known as “The
Notebook”.                                             But please, don’t take my word for it. Give
                                                    Turtle-FX a try and see for your self.
     Sworn to a decade of secrecy, The
Notebook stayed buried for many years.                 With our 100% money-back return offer,
Yet, to this day, it remains as valuable            you have nothing to lose. And a potential
and important to trading as the Ten                 FORTUNE to gain.

     “Russell, with his experience in
     trading, and his track record, he’s
     the only one I’d consider doing
     anything like this with”
     S  an Diego heating and a/c tech, Joe R., is sick and tired of
        watching his IRA go nowhere. So he decided to sign up for
     Russell Sand’s new Turtle-FX program. Let’s hear his story.
     “After 15 years my IRA account still wasn’t doing much. It’s been
     pretty disappointing, actually. I was always told that every 7 years
     it would double, and it hasn’t even come close. So I decided to take
     matters into my own hands and see if I could do a little better with it.”
     “First I tried some penny stocks and I got lucky on one for a short
     period of time. But then it turned around in a single day and went
     right back down. I wish I’d pulled the money out when I had
     the chance. But I didn’t know about trailing stops then, so I got
     hammered. And instead of a big profit, I ended up with a loss.”
     “That’s when I realized, you gotta really know what you’re doing.
     Russell, with his experience in trading, and his track record, he’s the
     only one I’d consider doing anything like this with.”
     “I’m using my IRA so it took me a couple months to get started.
     First I had to roll my bank IRA into a self-directed IRA at Equity
     Trust. And then I had to instruct Equity Trust to fund my Forex
     account at FXDD. It wasn’t a lot of work. It just took some time for
     each institution to do their thing.”
     “I’m leaving my account on auto-trade for now. But I plan to watch
     and learn. Eventually, I’d like to get into trading fulltime and walk
     away from the heating and a/c business altogether. It would be a
     lot easier on my body. At that point I’d like to be in full control of
     my own money and work it into the futures market as well as Forex.
     Anywhere there’s good liquidity.”
     How about you? Is your retirement fund growing as quickly as you
     had hoped? If not, isn’t it time you did something about it? Why
     not give Russell’s Turtle-FX system a try. After all, it’s backed by
     a 100% money-back guarantee. So what have you got to lose by
     taking a look? Call today 1-800-710-8552.

  Backed By Our 100% Money-Back                          And that’s why this offer is perfect for you.
        No-Risk Guarantee                                 Forex has been the market of choice for
    Just say “YES”. And we will rush Turtle-         the big players, such as hedge funds and
FX Top Secret Trading Rules + The Original           institutional investors, for decades.
Turtles Confidential Trading Notebook to your
                                                          Why? Because it’s fast moving, highly
                                                     leveraged, and it has unique characteristics
    When your package arrives, look                  that you can exploit for higher profits.
everything over real well. Read both books
                                                        Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules will
cover to cover. Place a few ‘paper trades’.
                                                     empower you to take full advantage of the
And prepare to be amazed.
                                                     wealth-building potential exclusive to Forex.
    If, after giving Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading
                                                         So, what are you waiting for?
Rules a fair chance, you honestly feel that
you didn’t receive more than your money’s                You’ll never get a better trading system.
worth, simply return it anytime in the next 2        You’ll never get a better price. You’ll never
years and receive a full refund of your entire       get a better guarantee.
purchase price.
                                                         And you’ll never get another chance to
    But a gift is a gift. So, The Original Turtles   receive The Original Turtles Confidential Trading
Confidential Trading Notebook is yours to keep       Notebook, which sells for $49, as a free gift!
no matter what.
                                                        You have every reason in the world to act
   Nothing could be fairer, or easier, or more       now. So why wait?
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           Here’s Why I Believe                      while you’re thinking about it, and call
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             Perfect For YOU                         I promise!
   I think you know stocks, bonds, and                                    Sincerely,
mutual funds will never get you where you
deserve to be financially.
    For that reason, you favor a fast moving,
highly leveraged market. But you want a                                   Terry Walker
winning edge.

