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                                       QUARTERLY REVENUE UP BY 37%

Net sales in millions of                2005/2006            2004/2005             Change                  %
euros(*)                                  (IFRS)           (IFRS restated)          (m€)
July – September                            75.1                61.3               +13.8                +22%
October - December                          99.5                75.2               +24.3                +32%
January - March                             98.8                72.0               +26.8                +37%
TOTAL (9 months)                           273.4               208.5               +64.9                +31%
(*) unaudited
LaCie today reported revenue of €98.8 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2006 (IFRS). This
compares to revenue of €72 million in the year-ago quarter, representing a 37% increase (+32.5%
without forex).
- Europe accounts for 53% of LaCie revenue, versus 40% for Americas and 7% for AsiaPac.
- LaCie manufactured and shipped about 750,000 encased drives throughout the world since the
   beginning of the year.
- A new agreement was signed in January 2006 with Best Buy, North America's number-one
   specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and

LaCie reported revenue of €273.4 million for the nine-month period ended March 31, 2006 (IFRS).
This compares to revenue of €208.5 million in the year-ago period, representing a 31% increase
(+28% without forex). The Solutions family (including Big, Bigger, Ethernet Disks and RAID
solutions) accounts for 28% of the revenue.

 “Our sales momentum is fuelled by product launches: storage, back-up, security and data-sharing,”
commented Pierre van der Elst, Deputy General Manager. “After outstanding sales in Q2 in
connection with holiday’s campaigns, we delivered in Q3 without a glitch. We are now in a quieter
time for our business.”

Next release: semi-annual revenue on 07/27/2006 (after Euronext is closed)

About LaCie
Located in North America, Europe and Asia, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer
peripherals for PC, Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color
monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has
differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology. Established in
France in 1989, LaCie is listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). Find all information at
LaCie has been awarded the 2006 Red Dot Award for superior product design - LaCie Rugged and
LaCie Skwarim.
LaCie: Geraldine Hottier-Fayon at +33 (0)1 58 49 57 57 or ghottier@lacie.com
Yucatan: Shirine Banjy at +33 (0)1 53 63 27 31 or sbanjy@yucatan.tm.fr

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