P In case you didn’t notice when I mentioned it earlier, TradeWins paid for the research and
     development behind Turtle-FX, so we get to publish the Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules
     – one printing only.
    Investors, who have reported doubling their entire account in the first four months, pay
    thousands of dollars to participate in the Turtle-FX program. So I would not expect this
    dirt-cheap do-it-yourself offer to be repeated.
    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss. I suggest you call NOW…
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       The Smart Man’s Road to Riches
             If You Want To Make A Lot More Money
                 Relax And Quit Working So Hard!
     Not only is the Turtle-FX               Turtle-FX – Eliminates Confusion & Uncertainty
     approach considerably easier               Daily Charts Get You In and Get You Out With Ease
     than day trading. but from what
     we’ve seen, the profit potential is
     infinitely greater too. Here’s why.
     Millions of participants trade
     trillions of dollars every day in
     the non-centralized Forex market.
     Intraday data is too short a time
     frame to account for all the
     worldwide interbank activity.
     Therefore, intraday support and
     resistance levels are unreliable.
     And intraday volatility tends to be
     For anyone to believe they can
     predict where prices are going to
                                          Turtle-FX – Puts You On a Long Stress-free Ride
     go within a single day is laughable. Watch Your Profits Grow & Your Interest Earnings Mount
     Day-traders stare at their computer
     screens hour after hour, trying to
     eek out a few pips here and there.
     And, over time, most lose.
     Turtle-FX is the complete opposite
     of day trading.
     Turtle-FX uses daily charts and
     takes only a few minutes.
     Turtle-FX rides long trends to
     higher profits.
     Turtle-FX allows you to earn
     loads of leveraged interest.
     Turtle-FX is easier, has more profit potential, and is a great deal smarter.
     So ask yourself… “Would I rather work hard, or work smart?”
     Your answer is obvious. So why not pick up the phone right now and order the Turtle-FX
     Top Secret Trading Rules today, before supplies run out. Call now 1-800-710-8552.

          Turtle-FX Order Form
YES! Please rush Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules to me for
the low, low price of just $99.

I am grateful for this dirt-cheap, do-it-yourself alternative to the
Turtle-FX auto-trade program, which has doubled investor’s
money in just 4 months and sells for thousands of dollars. And
I agree not to divulge any of the Turtle-FX secrets without your
written permission.

I understand I will also receive The Original Turtles Confidential
Trading Notebook, which sells for $49, absolutely FREE.

I also understand if Turtle-FX fails to live up to promises made in
this presentation, or if I am unhappy with it for any reason, I can
simply return Turtle-FX Top Secret Trading Rules within 2 years
for a full refund of my purchase price. But The Original Turtles
Confidential Trading Notebook is mine to keep and profit from no
matter what!

  Check/money order is enclosed for $99 plus 8.625% ($8.54) sales tax for NY residents.
 I wish to pay by      Visa       MasterCard        Amex        Discover
 Card No. _________________________________________ Security Code_________
 Exp. Date______/______ Signature______________________________________

 Name ______________________________________________________________
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 Phone (in case we have a question) _______________________________________
 Email Address ______________________________________________________
 Note: A Valuable Surprise Bonus will be sent directly to your email address.

                            For Faster Service
        Call Toll-Free 1-800-710-8552
                           Fax: 1-570-822-8226
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          The Most Celebrated
       Trend-Following System
              Of All Time
   Didn’t Work For Forex… Until NOW!
INSIDE: Find out WHAT makes Forex so different…. Learn WHY systems
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                         it’s like a 420%          performance
                         annual return!”           I’ve seen so
                         Irin, see page 8          far, a goal of
                                                   doubling every
                                                   four months
                                                   seems very
                        “67% in 90 days…           doable”
                         I could just kick         Irv, see page 10
                         myself in the butt
                         for not putting in a    The information contained in this
                         larger piece of my      Forex Guide To Potential Profits will
                         equity!”                empower YOU to join some of the
                         Phil, see page 7        world’s richest money-moguls in wealth-
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